Laila Ijeoma, 4 other leading female entrepreneurs cover The Entrepreneur Africa

Popular Business Magazine, The Entrepreneur Africa, has released its January, 2018, Edition. This beautiful edition features amazing stories of 5 Leading female entrepreneurs (publisher of, Laila Ijeoma, top celebrity fashion, Toju Foyeh, tech entrepreneur, Anie Akpe, Agro business big shot, Ada Osakwe, and health entrepreneur, Dr. Ola Orekunrin. They cut across 5 different industries; namely media, fashion, technology, agriculture, and health.

Laila Ijeoma, 4 other leading female entrepreneurs, cover The Entrepreneur Africa lailasnews 1

This Women’s Power Edition, which has been described as a favorite issue, also reveals the keys to business growth in 2018. The new edition also profiles 10 top young South African entrepreneurs, and how they made it so early. Every page has a vital message for both the upcoming and the accomplished entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur Africa Magazine (T.E.A.M.) is a monthly Magazine with primary focus on African businesses and the people behind them.

Founded in 2017, as a publication of DLB Media Solutions, by a young lawyer and media entrepreneur, David Agu, the magazine has featured many prominent business leaders in the continent.

The Entrepreneur Africa Magazine (T.E.A.M.) was founded to serve as a platform that’ll help chart alternative ways towards resolving the choking unemployment in AFRICA, and as such has been a crusader, preaching the message of practical entrepreneurship.

The magazine celebrates accomplished entrepreneurs, and promote upcoming ones, by telling both their stories, side by side, compellingly.

Their message is simple: we should all be job creators, rather than job seekers. We should all get busy, innovate, and birth businesses that become solutions to societal needs. That’s why our slogan is: “celebrating economic freedom”.

David Agu once said;

Remember this. If you’re still in school, then you must understand how lucky you are. It means you still have, at least, a part of the present, while the future awaits. But the future has just one concern; she worries over what you decide to do with whatever portion of the present you have, for this plays a great role in determining what dear future ends up looking like. But again, I say you’re lucky, because now you have absolute opportunity to make dear future look completely gorgeous. But to make that happen, you must become more than just a student. You must ensure that when you eventually leave the walls of your institution, people will ask for your value and not remember to ask for your certificate.

And if you’re out of school, and hopefully, have a day job, then you’re already in the future and the hitherto present has become your past. You must treat each day as the day before the D-day. You must save, save more, and save much more. And then you must plan your moves carefully, and like a sniper, execute right on target. You must leave your erstwhile bosses and all that knew you bewildered as you become your own boss. That is, of course, if you wish to ever truly become great. But this is not for everyone, though. Some are to be ruled over, while some are to rule. And which ever side you end up are strictly a matter of your own choices. Even ‘your village people’ have no hand in this. Trust me.


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