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Lagos State Government sues Davido and AY for not paying tax

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Davido and AY have been charged before a Lagos High Court for tax evasion and both may risk jail terms if convicted. AY has had a longer history in court against the state as he was charged to court in 2016 for failing to file his tax returns as required by law.

A source disclosed to reporters that the duo have been avoiding the tax agencies for a while, despite repeated letters and calls to them to remit their income taxes.

Lagos State Government sues Davido and AY for not paying tax lailasnews2

“Notable among these alleged tax offenders are two of Nigeria’s celebrated artistes –Davido and AY, the comedian. Both artistes have had a long standing battle with the Lagos Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion.

“Davido, who has record deals with Sony Music Entertainment and endorsement agreements with various companies in Nigeria, has not filed his tax returns or remit any taxes to the Lagos State Government,” the source said.

Davido has however countered the claim saying he is not defaulting in his tax remittance as he pays his tax to the Osun State being an indigene of the state.

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The source added,

“Remember that Davido said he made N500m from his N30bn concert recently. We must know how much he paid to the LIRS.

“AY too said the same thing. The comedian claimed to be paying his taxes to Ondo State, where he hails from. It seems these celebrities don’t understand that the tax law stipulates that you must pay your tax to your state of residence.

“Anyway, we are already in court. Others will soon appear in court if they don’t obey the state tax law. You can’t be making money in Lagos and refuse to pay tax.”

Lagos State Government sues Davido and AY for not paying tax lailasnews3

Asa Asika, Davido’s manager was contacted to confirm the authenticity of the suit against Davido by the Lagos State Government. He is however yet to respond as at the time of filing this report.

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  1. It’s a global practice everywhere to pay tax, so this shouldn’t be a thing of argument but again on a second thought, what have the government done with all the tax people have been paying to them? I guess embezzling & stock pilling them in a foreign countries.

  2. One of the most common crimes that put the rich in jail in the western world is tax invasion.. They don’t take it lightly,it is considered a very serious offence.a mechanism should be put in place in Nigeria to deal with tax invasion….

  3. Still trying to figure out why and what we are paying tax for in this country. No wonder trump said it’s a shithole. We provide our security, electricity most cases. Borehole water, some individuals make some roads so what exactly are we paying tax for?
    This is really a shithole till we remove the useless shithole president.

  4. No work for this country pple wey try hustle their way, government want collect tax. Na heavy thunder go fire them

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