Lagos launches cab-hailing company EkoCab – Nigerians attack them

The Lagos state government recently went in partnership with a tech company to launch cab-hailing app EkoCab for it’s yellow Taxis, after its clampdown on Uber, Bolt and other digital transport service providers in the state.

The Ekocab platform will serve as a taxi-hailing service that will connect regular yellow taxi drivers and private car owners with commuters using the platform.

So this is Lagos plan for Uber and Bolt? – Nigerians attack Ekocab

Taking to Twitter the CEO of the Ekocab, Segun Cole released a statement to enlighten the people on the services of the cab-hailing company and the reason why it is coming in at the time when the government of Lagos held an intense clamp down on the other players in the industry.

In his statement Cole mentioned that EkoCab is not government-owned, and he simply utilized the moment to come up with his own idea.

I can’t Speak for the Government, what i can say is this, this isn’t Government Owned, no powerful person in the Government owns this. Lobbying isn’t Illegal. Every player should be deliberate about collaboration with Regulators” he said

See reactions:

*** So this is the plan that Lagos has for UBER and Bolt. This APC government will sha pack and go one day

*** Even glory osei did not give us this premium okoto. My guy, no worry start the business, when Una lose money , Uber would buy you guys for $1.. Cuz if you’re truly a consultant, you would have know how unprofitable ride sharing is

*** I was part of the team that developed Ekobet. A private company that had nothing to do with the government. The Govt kicked against the name. You can’t use ‘Eko’ when it’s not government owned or co-owned. It’s not possible. How did Ekocab happen?

*** Nigerians should stop this bad belle thinking and support this guy. He is homegrown. If Lagos state has issues with Uber, Bolt and other mobile transport operators, it has nothing to do with him. If government decides to support him to make it work, help him to make it work.

*** You and those that brought you onboard are not serious. You thought Uber, Bolt and Opay got to where they are with your kind of disposition. You can afford to act and sound this way because of the Govt that sent you. A govt that care so less.

*** If you’re a true mobility expert you should be more concerned about solving the last mile problem in Lagos, advising government on how to change the whole public transport landscape.




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