Lagos taxi driver punished for stealing passengers phone

A Lagos taxi driver operating on one of the car hailing services Nigeria, met his Waterloo, early this morning, after allegedly stealing a phone belonging to his client in Lagos.

Lagos taxi driver punished for stealing passengers phone lailasnews 3
Lagos taxi driver punished for stealing passengers phone

The suspect had gone to drop the lady at her Omole Estate Phase 1 home, but when she stepped inside to get money to pay for the ride, the man allegedly stole her iPhone 8.

Upon her return, she discovered that her phone was missing, but the driver denied having anything to do with its sudden disappearance.

However, a search was conducted and in the end, the phone was found safely hidden in the car’s sunroof, prompting the driver to be punished and later freed after confessing and apologizing.


  1. Thank God he was freed.. Unlike some places Jungle Justice is the answer to such crimes…I just pray he has learned his lesson and will not repeat such shameful act again.

  2. That is too bad for him, they should have report him to the police and let them jail him, so that next time he we not do such kind of things again

  3. God don catch am today, everyday for thief one day for the owner, maybe this is not the first time he’s doing this, they should really deal with properly

  4. That’s very bad of him to do that if he want a phone he should buy his own phone than stealing someone’s phone it will damaged his reputation.

  5. You know when you are addicted to stealing, you can even steal a dead rat. The embarrassment serves him right.

  6. bad market for him. is capable of denting his image and rubbishing his market. thank God he confessed.

  7. Is good that the man is punished.. Thieves have once collected my phone and I know I felt that period.from running to welcome back and all that.

  8. Hmmm thats a very stupid thing to do and besides its an iphone and it can be traced,he is lucky he wasn’t sent to the police.

  9. This is very unfortunate. How do you explain this. Some one who hired your can do you can be patronised, we suddenly become a victim. Sad.

  10. for god sake is the phone more important than your car now see you were being caught punished in the midst of people why do you want to destroy your future so early as young and handsome you are change your attitude please

  11. This is a show of shame early this morning. May God have mercy on him. He has received his punishment.

  12. Thank God that he didn’t elope with the phone, and he is lucky it was not in a place were bad guys are cos he would have been burnt to death

  13. He should not have done that as he knows that stealing is not good.But greedy people will never learn!

  14. What a shame, how can you steal from your client now? See the shame you’ve brought upon yourself.

  15. This is an act of greed. Nothing justifies such an act. He is already gainfully engaged, a good one for that which has made so many taxi drivers rich simply by being a finder keeper. In his own case, he turned thief, that’s too bad.

  16. I don’t blame him much. How much does he realise from the cab business. An iPhone 8 should break him through for like 2 weeks off his job. Not supporting him sha, thief na thief. No excuses

  17. D guy is a disgrace to man, stealing your passengers phone.he never thought that she meant track d phone..

  18. Oh k!! so if am right, the leady left her bag in the car to go get money to pay the taxi driver, who does that in this present Nigeria where if you yourself no stand well they will steal you too. i blame the lady.

  19. Hmmmm,now you have disgraced yourself jus because of phone,,,taxi driver like you can’t afford to buy phone,,hmmm there is God ooo

  20. How can somebody who has a job be stealing again? its well o. This is really bad of him. He should be treated some few lessons.

  21. There is nothing one will not hear.
    Anyways thank God he confessed.
    Wanted to blame the lady but since he admitted there is no need

  22. God, and he will be telling the person sorry she should be calling it, not knowing that his the one that stole it

  23. Only you driver, only you thief I pray you shouldn’t be boko haram later. Any ways I believed you’ve learnt your lesson

  24. This is so sad. Thank God that the passengers
    Wasn’t even kidnapped and the driver wasn’t even mobbed down by infuriated youth

  25. It is good he was punished and left after apologising instead of jungle justice but stealing takes away trust.

  26. Serves him right. After paying for his service, he still wanted more. Greed in action. Thank God she found her phone.

  27. Lolzzz, see his criminal face. They should have beaten him black and blue so that next time he will do no such thing. Thank God she saw her phone

  28. Why can’t you work hard to get yourself an iPhone if you need one instead of engaging yourself in this embarrassing act

  29. Lols that’s very funny… Stealing from your customers… A very bad thing to know it’s good you were caught and dealt with

  30. From the pictures , you can see the driver never argued about him not stealing the phone . He actually did stole it and he admitted to selling it . He deserved what he got

  31. Thieves have once collected my phone and I know I felt it badly that period, this guy is lucky that I’m not there to transfer my anger on him.

  32. He shouldn’t have misbehaved in that manner, he should learn to work deligently and not steal from other people.

  33. That’s very good he deserves the punishment he got… how can someone steal from someone helping you

  34. Serves him right. You have a job that can at least put food on your table but still not contented with that
    Some people sha

  35. And this has dent his image why must he steal from his client that’s a bad behaviour thank God he was not lynched he has learn his lesson

  36. Serves him right, stealing is not a good thing. And for him to have stolen his passengers belonging is going to affect his job because people will be avoiding him

  37. This is just pure greed,you are going to get paid but you still want to steal.I won’t be supeised if he steals something again it is clear he has great character deficits

  38. He is lucky he met good set of people if it were to be where I live he would have been burnt to a though I don’t support jungle justice o

  39. Some people their own job is not enough for them until they steal other people’s properties

  40. nawa o,,,,,someone kicking off his new year on the basics of theft…please permit my choices of world…..odikwa egwu

  41. What is this world turning into, you can’t enter a taxi without fear of something happening, Nigeria is turning people into thieves

  42. The man need deliverance, had it been that he has no job people will say is jobless, now he has a job have mercy for him

  43. If he continues like this as taxi driver, stealing from people, your clients i tell you that you still have a long way to go. You can’t be rich by taking from people so you better never try such disgusting thing

  44. Despite the fact that your client give you better money, you still have it in mind to do her bad

  45. God really save him if not he would have been consumed with burning or beaten up mercilessly. He should have just returned it to help earn him good name and more client.

  46. Lol
    Now that he has been caught
    He will call the devil of pushing him to it
    Some days are like that
    Bad moves

  47. This is act of greedy why are you still steal someone property once you’re working, this is totally bad.

  48. I trust Lagosians. Anything is possible in Lagos, not surprised at all. But just very bad of him.

  49. Thank God he confessed and was freed, but why would the lady leave her bag in the car to get money inside some people are just agents of evil.

  50. It wouldn’t have ended like that, they should have taken him to the law enforcement agencies for proper action

  51. That’s the punishment you get for stealing
    You’re lucky you weren’t dragged to the police station or worse burnt to death

  52. That’s call small thief some body you usually carry why, after now you say na devil oo then what are you

  53. Hmm,why did she leave her phone in the first place?well,she’s lucky he didn’t even drive off…

  54. He should go for Thanksgiving because the people who freed him has good minds, and I believe that this will be a lesson learned.

  55. This is shame to the guy… Thank God that the lady was observant if not the phone would have become a story. Another thing is, why will the lady leave her belongings inside the cab when she alighted to go and bring money?

  56. This is too bad for him,why him will steat the phone,he doesn’t even think about his integrity infact he deserves to be punished more than this

  57. He is very lucky that the people that punished him were soft hearted, if it were to be hardened people they would have killed him or handed him to the police

  58. That serves the man right.In this era of jungle justice in Nigeria, he’s lucky he was not killed. The man just saw an iphone 8 and lost his senses

  59. Why would he steal a passenger’s phone, am sure after this he will still lose his job… Causing embarrassment for himself

  60. After all the embarrassment, you still didn’t leave with the phone. Why stealing the phone? Thief and thank God you were caught, maybe that’s how you go about stealing but you met ur end today.

  61. That seres him right, if he had confessed initially he would not have gotten such beating and torture

  62. Shame on you
    Fine boy like you all you do to steal phone from passenger
    Face your punishment idiot

  63. You have a job, it’s not as if you are jobless. So you have added another profession to driving a cab, you are lucky today,

  64. Greed is in the blood. Even if he starts a business that will pay him millions, he will still do same. Thank God they taught him a lesson of his life

  65. Such a shamful act up he has something doing still he is stealing someone phone he or she left in his can that’s very bad

  66. What will push a young handsome guy to do such. I would have said hunger if he’s not working. What a pity.

  67. Criminal thief a bad example to others he deserves the punishment I thought taxi drivers are always truthful

  68. They would have handed him to the police so he can spend money to release himself for him to learn his lesson.

  69. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house. He even looks neat and innocent. The punishment should be a lesson to him, that’s if he has a repentant soul.

  70. I just don’t know why some people are not content with what they have? Now that he had disgrace himself how will people perceive him for who is he?

  71. Come to think of this how can a driver steal a phone from a passenger when will he get the time to take his eye of the road to do that

  72. Some people are really tarnishing the image of this country. With a good job he still went on to steal. He should be punished.

  73. This taxi driver succeeded in embarrassing himself by stealing a lady’s iphone and he was dealt with. He will never try it again.

  74. Nonsense, stealing phones is too poor , the guy is criminal even the driving job he is doing is not enough for him, now is through stealing that he will make it

  75. he is lucky he was not lynched… he really took a big risk…. he had better desist from stealing

  76. The driver likes good things ooo. He has the mind to steal an iPhone8. At least with this experience,it’ll be difficult for him to steal someone else’s phone.

  77. Olee,that is really his Waterloo. Bad market too. He will steal go and sell cheap or give girl friend. Hope the beating entered well.

  78. This driver put himself into big shame by stealing his customer’s iPhone. He should thank God that he wasn’t given the beating of his life.

  79. Why stealing phone now? See what you get now and that’s the reward of stealing

  80. Rubish man… hadn’t he been washing how other taxi drivers who return forgotten items and money to the owners have been reworded? Parawo.

  81. He deserves more than that. How can he steal his clients phone and still denied it. Fuck him

  82. He even have a job doing and he is stealing,see how he has disgraced him self blc of phone shame on you.

  83. Thief, it’s not his first thing, God just save the lady’s phone, covetousness is worrying the taxi driver

  84. Why stealing? Not even food but phone… When it is not by force to use phone… Some are just shameless

  85. I never knew that taxi drivers now steal from passengers. The driver is not even a smart thief if not, he would have disappeared when the lady stepped out to bring money. He should be punished very well so that others can learn.

  86. What a shameful act stealing is very bad plsss detest from it…He deserved the punishment he got

  87. Stealing done by some people as if it is not a crime and a sin again, how would you steal and be comfortable with it

  88. Fully employed, interacts with highly placed than can help you out of your present level, yet you choose to be stealing, who knows how many iPhone stealing he has done before just like “legbe-gbe”

  89. one day for the theif another for the owner God help us all, Hod please set the mind and heart of our nation straight

  90. What the hell was he thinking to steal from his customer? Na wa oh…… Dis is Nigeria Everybody na criminal.

  91. Can u imagine the disgrace the driver brought to himself from greed. I really wish we would have truthful people in this country.

  92. It’s a bad habit for stealing a passenger phone, Thank God the phone is found, it will serve as a lesson to all drivers that has been doing such

  93. See what greed has led him to do and the disgrace that followed. I hope he has learnt his lessons.

  94. See your life outside, stupid man. What do you want to use the phone for?. You have to steal phone of your passenger ,you have labeled your self.

  95. That man is not a taxi driver but taxi thief, anyways maybe he might learnt his lessons after the touchor.

  96. He’s a fool what made him thinks that he would not be caught thank God he was punished may be he will stop that act

  97. passangers need to be more careful with their properties especially those residing in lagos state.

  98. Two voices were battling in his ears, the voice of Satan and the voice of God, but he subdued to the voice of satan

  99. We should be contended with what we have. Too bad of him. When other motorists are returning forgotten items, he is taking from his clients.

  100. God!!! Y is the devil using people to fulfill his mission……. It might as a result of poverty that made him do that

  101. God!!! Y is the devil using people to fulfill his mission……. It might as a result of poverty that made him do that

  102. That is good for him because he really deserve the beating so after passager pay for the T fee the driver still have the mind to steal from her

  103. Thats debaseful..they should have reported him to the police..I hope he learnt his from this stupid act.

  104. That’s a bad behavior on the part of the driver…
    For crying out loud he should be the one to protect the passengers lost items not steal from them.

  105. This is the kind of driver that will driver his passengers into the den of armed robbers if he notices the passenger is carrying huge cash or something valuable.. Criminals in disguise.. God saved him if i was the lady i would seized the key to his cab, beat him mercilessly before i hand him over the Authorities

  106. Greed is responsible for this nonsense act! after she paid you for service rendered, why steal her phone?

  107. Let say all this thieft among people including drivers, riders and others are getting punished when such is done

  108. See as he put himself on shame….nawa ooo,how much is phone that you cannot work for n buy…I hope you should be punish because thief is thief.

  109. IPhone 8 !!! Chai his village people no allow him oooo.
    That could be a life changing robbery.

  110. What a shame, how can you steal from your client now? See the shame you’ve brought upon yourself.

  111. That was not his First time me. I am very sure he’s doing it for long. Thank they caught this time.

  112. Driver wetin now? What’s the meaning of tarnishing your image for a phone when you have your means of income some are out there looking for one means or the other thank God the lady even noticed before he dropped her

  113. How would you have done that? You have your job, you aren’t looking bad either. Come on, you messed up.

  114. Well, stealing is a bad and disgraceful habit, hope he was dealt with sha, after which he apologized and was freed

  115. Thank God that the lady was observant if not the phone would have become a story. Another thing is, why will the lady leave her belongings inside the cab when she alighted to go and bring money?

  116. He got what he deserved, after dealing with with him they should throw him inside the jail and lock him up

  117. what a terrible and disgraceful act!!! thank God he was cought though he apologized. bad.maeket for him.

  118. I feel so bad when I hear stories like this.. Why on earth will you still another’s property.

  119. the guy was really exposed this might cost him his job. Well we can’t have thieves as cab drivers. Let genuine cab drivers be cab drivers.

  120. Why will he steal the phone or even steal anything when he is working. When many are even looking for job to do

  121. Why do you have to steal her phone, you would have resist the devil now see what you brought upon yourself, you might lose your job

  122. The crime of stealing is increasing this days… Let’s be contented with what we no matter how small it is or ask 4 help… What he did was not right

  123. At least he was punish for his crime,Why steal?,this things happen when one is not content with what he or she have

  124. He deserves a good lesson of his life so that he will disease from such disgraceful act.

  125. Am just happy that he was caught and he confessed, this will teach him a lesson of his life. I believed he’s regretting his action by now. Faithfulness and believing in God is one of the keys to success. What if there was a crowd and he was lynched on did jungle justice on him? He is lucky to have a second chance

  126. That was so unprofessional on his part…

    He should beat whatever treatment being meted out to him

  127. People are unpredictable, why would he try to steal in the first place. Anyone found wanting must not go unpunished.

  128. Stealing is very bad, though to some it is done out of compulsion just like the case of kleptomaniacs. I really can see any other reason why a person with a good job should go stealing.

  129. Why on earth will you opt for stealing, it doesn’t pay. Now you have tarnished your image. I just hope you have learnt your lesson because next time, you might not get away with it

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