Harrysong’s mental health: Lami Phillips gives update

Lami Phillips has given an update on Harrysong’s mental health and battle with depression.

Lami Phillips gives update on Harrysong's mental health lailasnews

Lami said she’s seen Harrysong and he’s doing well as he’s already getting help. She also had a word for those wondering if his post talking about death and his mental health issue is a publicity stunt.

Read her post below;

I have seen Harrysong and he is doing better and getting the needed help. Those who know him know he’s a very caring and sincere person used to taking care of everyone. It’s time for him to be taken care of. Thank you all for reaching out and sending warm messages. It takes courage to be vulnerable, and even more to ask for help. Depression is indeed a silent killer and our feelings are valid. For those who have asked me publicly and privately if this is a publicity stunt, I pray you never have to go through such and hope you know there are easier and emotionally cheaper ways to seek publicity. Gods keep.


Harrysong had today began therapy over depression. The singer advised other depression patients to learn to unburden themselves by telling those they trust, said he is currently getting back on his feet after his therapy session. Here is what he wrote below;

Thank you so much guys. My session with Miss. Oyinkansola Alabi went well and I am gradually getting my feet back. Always show love and be kind to people. Depression is a silent killer, learn to unburden your mind to trusted ones. I love you all #tekero


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