Lai Mohammad: “Twitter CEO, Dorsey is liable for #EndSARS losses

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, responsible for the losses incurred during EndSARS protest.

Mohammed said this on Radio Nigeria call-in programme in Abuja on Tuesday, June 14. He accused Dorsey of raising funds through Bitcoins to sponsor the EndSARS protest while his platform, Twitter, was used to fuel the crisis.

He added that Jack also retweeted the tweets of some foreign and local supporters of EndSARS.

“If you ask people to donate money via bitcoins for EndS ARS protesters then you are vicariously liable for whatever is the outcome of the protest.

We have forgotten that EndSARS led to the loss of lives, including 37 policemen, six soldiers, 57 civilians while property worth billions of naira were destroyed.

164 police vehicles and 134 police stations were razed to the ground, 265 private corporate organisation were looted while 243 public property were looted.

81 warehouses were looted while over 200 brand new buses bought by Lagos State Government were burnt to ashes’’ he said

The minister said it was unfair for people to say that the suspension of Twitter was due to the deleted President Muhammadu Buhari’s message.

Lai Mohammed added that Twitter has been used as platform to promote secessionist groups.

“Twitter has become a platform of choice for a particular separatist promoter. The promoter consistently used the platform to direct his loyalists to kill Nigerian soldiers and policemen, run down INEC offices and destroy all symbols of Nigeria’s sovereignty. Every attempt to persuade Twitter to deny its platform to this separatist leader was not taken serious’’ he said



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