LAUTECH final year student arrested for allegedly killing her boyfriend

A LAUTECH final year student identified as Olabisi, has been arrested for allegedly killing her boyfriend over a yet to be disclosed matter.

LAUTECH final year student arrested for allegedly killing her boyfriend lailasnews

The LAUTECH final year student who stabbed her boyfriend identified as Adegun Lekan to death, on Thursday, is said to be a final year Biochemistry student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

Olabisi is currently being held at the Iyanganku police station, Ibadan for killing the deceased, who graduated from the Department of Transportation of same institution and waiting for clearance. The deceased is said to be the only son of his parents.

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  1. This is very bad.allowing your love to be harmful to your partner.the only child of the family and a graduate…oh god this is irritating and absolutely a wicked act..

  2. Only God knows what our youths are becoming these days. This is why I discourage this issue of boy friend girl friend relationship. This will stop all these untimely deaths amongst our youths.

  3. God. Relationship has now become madness. Over a mere quarrel, one will just kill the other. We should b careful the kind of person we fall in love with.

  4. Proper and conclusive investigation should be carried out to prove the suspect is responsible. May the soul of the young man rest in peace.

  5. This Girl must be a witch only son, God have mercy,boyfriend not even a husband finally if he gets married to her only God knows what we happen.

  6. Relationships of these days are getting out of hand…
    I dont know why people will go into things that they can’t handle and at the end ,they do something drastic

  7. Comment*
    youths should know who they are getting involved with to avoid harmful consequences.. I feel for his parents

  8. What could have made her to commit such heinous crime? It’s a pity the young man ended his life that way.

  9. I don’t know why girls of these days see killing as no big deal. Killing her bf for God knows reason have landed her in jail. May she enjoy he bf’s spirit in jail

  10. This is sad news what could he have done to warrant such brutal judgement from her that’s wickedness an only son for that matter they should just kill her too

  11. Chai,,boys and girls what do we call these thing, ggirl u will rot in jail,imaging the only son,how dear u.

  12. this is getting out of hand since this season ladies have been killing their boy friends may GOD have mercy

  13. Why will she kill her boyfriend over matter she has spoil her career and tarnish her image may God forgive him his sins. Rip

  14. does she spent her whole years in the university just to kill someone just in the name of love

    students wise up

  15. The only son of the parents ? What a pity! The parents of the deceased will be thrown into such a sad, pathetic, sorrowful and mourning state. Will they ever forgive the girl ? The girl is wicked for such callous act. May God comfort and console the parents. May his soul rest in peace.

  16. Girlfriend killing boyfriend, over what for heaven sake? The case should be properly investigated and justice served.

  17. The only son of the parents just killed like that,what is wrong with the lady, if she caught the guy with another lady,she would have walked away instead of killing the guy.His parents are now in pains and the lady won’t have peace of mind.

  18. Lord have mercy. Why did she kill her boyfriend for God’s sake? To make matter worse the deceased is said to be the only child of his parents. What a sorrowful life she’s brought on the deceased parents and family.

  19. I don’t really know what relationship has turn to now, is it now a killing relationship we are seeing nowadays, please let’s change our minds set now, because this might bring men and women been single

  20. Comment*this is really not good girl it really shows u don’t love your boyfriend because if you really do you won’t have kill him no excuses you give now that safe you right now and you just killed the only child and your years in school as been waste

  21. This is totally bad, heartbroken specially knowing that he is the only son of the his parents. What a pity. Take heart the parents of the deceased

  22. Thank you for arresting her at least you can finish her final year in prison, foolish girl must you kill him.

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