LAGFERRY: Say #HellotoLAGFERRY – the new face of water transportation

LAGFERRY: Say #HellotoLAGFERRY – the new face of water transportation launches in November (See Pictures)


On October 16th, the executive governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-Olu while talking about his immediate plans to solve Lagos traffic announced that the state would be making a major water transportation play, first by working with private investors like UBER which just launched a boat service and by launching a newly upgraded ferry service.

He said this new service would have better jetties, more boats, better-trained personnel, and improved all-round service.

The Lagos State Government has now announced through The Honourable Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Frederic Oladeinde that the Lagos State Ferry Services, LAGFERRY, will ferry an average of 480,000 passengers via the waterways as it progresses in its commercial operations due to commence next month in commemoration of 200 days of the Sanwo-Olu led administration.

He made this statement during his working visit to the LAGFERRY office at Mile-2, alongside the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr Olawale Musa and other management staff.

The recently appointed MD of LagFerry, Mr Abdoulbaq Ladi Balogun also reiterates this number.


What is the capacity of LagFerry and what routes will it take?

LagFerry has increased its capacity to 60 passenger boats and will go through a lot of routes in Lagos incorporating areas like Coconut, Snake Island, Badagry and Ikorodu which have been clamouring for effective waterways transportation along the axis.

Ikorodu-CMS/VI/Apapa, Ojo-Apapa, CMS-Apapa, Badagry-Apapa and Badore-Ijede are among some of the routes that the ferries will ply.

The agency is also introducing high capacity barges that can be used to move goods and vehicles from one jetty to the other.

The Honourable Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Frederic Oladeinde talking about the capacity, lauded the efforts by the LAGFERRY team, their preparations for the new direction and the critical assessment of 30 key routes using human efforts and drones.

He also talked about the plans to incorporate the ferry system into the central ticketing and billing system provided by the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority(LAMATA).

LagFerry: How safe are the waterways?

Governor Sanwo-Olu says safety on the waterways is being approached from two angles. The first angle is working with security authorities and the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) to have manned outposts and boat escorts where necessary.

The second angle is clearing the water hyacinths and cleaning the waterways by LASWA to open up more routes and increase the confidence of the residents.


The staff of LAGFERRY are also being trained in health, safety, and customer service modules ahead of the launch.

What do the LAGFERRYS look like?

Aesthetics have been taken into consideration in this initiative with boats that are good to look at, comfortable to sit in, have free WIFI on board and also electrical power outlets to charge your phones and gadgets.

See pictures;






Long term plans for transportation in Lagos state

The key to solving the transportation problems in Lagos is to achieve a multi-modal system with road, rail, water and even air transportation working.

With a city of over 20 million people, the government of Sanwo-Olu has no choice but to pursue this in earnest and also opening up opportunities for private investors to invest in the transport of the state.

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