Lagos driver stops in middle of busy road to urinate (video)

A Lagos driver who stopped in middle of a busy road to urinate, is a now ‘viral meme’ as he got called out by an Instagram user who captured it all.

Lagos driver stops in middle of busy road to urinate lailasnews

According to Instagram user @akintayoadisa, the Lagos driver didn’t commit the said act in a slum but in Victoria Island area of the state. He wrote;

I have often heard that there is nothing you cannot and will not experience in #lagostraffic but how do you explain a grown man getting out of a decent car in traffic and whipping out his uncircumcised phallus to relieve himself while the cars behind him patiently wait for him to finish. .

This happened not in a Lagos slum but in Victoria Island. .

This is perhaps the only time I’ve seen #lagosdrivers exercise patience. They must have realised that you truly cannot cheat nature. .


  1. I don’t blame him you cannot cheat nature, for him to come out to urinate in such a busy,he must have been so pressed

  2. This is serious, there is nothing you won’t see in Lagos. I think apart from not being able to cheat nature and also being patient with him, probably most of the drivers has had similar experience before.

  3. You can’t cheat nature in as much as what he did his wrong on a busy road he would have excuse himself to somewhere else but he might be extremely pressed so don’t blame him since its not feaces

  4. Maybe the traffic was much and he has been holding in for long, that was the best solution that came to him. You can’t cheat nature

  5. This is madness. He has shown how filthy he could be. No two ways about that. Things should be done in order.

  6. Nobody can cheat nature,he couldn’t hold it any longer,had to do it along the road without minding his location.

  7. That is the only option left for him to relieve himself., moreover healthwise, is not good to compress back the flow of urine,he obeyed nature kudos to him

  8. Maybe he was very pressed and couldn’t hold it anymore…from the look of the video it even looked like an hold up…though its not right what he did…

  9. Some people funny sha, he doesn’t know that as far as he is in Nigeria he must be published in the media for that act

  10. That’s the only option left for him, you don’t expect him to urinate inside his car.and he cannot hold it anymore.

  11. it must have caused him a lot of pain before he could do that or do you know the courage he took to urinate publicly.

  12. That man gat no single shame, these are the kind of men that will slap a woman on the road without shame

  13. This man is real.beacuse he cannot kill his self to control the traffic and at the moment he need to do what he did

  14. Ehee do you want him to relieve himself in the car, maybe he has held it for a long time and could not anymore.

  15. Why is it that some Nigerians don’t reason? You think you’re better than that man by posting his picture online when you know that he can’t cheat nature?

  16. You don’t expect him to do it on his trouser….I mean this is the call of nature and need to be added to as soon as possible not minding the position or area you find yourself.

  17. Ahhahahha…lasgidi..that’s a normal thing nau…after been stucked in traffic for so long. Its a free world

  18. Indeed no man can cheat nature , thank God the people were able to exercise patients cos no one can cheat nature

  19. Many things happen in Lagos traffic. I truly understand. But next time he should get bottles instead and do it in the car.

  20. There is nothing unusual about that. He was only answering the call of nature. He probably could not hold it any more, he had to put other vehicles on hold to do the needful.

  21. Truly you can’t cheat nature. It will be unheard of that a husband& father urinated on his body. Are we going to call that bedwet or carwet ? Let me make something clear to you. “I want shit/piss” and “shit/piss catch me” there is a sharp difference between the two. If piss/shit catch you, then no born you make you walk slowly enter rest room. You go tear 100m race enter that rest room my people. I dey tell you.

  22. Comment*
    yes o you can never cheat nature. who knows how long he has been holding it and could no longer control himself…please don’t crucify him.

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