Lagos Tanker Explosion: Man narrates his experience, claims Otedola Estate management locked people out

A Nigerian man while narrating yesterdays tragic tanker explosion on the Otedola Estate bridge has claimed that the management of the estate locked people out during the inferno.

Lagos Tanker Explosion_ Man narrates his experience, claims Otedola estate management locked people out lailasnews

The man who said he was at the scene of the explosion, recounted his experience. He claimed that while people where scampering from safety, the management of the Estate locked their gates so people couldn’t enter.

He wrote;

“I really want to narrate that Otedola bridge fire , from start to finish. By with what I experienced, I don’t know if I have the mind to

First of all, let’s be Civil, 85% or more of the petiole on here don’t know the story, I see everyone throwing blame on the tank driver , to be honest, he was driving on his own fast lane , let’s ask ourselves , how do we curb the menace called “DANFO DRIVERS”

May the souls of those who passed away, R.i.P. But most of them could have saved their lives , if they had “ran” , there’s an epidemic in town called “taking videos” , this man literally was about 10Ft away, recording before the first “BLAST”. Thereafter he wasn’t seen again.

We need sensitization in this bloody country, immediately the gate of the estate Bustop was engulfed in flames, people just started running , I advised the old lady and her grand child beside me to take off her shit and wrapper , pour water on it , and wrap round her nose …

I tried to do it for as many people as I could see, because at a point I really couldn’t see anyone again. I had to save my own life . This is what I used to cover my face , so please imagine what the dead would have inhaled and passed away..

What I saw yesterday broke me down into tears , a lady who lay over her child , to avoid the child dying from heat and intoxication, jst after she had lost a child barely 10 Mins. prior , a lady just returning home from school pick up. How does the govt. wnt 2console such a lady?

Please guys , this is where it gets very painful. I stay in Otedola / Omole phase 2. But what the Management did yesterday, they all need to face the wraith of angry Nigerians . They could have saved lives and property, but they decided to neglect people and lock them out.

I understand the fact that, the estate was trying to avoid a run over of thier estate , both in casualties and Security. But people were running to save thier lives and property , and you locked the GADDAMN estate , to let people WHAT… PERISH?

This gate is Atleast 20-25ft from the scene of the incident , this was the only escape route to anyone who could “see” or knew the surroundings . People had no where to run to, people feel into the gutter , ditches, but getting to the estate gate, we had been LOCKED OUTSIDE!”


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