N100k giveaway: Day 5 is here!

A little quick surprise, guys.

Our Day 5 – Lailasnews giveaway is here! And please if your name is below, I want to ask a little request from you.


That is successful today is because of our readers. And we really have readers here who have stuck with us through thick and thin.

These readers are our number one supporters. Their day is never made if they haven’t visited Laila and dropped comments, joined the conversation.

We see these things and from the depth of our hearts, we want to say thank you. N100k giveaway- Day 5 is here

Bearing this in mind, please:

  1. David Anozie
  2. Angelica

Will you accept a little gift of N5000 each from us this morning?

These amounts are sincerely just a token but they are coming from a place of so much love.

If you will accept our gift, please send me your bank account details via my email –

You also have the option of naming a reader you would want us to transfer the funds to if you don’t have need for it.

I, Laila would like to specially thank you David & Angelica for your huge support and also thank you for making us your number one blog! Truly, it is our pleasure. You are valued readers to us.

Please note guys: We received a N100k gift from a reader and we were asked to support our readers with it.

We were also given the option to choose whoever we want to give it to and we have chosen to appreciate our loyal and consistent readers with the cash. To let them know we see them and really appreciate them.

Bigger things are coming and when they do, these loyal readers will always get preference.

Please we are NOT sharing money. If you are not a consistent reader and commenter, so sorry to burst your bubble!!

We still have more days of N100k giveaway left. Yayyy! See you in the next post.



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