Lagos conductor seen on suit and tie (Video)

In a video already going viral across social media, a Lagos conductor was spotted wearing a suit and tie while on duty.

Lagos conductor seen on suit and tie (Video)

The young man with the intent to make a complete fashion statement, could be seen spotting a pair of sunglasses as well.

Watch the Video:

See the many reactions that accompany the viral video:

*** We have to display excellence in our profession. Conductor is not left out! ..The Art and Science of a Lagos Conductor” – A brief study!!

*** Corporate bus conductor… the only thing is that suit is not for tropic region like Nigeria cus na heat him go they fight with under hot sun

*** Lol… oya come how many graduates have you met in this line of business? Please don’t be sentimental or abusive cos I’m only trying to see something

*** Image packaging is it. MC Oluomo pipo gone corporate😁😂😅😜. Naija, una weldonoo

*** Well… on a serious note, I heard conductors make good money. And they can afford whatever



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