Lagos-Ibadan Railway: Train operations to begin February 2019 – Amaechi

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has urged the contractor handling the Lagos-Ibadan railway project, Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC), to expedite action to ensure that train operations begin by February 2019.

Lagos-Ibadan Railway Train operations to begin February 2019 - Amaechi lailasnews 3
Lagos-Ibadan Railway Train operations to begin February 2019 – Amaechi

He also urged the firm to temporarily suspend work on the construction of station buildings along the corridor of the Lagos-Ibadan rail line and focus on the laying of tracks being the major work at the moment so that by February, train operations would commence from Lagos to Abeokuta and subsequently to Ibadan.

The minister, who spoke yesterday while inspecting the rail line after the monthly meeting of the project monitoring steering committee, expressed satisfaction at the pace of work.

A statement made available to journalists and signed by the Deputy Director, Press, in the ministry, said the minister noted that the pace of work on the railway project is progressing given that there are now minimal challenges that could hinder construction work.

He, however, charged CCECC to promptly seek the support of security agencies for adequate and effective policing of their personnel and equipment as a result of incidences of community harassment on the firm and its workers as well as theft of their equipment.

In another development, the Federal Government yesterday said it planned to ban all trucks and other articulated vehicles transporting cargo along the Lagos-Ibadan highway beginning from 2019.

It said that from June, all cargo-carrying vehicles would be compelled to use the rail system as a means of transporting heavy-duty goods from Lagos to other parts of the country.

Amaechi gave the indication while briefing State House Correspondents after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting presided over by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“We believe that by next year, we will begin to encourage those who transport by trucks between Lagos and Ibadan to use the rail.

“At that point, most of the trucks carrying cargo going to Ibadan must be on the rail so that we can save the Lagos/Ibadan road,” he said.


  1. Hope no be politics you do ba? If that can be done as you said, then lagos to Ibadan road is same for long vehicles carry big load

  2. Nice one, we hope to see more complete project before the elections, because am so sure the president will loss, so try and complete all on going projects. Thanks

  3. Das good too hear…. But make dem do it in a such way that every state within the country we benefit from wat dey are doing

  4. The railway will help to minimize travel by road transport from Lagos to Ibadan, it’s a good project going on an if it is completed by February, it will really play a good role in transportation from 2019, good job on the project

  5. We are still expecting the change you people promised Nigerians, till we see the work no plause for now

  6. This is a good news for the country at least transportation will be less easy now for those people around that area

  7. Good one, we can’t wait, we hope to see more complete project before the 2019 election ,so they should also complete all on going project

  8. Wow,that’s good news from the federal government..I think if they take the move the rate of accident we be much reduce in lbadan to Lagos express way…I really enjoy Abuja to Kaduna rail way…

  9. We want to believe it’s not the usual political talks?
    Anyway we look forward to seeing it happen.

  10. Let this work continue ooo after election come 2019,let it not be for campaign. Thats great from ameachi,what a nice job.

  11. This is going to create a lot of benefits to mankind….it shouldn’t be a just spoken word but we need to see the action carried out……..let it not be a means of political wooing of the citizens…….

  12. Hope no be politics you do ba? If that can be done as you said, then lagos to Ibadan road is same for long vehicles carry big load

  13. Part of the development we have been waiting for… At list student will be able to travel to Ibadan by train

  14. Nice one this is a welcome development, but the government needs to look into this accident matters ooooo,, people are dieing too much in Lagos

  15. This is a welcome development as it will ease the cost of transportation and reduce road traffic accident

  16. This is a welcome development but hope is not politics since election is around the corner in other to use it to campaign. The idea of using rail transportation for cargo is a good idea and that is the way is done western world. It will help to help our road last longer too. But the politics in this country can never be trusted until we see the effect.

  17. wa o that is nice i pray that God will make it it to function in Jesus name. please you have to do as you promise o

  18. Hope they hasten up to meet up with the time specified. Well done to the FG for the effort put in place for infrastructure.

  19. Awesome! We believe that one day Nigeria would be among the developed countries but is a gradual process

  20. It be a good relief to road users, and the federal government should make sure that all cities in Nigeria benefit from it, not only lagos

  21. These is a good work . We all should appreciate Rotimi Amaechi . He has really tried his best in make transportation as easy as possible in Nigeria . Kudos

  22. i hope they are not using it to bribe people to vote them in, once they get there it becomes family business. if its on a plain ground, good work, they should keep it up

  23. Thank u minister.. U have done well. At least this will go a long way to curb road accident caused by some of this trailers carrying heavy duty goods

  24. Nice one, we hope to see more complete project before the elections, because am so sure the president will loss, so try and complete all on going projects. Thanks.

  25. This is a welcome development, I must say we Nigerians are happy for this I pray the work commences and done to completion

  26. That is great,its for their campaign also the government always impress her citizens only when it’s election period.

  27. Wow this is a great development. It will ease the pain of travelling to Lagos and even accident caused by big trucks

  28. I wish I could be there to see it,this is marvelous development, especially being Lagos with tight traffic

  29. Great one, it will be a great relief on transportation industry, and aid movement of people and goods, please let it not be a political talk,

  30. That is really a nice one coming from the government, at least this will help to minimize road accidents on that part and also save the road from getting spoilt easily and will enhance easy transportation of heavy products

  31. This is really good minister of transportation for the country for building the railway’s track
    I think this development will lessen the road accidents and keep the highway safe from those heavy trucks . weldone Sir

  32. It’s a good development, these are the kind of things that bring growth and economic boost. Let’s watch it unveil.

  33. Wow that’s going to be good but you Guy’s are fund of premises better fulfill it this time around.

  34. This is a very wonderful news and praying it becomes a reality. I especially like the part that says that large articulated vehicles carrying cargoes will be compelled to use the railway

  35. That will be a nice development to the transport sector I just hope is truefa sha…because nigerian government are always funny

  36. lets get this over with,its taking forever really,our transportation mode needs to be diversified as soon as possible

  37. This is a very good development, we await its commencement. I am just scared for its management, because that’s the problem we are facing in Nigeria, good initiativ.e without good management strategy.

  38. This will be a huge development between lagos abeokuta and Ibadan at least cargo trucks will now shift their load carrying to the railway…and this will make the roads more free and safe for motorists

  39. Wow dis is a nice celebration project it’s really going to benefit me…wen going to UI from lag every semester break

  40. This man is really working… If all politicians are like him, nigeria would have been an epitome of envy

  41. Well, I won’t say much on this until he fulfill it cause this politicians can lie often just to get us vote for them.

  42. That’s great, now I can see the contribution his making for lagos state, this is improvement, pls all states to adapts to this, let’s be commercialized in Nigeria

  43. Great effort and good work by Amaechi. This is a welcome development and I hope the development will be nation wide.

  44. Nice one, we hope to see more complete project before the elections, because am so sure the president will loss, so try and complete all on going projects.

  45. I pray dey do exactly according to wot they say they are planning and I Rilli hope Det are not playing politics here o

  46. This is indeed a good project for the masses, at least, it will ease transport system at all cost… We expect more from you

  47. That’s only if that is not tied to politics and the contractor’s inability to complete the project within the stipulated time frame.

  48. Election strategy on point hope it will be finished or maybe they will reserve it till next 4 years election

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