Lawyer reveals why ‘men are scum’ with her story

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A Nigerian Lawyer has backed the ‘men are scum’ trend, with her story as she recounted her relationship with a banker she met in 2016.

Lawyer reveals why 'men are scum' with her story lailasnews

According to the Lawyer, the man who was trying so hard to date her had already proposed to another lady and was planning his wedding. Her tweets reads;

‘Lol…. later if we say men are scum you people will start abusing us. So I met this nigga in 2016 when I went to open an account in first bank. He worked there and was pretty nice whenever I was there for any transaction.

We exchanged numbers and got talking. He claimed he liked me and all but nothing came out of it all cause I was busy with work then so the whole thing just died down. And I stopped going to the bank for months thanks to online banking so it made it easier

Fast forward to last month..had issues with my BVN so I had to get to the bank (he still works there) .He opened the account for me then so I was directed to him.Then he started talking about how I just shot him out and all.I apologized and he started talking about feelings again

Nigga had forgotten we followed each other on IG when we first met and that I knew he had a kid already. I brought it up and he claimed he wasn’t married but had a baby mama that was giving him trouble so they ended up not getting married and aren’t even living together.

Said he never stopped liking me and would like us to start afresh. We exchanged numbers and got talking again. Though I wasn’t ready to rush into anything so I just kept the whole thing casual. He would always say nice sweet things and all…blah blah blah

Fast forward to this evening. Messaged him now cause he always complained that I wasn’t chatting regularly with him. He was a bit off…. so I wanted to end the chat but he apologized and started claiming “I’m here for you bullshit… let’s talk”

Then I decided to check my WhatsApp status..guess what I saw? Dis nigga did his introduction today fam like I was shook! When I saw d pictures of him & another woman wearing “Anko” I thought it was a play play something so I decided to reply the status with “happy married life”

And guess what the nigga said …. “thank you”  he had the nerves. So Mr man had already proposed to another woman and was planing wedding when he was toasting me. All I could think of was what if I had fallen for all the sweet words and said yes.

Na so I go see introduction pictures today?  and the sad part is he is so unapologetic about it and still wants us to continue the way we were. Like nothing has changed . The person I pity is the new wife’ the Nigerian Lawyer tweeted.

Lawyer reveals why 'men are scum' with her story lailasnews

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