Lagos house help poisoned family that hired her – Then this happened

In what can be considered as a big lesson to everyone that seeks the service of a house help in Lagos, a man has taken to social media to narrate an incident on how a house help poisoned herself along side members of the family that hired here.

One will wonder why she chose to eat in the meal after she poisoned it. Well, it is a new plot by some criminals operating in the state to rob people of their hard-earned cash and properties.

Lagos house help poisoned family that hired her – Then this happened

Read the narration below:

Recently heard a story that chilled my soul. This middle-class couple had 2 kids. They also had jobs that kept them out of the house daily. Of course, someone had to take care of the kids, so when they exhausted the family-members option, they had to hire a help.

Let’s call the help Jo. Jo was hardworking, knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Cooking, Cleaning, Baby-sitting. And the kids loved her. She was so efficient and trustworthy that in a month, the madam gave her her Debit Card pin, so she can shop for the family with it.

From locking the master bedroom to leaving it open, Jo had earned their trust and she was basically part of the family. Then one night, after dinner, they all started throwing up. Everyone. They had to be rushed to the hospital. All of them, including Jo.

The doctors started administering treatment immediately they arrived. Then something happened. One of the nurses on duty recognized Jo, and was so startled, she dropped the IV fluid bag she was holding. She rushed out of the ward, and made a call. Like one hour later, drama began

The nurse had come back into the ward with another couple, and they went straight to Jo’s bed. The wife screamed when she saw Jo and basically collapsed. The husband was just yelling another name, (say Ann) and everywhere was … chaos. The hospital staff had to calm them down.

Then they started talking. Apparently, like 3 months ago, Jo (or Ann) was their help too. Lovely lady, trustworthy, etc., and they had let their guards down. The one Friday night, they ate dinner and started vomiting too. They were rushed to the hospital, and they were …

… better the next day. All of them except Jo-Ann. She was still very sick. They left her at the hospital, but when they got home, the place was different. Valuables were all gone. Laptops, jewelries, phones, etc. Apparently, in their haste, they had forgotten to lock the doors…

… and thieves had flexed. They were recovering, so they didn’t pay much attention to material things. They were more worried about their kids and Jo-Ann who was still very sick. By Monday, when they went to the bank to get new cards, they discovered they had been cleaned out.

Withdrawals, online transactions, etc. At the end of the day, they had lost over N7m in cash and kind and they were devastated. So when they were told that Jo-Ann’s family members were coming to carry her from the hospital – since she wasn’t getting better, they didn’t argue.

Days later, Jo-Ann called the madam – only that it wasn’t Jo-Ann speaking. It was her ‘brother’. He was in tears. Jo-Ann had died and they were suspecting that the couple killed her for rituals. The devastation was total. First Jo-Ann was dead? And now they are being accused?

Anyways, to cut the long story short, they mourned Jo-Ann, sent the family money, so the accusation won’t drag and were working to pick up the pieces of their lives when they got a call from madam’s sister, THE NURSE, that Jo-Ann was in her hospital. Imagine the shock.

They drove from Magodo to Ikate in quick time and it was indeed true. After the shock of seeing Jo-Ann wore off, it dawned on them that this was her MO. Gain a family’s trust, poison everyone, her gang robs them, she fakes her death, they get more blackmail money, rinse, repeat.

They alerted the new victims (who were still pretty sick) and they called the police. Before they got to the house, the robbers were already done and gone. They still had Jo-Ann though, but she was very sick and wouldn’t/couldn’t respond to questions. The police kept guard.

They waited for Jo-Ann’s ‘family’ to come, but nobody came – I’m sure they were tipped off. She wasn’t getting any better so the doctors insisted they took her elsewhere – even though the Police didn’t want that. They did, but she eventually died. This time, for real.

My theory is that whatever poison she took, her gang had the antidote. And since they didn’t come get her, she died there. The two families are still in shock. Even me sef, I am flummoxed at the lengths people go for money. End.


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