Lagos-Ibadan expressway will be completed in 2021 – Julius Berger

The contractor handling the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway project, Julius Berger has said that the project will be completed by 2021.

The Operations Manager, Julius Berger, Thamm Olaf, told the Senate Committee on Works, led by its Chairman, Kabiru Gaya, on Sunday,  that the project, which was to be completed in 2017, was stalled due to paucity of funds and the recent expansion, Punch Metro reports.

Lagos-Ibadan expressway will be completed in 2021 - Julius Berger lailasnews 3
Lagos-Ibadan expressway will be completed in 2021 – Julius Berger

Gaya and other members of the committee, who were on an oversight visit to road projects in Lagos, however,  stated that they were not happy about the slow pace of the work, despite the efforts and funds that had been put into it.

He said the Federal Government had spent a lot of money on the road and others across the country and had moved cost of road infrastructure from N500bn to 600bn in the 2019 budget to accommodate more road construction.

“The project is good as it will take care of traffic but we are not happy with the speed and so we expect the contractor to increase the pace of work, even though there were amendments on the road,” he said.

Gaya also told journalists that the contractor of the Tin Can Island Truck Park, Borini Prono, had said that the project, expected to ease traffic congestion around Apapa Wharf, would be completed in December.

He said the project had reached 97 per cent completion while construction of the shoreline, recently added to protect the park, had commenced.

He said:

“When we visited this site in 2015, the construction was less than 70 per cent; now it is 97 per cent because money has been paid and we insist that it must be finished by December.

“We have also said that the facilities are not good enough for a trailer park; there should be more toilets, restaurant and even a small clinic.”

The committee also inspected the Apapa Wharf Road, a two-kilometre concrete road being constructed by AG Dangote and expected to be completed before the end of the year; the Leventis Bridge, which is expected to be completed by Julius Berger by the first quarter of 2019; and the Third Mainland Bridge, which would be partially closed in 2019 for rehabilitation.

Other roads inspected during the tour were the Ikorodu-Sagamu Road being handled by Arab Contractors with a completion date of 2021, and the 1.5km NNPC Mosimi Access Road, which had been stalled by a debt of N1bn.

Although the Lagos-Badagry Road project was not inspected, the Federal Controller of Works, Adedamola Kuti, however, stated that the Federal Executive Council had re-awarded the contract and work would commence soon.


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  1. We will give testimony if this statement is actually true, we are really suffering because of that road I am a testimony to this fact…that same road has cost a lot of people their jobs because of lateness to work.

  2. The road needs to be completed as soon as possible because this road has cost people alot. If completed as promised it will be a very welcome development.

  3. They should also hasten the work ,because unnecessary delay would affect the economic activities of the two States, so highly functioning machinery are to be used if the stipulated time is to be achieved

  4. This taking more time I just hope it won’t exceed 2021 because that road us one of the busiest expressway in Nigeria.

  5. This calls for celebration. People are tired of bad roads, accident here and there, kidnapping cases, people are not able to meet with appointments, interviews time is not met by graduate but if the project is done at due time, people will celebrate

  6. That particular road has wasted so many life’s and should have been the major concern for the government..but what else shall we say it’s Nigeria

  7. Finally we get an expected date for the long awaited contract . I am sure they are professional. Nothing to be worried about

  8. any serious contractor will complete that road within a year if they take the construction expressly, apart from being delayed by release of funds, there shouldnt be an excuse for it to take that long. why we might pardon julius berger is because over the years, they’ve been known to deliver properly a solid work and we hope it is done in due time as that road has taken a lot from families who possibly still grieve till date.

  9. This project should not be rushed so that they will do something that is qualitative and not just a rush work that will put people’s life at risk.
    Sometimes their delay is also due to insufficient fund because the once that the project was alloted to wants to embezzle the fund. So we can’t out rightly blame them for the delay. But they should put in more effort to get the work done in good time.

  10. Ok that is a good one only if they will keep to their words. We are so corrupt and that is why we have so many project abandoned. We pray that this one will not be such.

  11. They are using this road to eat money and drink blood. Since obasanjo time, this road has been on construction and still uncompleted. Now it has been extended and expected to be completed on 2021. I hope they never come back to complain again.

  12. so we will still be battling with the conditions of that road for another 3years…julius Berger that’s not the best like seriously

  13. I bet you that 2021 is like 3 months to them. They don’t see anything in it. Even when that time comes it won’t be completed..that is a major express way for christ sake. So they should speed up the process

  14. A road that was to be completed in 2017 will now be completed in 2021,the workers are slow,they need to increase their pace.

  15. This is not just good considering the level of useage by citizens on daily basis,afterall the road ain’t gonna be made of gold

  16. With the whole money put into the construction of the road which is already 97 percent done can’t they speed up wit the remaining Percent like a year instead of waiting till 2021?

  17. I Hope so because that road has taken so many lives if you can fast forward it better . different news about accident its too much . I hope by that time it will OK

  18. Corruption will not allow those consulting this contractors to take the necessary actions against their delay. Road construction is key.

  19. The is a huge time to waste, why not complete it in the shortest posible time so that people can make used of it, if it happened to be the only route to ibadam people will have to wait till 2011?

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