Lagos probes LASUTH over Baale’s wife death

The Lagos State Government on Thursday said it was probing the allegation against the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH that its negligence and alleged unethical conduct of its personnel led to the death of one Mrs Omolara Kalejaiye.

Lagos probes LASUTH over Baale’s wife death lailasnews 3
Lagos probes LASUTH over Baale’s wife death

The probe, which will be handled by the Ministry of Health, is aimed at unravelling the circumstances leading to the death of the woman and the attitude of the health workers while she was in their care.

The wife of the Baale of Otumara II in the Apapa area of the state was rushed to the hospital for treatment in an emergency situation on December 11, 2018.

The 45-year-old was reportedly attended to in a wheelchair due to the lack of bed space.

It was gathered that the woman was placed on oxygen to support her breathing, while a drip and injections were administered on her.

The family alleged that the oxygen and the drip that Omolara was placed on were removed without the consent of any member.

The mother of two reportedly died around 5.15am as a result of lack of attention by the medical personnel and non-provision of an ambulance after her referral to another hospital.

In a petition addressed to the Chief Medical Director of LASUTH and the state Commissioner for Health, the family demanded that the death be investigated and the errant medical personnel be fished out and brought to justice.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Mrs Adeola Salako, told Punch Metro on Thursday that the government had received the petition and was probing the allegations raised by the Baale.

She said justice would be served and the public would be informed of the outcome of the investigation.

“Investigation into the matter is ongoing. I will let you know as soon as there is any further development,” Salako added.


  1. We can’t blame the Hospital management, while did they allow the sicken got to that stage? May her gentle perfect soul rest in peace

  2. It is well and may the Lord comfort the family of the deased and as for the medical team only God knows the real event even though sometimes they could be careless

  3. Lack of adequate infrastructure in our hospital is killing more than the sickness it self, also lack of good and friendly communication between patient and health workers is so bad especially in government hospitals

  4. May God console the family of the deceased . this our health system should be changed. Am not sure it the fault of the doctors and nurse

  5. We can’t blame anyone on this, it has been written down if not she won’t die like that, may their soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. Lack of good hospital equipment and good communication from the health workers to the patience also kills faster than the sickness. My condolences

  7. This didn’t start today. Why are they probing this one. Is it because she is the wife of the Baale?

  8. Our leaders should stop travelling abroad for medical attentions and develop the health care centers in Nigeria and stop blaming the workers in the health care centers because there is no optical instruments and other things in place.

  9. That is what you experience when you go to our hospitals, their negligence has claimed so many life’s.

  10. Incompetent personnel are not meant to work in the hospital to avoid lost of lives. May her soul find peace.

  11. It is very necessary to improve our hospitals all over the country it’s very shaming that issues like this still take place R. I. P MA

  12. Rest in peace ma
    But all this nonsense nurses and doctors
    Should be careful in how they treat patients

  13. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Nigeria health center needs development and equipment. Governments rise to our aids on health issues

  14. This is so wrong, our general Hospitals always have this I don’t care attitude towards the public, I hope the case will be well investigated

  15. I seriously don’t know what they normally teach those nurses in school, they behave nonchalant to someone that need urgent attention.

  16. Which stupid investigation are they doing? Was the woman injected to death?. The poor medical facilities in the country is enough to kill a patient

  17. Lack of medical facilities indeed, but To me who has died has died,i know it is because she was baale’s wife they are raising alarm, so many people have died in such condition and nothing is done..

  18. chai let her soul rest in peace but let hospitals be carefull with the people they employ to avoid such things

  19. Soo unfortunate….. Instead of our leaders to develop our medical centers and hospital…… They prefer going abroad for medical treatment. Too bad for our nation.

  20. Good one from the government. Let them investigate. Let us start to check their act. This will also improve our health care.

  21. Nigeria public health system is nothing to write home, how can you b attending to a woman on a wheelchair, claiming there are no bed space!.
    This is alarming

  22. Who doesn’t know how our health system is and operate, especially with government hospitals.. The nonchalant attitude of the staff is at 360 degree.. I pray they fish out the staff invloved..

  23. Why did they allow it get to that stage before going to hospital.. Cant blame lasuth .RIP to her..
    Anyways our health system needs upgrading

  24. The health workers are negligent this days and that has lead to the lost if the life of so many individuals

  25. Probing who? Government or staffs? Thats a public health facility and they can’t give out what they dont have. Do you expect them to go to their homes and get a bed for her. Its good as it happened…. So instead of buying cars and all you rich people channel your money into developing public health facility.

  26. Sometimes we should not just blame the staffs of the hospital, it is a government hospital and not a private one, if the government had funded the hospital with the required facility treatment will be carried out on time

  27. Poor health Facilities and qualified Workers. This is not the first time of hearing something like this.

  28. When we lose somebody that is when all complain will start coming, why not doing something to prevent such before it can happen? We have many rich peoples in this country, if government cannot provide a good health facilities, the rich people we have can do that, it is also a way of developing our country.

  29. What a poor treatment to with to an emergency patient that is so bad of the hospital. May her soul rest in peace

  30. This is common in a government hospital
    Sometimes they are under funded
    I pray that the next administration should look into this

  31. Some of our hospitals are not in good conditions, I experienced that when I lost my mother but is well

  32. Our healthcare in the country keeps getting worst and worst, wish our government would do something about it

  33. May her soul rest in perfect peace! Our medical personnel should be more careful with patient, so as to save lives.

  34. My God no wonder people are running to foreign countries to get treatment because in Nigeria hospitals lives are not valued

  35. If that should be the case, das too bad for the hospital, anyway condoles to her family, resurraction hope is certain for this woman, her family we see her again in the resurraction time

  36. Many Hospitals and not just LASUTH’s negligence and alleged unethical conduct of their personnel has led to the death of many Nigerians, the government has to do something about this trends

  37. They need to do thorough investigation into the matter,some of the health workers need to be relieve of their duties due to their selfishness.

  38. Its a known fact that government workers are always lackadaisical to work, but to be frank and fair, it shouldn’t be extended to health workers because they have to deal with saving lives.. May her soul rest in peace.

  39. I don’t really understand how our medical personnels operate in this country. I had such a bad experience with my Dad at UITH ,imagine Doctors went on strike and they left my Dad for 2weeks until he had bedsore. Later died.some things needed to be corrected in this country.

  40. This happens in many hospitals in Nigeria due to lack of equipment and medical care, may God help us in this country oo

  41. Poor medical infrastructure. Firstly no bed space, secondly no ambulance. Nigerian medical sector is so poor. Many lives are being wasted by these people

  42. Some people dead untimely due to negligence on the part of our health workers especially in public hospital may be because one of them have not been used as a bad example that is why they keep misbehaving also on the part of our government they should more hospitals and equip the old once to standard because our few hospitals are congested.

  43. This is not new, it happens in many hospitals, they neglect the patients with non challant attitude, doing other things while a patient is dying.

  44. we are facing poor health works challenge most of the doctors they prefer money than people’s live what ashamed we encounter In this country

  45. Corruption has entered into our hospitals. So everybody should be careful of his/her Love ones being admitted in hospital bcos you don’t know imho is wishing him death

  46. Although some of our hospitals are not in good conditions but some of our teaching hospitals staffs has a very bad attitude to work and a very bad nonchalant attitude to their patients by not attending to them on time thereby resulting into the patients death.

  47. That’s too bad. The medical personnel should be careful how the handle patient. Who knows how many lives gone through their carelessness. May her soul rest in peace Amen

  48. InStead of probing LASUTH they should improve the conditions of the our hospitals. How can they attend to patients when the when there are no equipment.

  49. This is a huge blow to the royal family but i think all this wouldn’t have happen if the government gave proper attention to health care service they rather prefer going abroad for treatment rather than equipping the already existing health care centres in the country.

  50. And let the probing yield a positive result pertaining the way they handle patients in that hospital and other hospitals as well. They treats people like animal. May her soul rest in peace.

  51. That’s just the situation of the country. I have seen cases where they leave emergency patients with medical students thereby leaving the patients as laboratory rats for the not so good students, its really disheartening. Even the government have their own faults, some medical personnel have attitude that are so frustrating. May her soul rest in peace.

  52. I think Hospitals in this country could be checked at all times. Some lack competent and experienced workers and some lack some major health equipments which leads to death of some souls.

  53. I will keep saying it.Our health sector needs attention. People are dying everyday because of the negligence

  54. Our health sector is becoming so poor such that even the personnels behaves anyhow they like, I think this will serve as an example to others.

  55. This is one of those such case in the Nigeria system……her Influence only made it to be a subject of public discuss.

  56. Please give them justice indeed… This isn’t the first time something like dis is happening… They claim to be doctors and they’re losing regard for life?

  57. How can we improve our health systems in Nigeria because this is causing a very big problem in Nigeria

  58. Yes proper investigations should be carried out to really know what happened. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

  59. Are they suppose to probe the personnel or the government for not providing enough facilities for patients to use in the hospital

  60. hmm.negliganec of a staff you said, please once you are hired for a job it doesnt end there you have to struggle to be the best

  61. Thats a public health facility and they can’t give out what they dont have. Do you expect them to go to their homes and get a bed for her. Its good as it happened, May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

  62. There are so many cases of negligence like this that is not known. Just because this is a baale’s wife. May God help us all.

  63. Lack of infrastructure in most hospitals in our country is one of the main reason affecting this country.May het gentle soul rest in peace

  64. The medical facilities of this country needs divine improvements, they should bring those treatment facilities abroad here to all recognized hospitals in Nigeria to save life’s, this current administration should do something about it

  65. Too many issues with our health sector, but is it because the deceased is the wife of a baale that is why the state government is taking the issue so seriously.. May God help us in this country

  66. Is it when a prominent personality is involved in societal mishap that government will look into certain issues!.,May her soul rest in peace.

  67. The health system in this country is very poor. Government has failed to provide hospitals with necessary equipment and facilities. Most times, the lives of doctors are at stake because of lack of adequate protectives to protect themselves. Most times I don’t blame health workers because they are passing through a lot. The matter should still be investigated .

  68. Our doctors will always go on strike for increase in salary they will never go on strike for lack or poor medical facilities. Rip ma

  69. They should infact go to other public hospitals. Its a mess most times dealing with the nurses and officials. So much carefree attitude. Seems they are just expecting you to die .

  70. All the teaching hospitals are like that both the nurses and doctors… always careless and play with human’s….. specialist hospitals still remain the best

  71. Yes we complain of lack of equipment in our hospitals even lack of adequate health workers but sometimes the people we even have called nurses have very bad manners and some of them behave inappropriately too.

  72. Such incidence has been in the occurence; this is not the first. Medical facilities and systems need to be checked and given proper attention across the federation.

  73. All this teaching hospital workers that are very rude and has a high level of negligence to their patients and also poor facilities

  74. We can’t blame the Hospital management, while did they allow the sicken got to that stage? May her gentle perfect soul rest in peace

  75. nonchalant attitude of Nigeria Health worker is worrisome which has claimed many lives that could still be save. Great attention and measures should be adhere to in other to quality care of the patient and to prevent future occurrences.

  76. Hope they would have done same if it were an ordinary citizen. Health is wealth. We should put our health first b4 wealth.

  77. The federal government really needs to improve as regards the health facilities in this country, the poor health facilities is really taking lots of life.

  78. Our health sector needs serious restructuring. It’s sad that the number of avoidable deaths are rising daily. Lack of health equipment and ineptitude of health workers are at the forefront of this calamity.

  79. Some of this nurses and doctors are not just it, someone is dying and you don’t care because is not your family or relations, let proper investigation should be carried out to know the cause of her illness, rest in peace ma.

  80. May her soul rest in peace..This is what Nigerians are suffering in Lasuth… but the government turned deaf ears
    .Now because it is the baale’s wife..all hell are Let loosed.

  81. Na today that is how they have been killing people because of their I don’t care attitude , please be let them be punished so that others will learn from them

  82. Shey because she was the wife a baale that why responding. Thousands of Nigerians have died a result of neglected

  83. Negligence of the staff could be the reason for her death, most of this health workers don’t care the way they treat their patients

  84. Eh ya so sad rest in peace that’s the problem of this so called hospital workers or medical workers sometimes they act as if they re under spell.


  86. I support the probe, this trend is becoming too much. I just hope when the probe is done it would be made public.

  87. Besides there are some hospitals that should be shut down..
    Especially private hospitals who will tells you, you need to deposit so so amount before starting work which you proberbly may not have up to the amount and may cause the life of the victim…
    May God help us.

  88. Someone that is dead is dead stop making matters worst..she could have still died if those things were available u never can tell..may her soul rest in peace.

  89. Number 1….no bed space. How do one expect proper treatment to be made with that…. It’s not their fault though because the bed spaces there were filled with sick people too and not healthy people.

  90. That shows the bad state of our health sector I’m Nigeria. How can a patient be given treatment on a wheelchair because of lack of bed space in the hospital

  91. Some of these our civil servants needs to start doing better.. Especially in the health sector because human lives are involved.

  92. This is a serious case for both the LASUTH and the attendant(s) cause the family will go extra length to get themselves compensated. Rest in peace to the unfortunate death

  93. Lack of health care facilities has terminated so many lives in Nigeria,and the govt is doing nothing about it because their loved ones are flown and treated abroad

  94. Don’t know why a lot of teaching hospital lack equipment, The FG need to do something about this seriously its affecting the sick ones

  95. The death of the woman should be investigated and the errant medical personnel be fished out and brought to justice. May her soul rest in peace.

  96. The hospital only tried their best to make sure that the woman was sustained but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. So even if the investigation is carried out I don’t think the hospital will be found guilty

  97. The unethical behaviour of public hospital staff is a source of worry. They should be trained on empathy and timely attendance. Rest in Peace Mrs Omolara

  98. They are trying to point fingers forgetting that they are not doing anything to improve the health care system

  99. Nigeria public health system is nothing to write home, how can you b attending to a woman on a wheelchair, claiming there are no bed space. God help us.

  100. Hmmmm it’s a pity. May her soul rest in peace. Govt equally should be probed as well as hospital management.

  101. Too much negligence is plaguing most of our public hospitals. See how they just allowed the poor woman die just like that

  102. Negligence is something hospital workers should try to avoid at all cost.. When they are negligent, people die.. Irrespective of their status in the society

  103. There are many talks about the death of many patients at the hospital because of lack of good medical care and attention. Thr government should do something about it.

  104. And this is what lack of health facilities can cause may her soul rest in perfect peace this happens to ordinary Nigerian too so because she is the wife of baale now they will investigate what happens to many who has fall victim of this case

  105. May her soul rest in has affected the mighty in the Society now they want to probe the hospital if it’s an ordinary citizen now nobody will hear abt it

  106. Probing the incident is a good thing but Ministry of health should also checks itself whether it did the needful

  107. As if it was a regular civilian they would have cared but because it is the wife of a Baale, they are suddenly interested. It’s like the important people need to start dying before the government will take notice of the health sector

  108. Negligence has killed a lot of people in the government’s hospital and that’s why some prefer going to private hospitals where they will be taken care of.

  109. This government should at least take a very good look into health sector… There should be a proper care for the patient. So sad they loose that 45years old woman

  110. The negligence and carelessness of the medical personnel caused the death of this great woman.
    May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  111. “negligence and… unethical conduct of its personnel” many have gone this way. I have experienced it and not surprised

  112. I really don’t think the health system can be bad mouthed like this . I implore proper investigation is to be done

  113. can you imagine lack of bed space in a hospital government for that matter Nigeria is very poor in the case of equipment very bad

  114. Lack of adequate infrastructure in our hospital is killing more than the sickness it self alot of things have to be done to medical facilities. Rest in peace

  115. Poor health care and inexperienced medical staff have led to many into their early grave. May her soul rest in peace.

  116. Health workers should work on this aspect ,even if it not their fault people will think they are the cause because of their nonchalant attitude

  117. This claims might be true, no way this people might forge all these,even if they exergirated ,there must be an atom of truth………some hospitals neglect there patiets ,a good example ,is federal medical centre owerri…..if there’s an emergency and its kinda critical ,don’t go there,unless you wanna die

  118. Health workers should work on this aspect ,even if it not their fault people will think they are the cause because of their nonchalant attitude

  119. When money is not put into the health centre, this is the kind of tragic incident that normally take place. Carelessness from health workers is also very bad.

  120. some people have the ability to help but they will never help and that’s the problem we are having in this country

  121. Not generally the fault of the the health care giver, the government should also provide health care facilities to the hospitals

  122. If at all we value human life in Nigeria, there is a need for a total overhaul of our health sector.

  123. Carelessness…of the the so-called medical personnel just lead to a death yet we say we train doctors here….and government can even provide good accommodation in hospitals …now someone just died because of this….May good help us all

  124. sad story but of a truth the state of infrastructure in our medical sector is deplorable. we can only hear of this woman’s case because she is of a prominent personality.. a baale’s wife. how many innocent people have died under the same circumstances… imagine someone being operated on and the hospital is connected to ”NEPA” light! unstable source of electricity, once the light is seized there is no miracle as the person most definitely will give up before they can switch to the generating set… well the dead is dead, lets try to put things in place to ensure incidences like this don’t re-occur.

  125. This peoples are heartless, they believe neither they work or not they will receive their salary and if they own them salary now they will all be crying out. Foolish peoples.

  126. this is a country where the government does not care. okay must a prominent person;s wife; die first before they cure the rot int he system.

  127. What a sad and avoidable case of negligence on the part of the hospital.I seriously get amazed as the way they treat human lives in those hospitals like it does not matter.The case should be properly investigated and responsible officers dealt with

  128. It shows that the government is yet to meet up with the demand of the public and that’s why they travel out medical check ups

  129. Many Nigeria health care centres has lost so many life’s due to several reason such as poor facilities management, also poor humans resources

  130. May her soul rest in perfect peace, what a sad situation for her family. I pray that God gives them the heart to bear the loss.

  131. What do you expect from doctors who are not well paid and the hospitals with inadequate facilities. Its all over Nigeria

  132. It’s really not the Hospital’s fault, it’s the government that has not taken our hospital to standard.

  133. Our medical personnel should please take the life of people serious. May her soul rest in peace

  134. We can’t blame the Hospital management, while did they allow the sicken got to that stage? May her gentle perfect soul rest in peace..

  135. If you are sick and unfortunate left in the hands of Nigerian female Nurse in qny government hospital, sorry is your name. Majority of them are naturally wicked, thourough investigation should be done to know the cause, if it is the negligent of the health workers at the hospital, their medical director should be sue to court

  136. Our state hospitals are not to good due to the lack of payment of salaries of doctor s and other staff .my condolence to the family.

  137. Most of our hospital are in a habit of taking certain actions without consulting with the family, the inquiry is a welcome development

  138. This is good news,I hope they understand, I hope Lagos knows what they are doing, this is good news

  139. Is it until it happened to Baale ‘s wife, they now know they will prove LASUTH? They have been killing the poor and Baale did not react but it has has come to the wife now… Leaders should learn to stand for their people before the tide turn against them

  140. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. A times when the nurses suppose to be serious with patient, then they will ignore or doing unnecessary things.

  141. Our health sector is going down the line and our government don’t care, since they can travel out to take care of themselves

  142. Nigerian hospitals like that I don’t care attitude, every one in d hospital is on his own,d nurses doing their jobs as if u are forcing them mean while u are paying for ur service

  143. The matter should be investigated and culprits brought to book. The level of neglect in this country is too much.

  144. We hear of similar cases for n our health institution. The health sector is not well managed leading to poor management of the patients. May her soul rest in peace

  145. Everything in Niigeria is bad. How can a teaching hospital be lacking facilities. What is the minister for health doing. Look at how the life of this woman was cut short because of lack of facilities. God help Nigeria.

  146. That’s Nigeria for us if they have better equipment and solicitor this will never be happen, however everything has it’s own faith that’s it, may God rest the deseace in peace.

  147. People need to watch the video on facebook. it was pathetic. After the Baale has bought all the drips and other drugs he was told to buy. At the end of the day, he said the oxygen was removed and the drip too was removed. The medical personnel that did that should be punished, period

  148. Not only in lasuth all teaching hospitals in Nigeria their non challant attitude have claimed alot of life’s also inadequate facilities too may God help us in these country

  149. That is a good move cuz d way dey neglect people to die at every teaching hospital Is too much o, they should b punished

  150. Our health sector is in shambles. A lot of people died die to negligence from the health workers but most couldn’t speak out due to one reason or the other. Oir government should put in more effort in the betterment of our health sectors

  151. Nigeria is not that’s great for treatment,she can’t be attended to because no bed to treat her.government need to do something about those hospital in nigeria

  152. Doctors are meant to give hope of live to the sick. But most doctors end up taking that little hope you had away.
    The psychological effect if a illness kills faster than the illness.

  153. Rip to the Baales wife ..those hospital personnel needs to answer some questions.. why will they behav the way they did? This is not good at all.administering treatment to a patient on a well chair? May God help the health sector.

  154. Some Nigerian government hospitals are very annoying
    Sub standard doctors and nurses
    With no good facilities..
    It can be very annoying at times

  155. They should Not blame any health personel for poor treatment it was recorded in the report already that she was attended to on a wheel chair and you can imagine how it would look like

  156. I would agree to this probe being carried out. That non challant attituted is everywhere in Government hospitals especially Teaching hospitals

  157. I think this will serve as a lesson to other hospitals,health care givers sometimes are too care less about their patients

  158. If all the allegations against the hospital was right, then they have to be probed and justice must be meted out.

  159. Until we set up a high quality hospitals in this country where people will get adequate treatment even if it means flying in from abroad, and make free medical services to Nigerians we are not getting closer to a true health development.

  160. What the doctor did to this woman was in human, they should be arrested sef. This woman wasn’t supposed to die

  161. It’s always the same story of lack of medical tools in our hospitals… Many lives have been lost and the number is still counting… May her soul rest in peace.

  162. Our hospitals and health care should be properly equipped so that they can save lives. May her soul rest in peace.

  163. So many lives are been lost everyday in thus country due to such kind of carelessness. May her soul rest in peace

  164. Our health sectors are strying but they are not doing enough. The Government should try and upgrade all our health facilities

  165. Just becos shes the wife of an influential man some health personel are about to loose their jobs. Thats the country we find ourselves

  166. Is it that they don’t have the necessary facilities in the hospital? How come they remove the oxygen without the consent of anyone. They deserved the probe and they should be made to face justice if found guilty.

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