Lagos Police uncovers five guns hidden in an uncompleted building

Five guns hidden in an uncompleted building in Victory Park Estate, Osapa London, Ilasan, Lagos was uncovered on November 9th 2018 by the Lagos Police Command.

Lagos Police uncovers five guns hidden in an uncompleted building lailasnews

The Lagos police command spokesperson, Chike Oti who confirmed that the five guns hidden in an uncompleted building was recovered by the Command’s Taskforce on recovery of illegal and prohibited  firearms, attached to Area J Command Headquarters, Ajah, disclosed that the guns recovered comprises of three European made pump action rifles numbers L926547, R268751 and P987707 respectively, one locally made double barrel rifle and one locally made single barrel rifle.

Lagos Police uncovers five guns hidden in an uncompleted building lailasnews 1

The statement reads in part;

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Edgal Imohimi, has directed the ballistic arm of the SCIID Panti Yaba to commence  investigation into the case. He assured that the ember months will remain peaceful in Lagos as the Command will continue to carry out intelligence and purpose driven raids on all identified criminal spots in the state.

The CP added that the Command will continue to enforce the Inspector General of Police directive on mopping up of illegal and prohibited firearms; warning that anybody found in possession of such  weapons will be diligently prosecuted.

Lagos Police uncovers five guns hidden in an uncompleted building lailasnews 2

Similarly, at Elemoro, eleven armed robbery  suspects were arrested at their hideout. Upn searching their den, detectives recovered one berretta pistol and two locally made pistol.

Progress made in the investigations  will be made public as usual.


  1. Thanks for your diligence in the line of duty. We hope this the kind of need we will be hearing from our police. Well done Nigeria police.

  2. How did those firearms got to the uncompleted building , the police should investigate to know how the got there

  3. This is good news!
    At least the part that shows that the public’s friends (the police) still do their jobs besides mounting themselves on the road to extort money from motorists.

  4. Kudos to the police but when they are needed most attimes you don’t see them.We pray this great development should continue especially in this ember months and we will just rely on the word of the CP that this festive periods will be peaceful.

  5. Thank God for the recovery..may God save us it only God that knows the havoc this guns would HV been used to commit

  6. Bravo Lagos police. I think they should stick around that environment peradventure the owners will come around to recover the items.

  7. The number of illegal firearms in d wrong hands in dis country is alarming to say d least & to think dat general elections is around d corner. God save us.

  8. I wish them success on this ,because all these youths who are not ready to work with their hand might just want to celebrate the Christmas at all mean,even it means stealing from others and inflicting pain on them

  9. Everything concerning illegal arms in this country is better know by the police. They are the one don’t distributes it to bad guys

  10. The proliferation of firearms among criminal minded people in Nigeria, will only lead to the proliferation of violent crime. It has to be checked continuously

  11. The police has tried,and I hope tomorrow we won’t hear a sad news about them,I know its cultist that did that

  12. I applaud them for a job well done. Let them be continually be apprehended since the don’t want to do anything meaningful with their lives. As for the guns, I’m seeing 8 not 5. Lol

  13. Well done to the Nigeria police force..most uncompleted building is hide out for most criminals.may God help us in this country call Nigeria.

  14. Thank God it was recovered on time because these people are heart less weapons are now everywhere no one is sacred of using it on another. It is only God that will help is out of this mess that we are into

  15. This Nigeria police a times they will did a very good something and atimes they are doing something else kudos to these police

  16. Good work, Nigerian police. Continue doing the good work’s. But I wander how they come to know about weapons in that place.

  17. I don’t believe the police force in the smallest of ways. They may have hidden it and pretended to have found it just for praises that are not.

  18. Immediately they saw those guns, one of the policemen should have stayed put, changing the officers at interval. Anyone spotted going into the uncompleted building is the suspect.

  19. Good work, three gbossaas for NPF for a job well–done. Keep up the good work God will continue to protect you as you carry out your duty

  20. May God continue to strengthen our police officers so as to continue to unveil all these criminal activities

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