100k giveaway is here! Day 1

Good evening dearies! Hope you’all had a great day today?

Mine was filled with pleasant surprises and I’m so excited!

Are you ready to win from our N100k giveaway?!

N100k Giveaway Announcement, Guys!! lailasnews

Just like I told y’all earlier, a reader had seen your comments on the Dangote gives Alibaba N25m for Nigerians story we did yesterday and he sent in a whooping N100,000 to support everyone in need of small money.

20 winners of N5000 each will emerge at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway will be spread between now till end of this April to accommodate every reader. This means we will be having a winner everyday till the money is exhausted.

Please you also need to take note of this if you want to be one of our winners. It’s VERY IMPORTANT:

  • Ensure you comment with your name and make sure you comment using a valid email address you can be reached on.
  • Winners will be contacted only through the email addresses they commented with.
  • PLEASE, DO NOT SHARE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER OR ACCOUNT NUMBER IN YOUR COMMENT. If you do this, your comment won’t be approved. This is to protect you from scammers.
  • Just type your correct email address in the Email box and then submit your comment.

1 lucky reader will win N5,000 cash for him/herself tonight.

Are you ready?!!

All you have to do to win our today’s prize money is:

  • Share the funniest true life story of an incident that happened to you.

The most interesting, hilarious true life story will win our cash money.

Winner will be announced before our giveaway for tomorrow and he/she will definitely be cashing their prize money as soon as we get his/her account number.

So, whatever is on your mind, whatever you wanna talk about, guys, Anything Goes! Thank God for this kind-hearted man in our midst! God will so bless you sir!! Your gift is well appreciated.


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