N100k giveaway: Day 2 is here!

We had Day 1 of our N100k giveaway yesterday!

Criteria for winning was that the story has to be the most interesting, hilarious true life story.


So, our winner for yesterday is still being processed. He/She will be announced shortly as we are not done going through the comments yet.

Congratulations in advance to our winner! Please email me your bank details using the exact email you dropped your comment with once you are announced. Send your email to LAILASBLOG@GMAIL.COM.

Every Lailan that dropped a story yesterday deserved to win. So, if you don’t find your name when result is announced, don’t worry. Our giveaway will be on for 19 more days. Just make sure you visit the blog and make sure you comment on every one of our posts!


For today’s N100k giveaway, we will be doing it differently. N100k giveaway- Day 2 lailasnews

That is successful today is because of our readers.

And we really have readers here who have stuck with us through thick and thin, they are always the first to drop comments on EVERY post we make on this website.

These readers are our number one supporters, they are ready to die here. Their day is never made if they haven’t dropped at least 20 comments on everyday.

We see these things and from the depth of our hearts, we want to say thank you to 10 of these our beloved readers.

We were given funds and asked to give it to readers of our choice.

DANNYBOBOH, will you accept this gift from us??

For being the reader with the HIGHEST number of comments ever on – 1,601 comments; we want to give you N10,000.

dannyboboh lailasnews

If you will accept our gift, please send me your bank details via my email –

You also have the option of naming a reader you would want us to transfer the funds to if you don’t have need for it.

I, Laila would like to specially thank you for your huge support and also thank you for making us your number one blog! Truly, it is our pleasure. You are a valued reader to us.

Tomorrow, guys – our second best reader will be rewarded! Who would it be? Stay tuned!


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