Late pastor’s wife storms church, disrupts service over ownership

There was pandemonium at a Pentecostal church yesterday when the late pastor’s wife stormed the church to disrupt the service and claim ownership of the church.

The incident occurred at the Heirs Church at Bubuashie in Accra, Ghana as the wife of late Rev George Akwasi Nketia claimed her husband willed the church to her thus no one including the pastors have no right to run the church.

Late pastor's wife storms church, disrupts service over ownership lailasnews 3
Late pastor’s wife storms church, disrupts service over ownership

Adom News’ Isaac Amoako who witnessed the scene reported that, a pastor was delivering a sermon when Mrs. Nketia and her children stormed the church accusing all pastors of treating them unfairly.

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Efforts by the church leadership to calm the aggrieved wife and children proved futile as they claimed they are now the new owners.

But for the intervention of a CID officer who ordered them out and closed the church, Isaac said the situation could have been bloody.

Explaining the church’s position, Secretary, Kwame Wereko said the widow of their late pastor is acting out of emotions.

He said though the late Rev. Nketia had served the church for the past 13 years, he does not own the church.

“The church was built with the hard earned monies of church members; Rev. Nketia did not contribute a penny so he cannot will it to his wife” he opined.

Mr. Wereko maintained that, the decision by Osofo Maame Nketia to disrupt church service is borne out of malice.

“She brought other pastors outside the church to ordain her pastor which is against the rule of the church. There is no way we will hand over the church to her; it’s not her husband’s property” he added.


  1. and when did the assets and properties of a church became a that of a company or the ownership of a particular individual

  2. Wuuh. She said her husband willed it for her? Since when did church became personal property….even if you erected the church single handedly,is still not yours,its Gods, another pastor can take over the church!!

  3. I support what the pastor said. Perhaps, it’s God house and I don’t think anybody can say it belong to him/her

  4. Hehehe….. This is hilarious ooo. so church has now become a business entity, hmm. Will a church to your wife? Thats an abomination..

  5. Church cannot be a personal property of a family because it is built through the contributions of the members.

  6. The church is not a house to just come and claim ownership.. Are you called by God to take over from your husband?


  8. Church of God have become a personal business property, what God will jugde when he comes will be too much, let them settle it peacfully i beg.

  9. is this a pastor wife or a wife of one tout man, this is nonsense, no matter what the reason might be, she should have take a step to settle it amicably

  10. See the way people are turning churches to become their personal property . This is what Jesus Christ frawn about.

  11. This is not fair, even if the church was willed to you! Fighting and disrupting the church service won’t do you any good, instead reason with the pastor and things will be fine ok.

  12. When did the assets and properties of a church became a that of a company or the ownership of a particular individual

  13. The way women de worry these days self nawa ooo…
    Church no be even your husband own talk more of your family own.

  14. Has She murn her husband finish? Whats Wrong with her head? Now i No that their Is money in this churches

  15. this is why i dont like a one mans church, why all these embarrament woman,go home and sort yourself out

  16. So the church is now for business purposes. Since the money used for the church building belongs to the church she has no right over it.

  17. This is really bad how can she do that is she interested in the church growing or falling apart, and what makes her think she owns the church besides the church incomplete without the members

  18. I wonder what kind of example she’s showing to the public and also her children because I believe people copy more of what is practice by the leaders

  19. She has rely on the church as a business, u better go and find something to do to feed your self

  20. Things are happening in this world ooo, wander shall never end. I think the lat Pastor’s wife is insane

  21. Nawa now fighting for what belongs to God and is simply because they have turn the church to business centers.. May God help us.

  22. This is what you get when you turn the house of God to business center.. Mrs widow, how can you say your late husband willed the church to you? Is it his personal business? Did he built the church single handed with his personal money? Even if so, you should have waited for the service to be over, not disrupting them.. Your attitude didn’t even show someone who has heard the gospel before.. May God have mercy on your soul..

  23. I wonder what people are turning church to this days. Claiming ownership in church when the bible says the church is the body of christ

  24. So church is now inheritance from husband to wife ?that’s not good at all church supposed b house of God o for everyone.

  25. The church does not belong to anybody it belong to God , i wonder why the dead pastor willed the church to his wife and is now bringing problem to the church. My prayer should understand what they read in their bible.

  26. Church! Until we understand that the physical edifices are not the church but we that has congregated in one accord to seek the face and worship God things will continue like this.

  27. Very funny so the church of God is now asset that can be shared amongst human beings…this is why critics will continue to speak against the church and men of God!

  28. No one owns a church but the late pastor supposed to lay a good foundation so that all this will not have happened

  29. The lady late pastor’s wife is totally wrong in what she did, no one owns a church and church is a place of prayer and worship. So what she did is totally very wrong

  30. Church business is really not good.A church is a place of worship.but turning it into a money making venture is wrong

  31. Hmmmmm, fighting for what? Is the church now a business empire? What is happening in the christiandom is so bad in some areas. church is not to be willed to anybody but they should take good care of the deceased family.

  32. This is serious and pathetic so the house of God has now become something to drag over abi? She doesn’t even understand the things of God that is she is struggling over what is not hers and can never be. Shame devil incarnate in human form I know where your husband is he is very much ashamed of you

  33. This lady is funny
    So to her the church is like an asset
    A business to be willed
    See how people act stupidly
    Disrupting a church service!
    A person like that with selfish interest ordaining pastors
    On whose authority?
    That’s why most of these Pentecostal churches are not to be regarded as churches

  34. When did the house of God become a sole proprietorship business? The woman need to take things easy

  35. Why will she claimed it was willed to her is it part of his husband property this woman is dramatic and frustrated she wants to be in charge that will not be possible when male pastors dominate the church

  36. So the saying goes that church now have become business center if not how can a pastor wife that I assume carry annoitng will be saying her husband will a church that the members build with their money ,I think something is wrong with her.

  37. One quick question, is a church suppose to be a property that can be inherited? All this people keep making th Christian race look like a business which is not God’s initial plan, u can’t own a church…if the pastor is gone, let his assistant take over and it shouldn’t be passed to his family like its a business property.

  38. This is not fair, even if the church was willed to you! Fighting and disrupting the church service won’t do you any good, instead reason with the pastor and things will be fine ok.

  39. Churches are now used for business. May God help us. I wonder why she should act out at that very odd and while service was on

  40. lol Pentecostal churches and their drama lol…. Am sure the husband must have willed the church to her…. But is God’s house supposed to be a personal property or business WTF! Many pastors are the reason why paganism is incredibly increasing Cox of their ways

  41. God knows how to take care of his church…This issue should not have been an issue to go viral on social media because The church is from God and I don’t want to talk against God.

  42. Even in her state of mind she still remembers to fight for property. Is the church something that can be willed

  43. Instead of making troubles with the pastors,why not she handle the matter in a matured and civilised way,because her family lawyer i believe should have the documents showing her name inside.

  44. But why must the pastor will the church to his wife when he knows he is not the owner of church, that’s nonsense

  45. Thats aw to know people that opens church ad an avenue to make money…why fighting wen its not a business center

  46. This sounds funny but in as much as it lies in the hand of any body clear policies / ownership terms should be made clear on any “thing” to avoid this kind of display.

  47. The church is not own by any human being except God himself. No matter how they are treated, they are not suppose to act that way. God will have mercy on them.

  48. What a nonsense!
    Late pastor’s wife claiming ownership of the church. How will your late husband will the church of God to you? Church has now become her family property?
    To hell with her.

  49. The way people now open church here and there like a normal business is something else. U can imagine dragging church.

  50. Was she called by God to take over after the husband death? Or was it built with her money? She wouldn’t approach the issue in this manner.

  51. This is serious o, do they mean the church privately belongs to them since the head Reverend of the church is late, church is not a man’s property, church is dedicated to the service of God’s kingdom

  52. Approach is everything. Going to make trouble is nor acceptable at all. There are better ways of handling issues

  53. What will be the cause of that then, and if they let her will she destroye the church and build school there or what

  54. and when did the assets and properties of a church became a that of a company or the ownership of a particular individual??? Still tryna figure out oo

  55. That’s to tell us what actually is the motive or reasons of setting up this Pentecostal churches if not mostly for the money involved in it. The only thing that’s driving this woman to act this way, is the money. To manage all the activities that goes on in that church and every money that comes into the church too. You can bring up his context to ours here in Nigeria too. Do you think that when one of this our great G.Os die, that there wife will not be the head of the church? Never!! Many of this church today are all family business simple.

  56. so the house of God has now become a personal property that you can will to your loved one. Why is the woman so interested in running the affairs of the church. Does she preach? Obviously they were making a fortune from the church. That is why there is this much noise

  57. Wonder shall never end, pastor wife has turned to another thing, church become business center where people fighting of money, God of mercy, end time is near

  58. Church has now become a business venture that is being willed from person to person.. God have mercy

  59. This is really disheartening, I don’t know when The church of God becomes a property that can be willed to anybody anyhow. Madam widow, you and your children should fear God before His wrath comes down on you.

  60. This is hilarious and at the same time foolish of the woman to say her husband willed the church for her. It’s not a property, the church doesn’t belong to anybody so why is she claiming ownership? It’s not even right for a woman to become a pastor. Humans have suave out of God’s words. MAY God have mercy

  61. churches are now open as business centre..the more you have good motivator in your business the better you receive cash into your pocket.

  62. Wonders will never end. All these churches that are just starting here and there how will this kind of thing not happen it is obvious people are doing church just for money these days.

  63. Why will she fight over the church she should have make her finding before going fight over the Church.

  64. This is a real cause for panic. For she shouldn’t have done that. the members would have been so surprised

  65. How can she make such claims?, no church anywhere in the world belongs to the founder of the church even if he used his own money to build it. She just embarrassed herself.

  66. Well I thought churches were meant to win souls to God I really did not know that it has been turned into an official business so they can carry on with whatever nonsense it is that they think they are doing may God help them

  67. Church has now become a property and inheritance which can be willed.
    The woman and her children should be arrested for conduct

  68. that is shameful, she should have done it in a more civil way, not by causing pandemonium in the house of God.

  69. Hmmm the church has nw been made as avenue of making money in nigeria…is she God claiming ownership of the Church all bcos of money? Its nt right at all

  70. What a coincidence, church is not a organization or business willed from one person to another, the significance of church is to represent the body of Christ here on earth, it is not own by an individual but own by God appointing a leader to lead his flock, so why the discrimination??

  71. Shes not fighting for church but for the money church gives. People’s tithe and offering. Its well

  72. People’s had turned church to business center Nowadays, if not for that wat consine woman about the church now

  73. Na WA oo people forget that the church belongs to God not man so y fight…. If u are called by God every one will see it

  74. What an awkward behavior how can a woman dragging ownership of the house of God which was built with the members money. Hmmm nawa oo

  75. End time mysteries or what? It is sad that many so called believers see the church of Jesus Christ as a business venture for them to profit from. God save his church!

  76. When there is no understanding among people these type of type easily occur.
    I pray that God will restore peace to them, but all I know there maybe one of the pastors there leading them

  77. Hmm.. The women really prepare herself,how can she claim church property is her own besides don’t they have document.

  78. The house of God is not supposed to be a place of buying and selling.If money is not involved the woman won’t bother to claim it as will from his late husband.
    And as a matter of fact,the woman doesn’t have Christ(I don’t mean to have judged her).The late husband didn’t do well.He shouldn’t have willed a house of God to a wife that has no respect for Christ and without following a due process.
    Let the investigating panel or department do their job by investigating matter and know where things went wrong.Also,CAN(Christian Association of Nigeria) must be carry along.
    May God help our country

  79. This is just one of the reason i so much hate all this Pentecostal churches cos one day the pastor may claim the ownership just like this woman

  80. Church is now a business or?? But maybe that’s the only property the husband left for her. And the only thing she can use to remember her husband and she has to feed too

  81. wow!, wonders shall never cease in this part of the world, you just lost yr husband, not even done mourning and you’ve started fighting for will, does she even think Church is a business? its God’s property o madam.
    i hope you realize it soon.

  82. Lolzzzz what a drama.
    Since she wanted to own the church, why didn’t she insist to be ordained when her husband was alive.

  83. Nawa o…. .God knows the truth and knows the best. But the pastors wife shouldn’t have intrupted the service

  84. Buh they called church house of God nah! She’s trying to claim the church because this peoples has turn churches in to business because the 10% is not a small money who dare to claim mosque as his/her belong

  85. Jesus church been willed nooo this isn’t right does that mean that the church was builded by only the pastor or what? Hmmm this pastors wife have disappointed pastors wives

  86. I understand how the woman is feeling but she should just take things easy because stopping Sunday service is not the right approach to the issue

  87. See endrime signs . Is God not suppose to be the owner of a church and the people in it just be tools? God is watching.

  88. Nawa ooo
    How can someone will church to his wife…
    Church is not a family property Na..
    Strange things are just happening oo

  89. Did he built the church single handed with his personal money? Even if so, you should have waited for the service to be over, not disrupting them.. Your attitude didn’t even show someone who has heard the gospel before.. May God have mercy on your soul.

  90. Is church owned by a particular person n who has the right to will out church?i thought a place of worship is owned by God and not man

  91. I strongly believe that there is more to this . The pastor’s must have erased the woman completely from the church .

  92. I believe this woman is traumatised from the incidence of her husband’s death, and they should give her time to calm down. If she is doing this with her right senses, then is very wrong because a Christian can’t behave like this and be so selfish.

  93. A church is not a family inheritance. am very sure they do realised a lot of money in that church that’s why she want to claim is worship of that church

  94. So the church is now for business purposes. Since the money used for the church building belongs to the church she has no right over

  95. This mysterious how will a pastor wife Strom church because of property when did church turn to family thing

  96. It’s unfortunate because no one owns a worshiping place. worshiping belongs to anyone who believe on the faith

  97. The church of God is not for anyone so if anyone want to take the ownership of God’s church such person will not go scott free because God will never share his glory with anyone.

  98. Some people want to use d house of God as there ATM machine but they should remember it the house of God not a bank

  99. Hmm. What a world. Let her eat the church bow. Women and their character. That’s to say that the Church is for business not for the worship and glory of God.

  100. Nowadays i dont understand the business of pastors wife will just become a pastor because the husband is a pastor. And beside is church an inheritance properties?.

  101. The church is now a business center where an individual is claiming ownership. This is a pure sign of endtime

  102. That’s why they say most pastors have turn the church to a business venture, this act of hers isn’t exampted

  103. She’s emotionally upset. The church isn’t owned by a person but by group of persons (the congregation)
    They should solve this issue amicably.

  104. Well, you don’t blame the woman who has come to claim her inheritance. After all, you may not have known what her husband told her about the church before he died.

  105. Since when do church become personal property. I will advise you look for a good business to start.

  106. Why will claim ownership for the house of God…that’s means it was established with the sole aim of money making.

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