Lady writes about lifeless body she found in Lagos

A Nigerian lady has written about a lifeless body she found in Lagos state unattended to. People went on with their affairs leaving the body.

Lady writes about lifeless body she found in Lagos lailasnews

While sharing the shocking image on Instagram, Titilayomi Yomi-Badejo wrote that she found the body while on her way from work. See what she wrote below;

Saw this man lying on the side of the road while on my way home from work. Must be exhausted I thought, definitely doesn’t have a home for an afternoon nap…What a pity! Until I looked closer…He’s dead! Why is he not breathing?! I call the attention of a LASTMA Officer who was mindlessly controlling traffic.

Please check that man, I urged. ‘Madam he don die o, na so I dey here since morning, him never move’. Mouth agape, so many questions, none voiced. ‘Ah madam e dey happen like that, na so they just fall dan die like that’.

By they I’m sure he referred to the homeless, the mentally challenged, the less privileged. What struck me about this scene was the presence of a presidential campaign poster for the current government just inches away from the deceased. ‘Progress’ it read.

I looked at the lifeless body once more, flies parading his body, ants all over his face…even in death he’s still ignored.


  1. That’s is Nigerian for you, if they attend to the lifeless body police might frame it on the good Samaritan

  2. God will help us, what were all dis officers, the Lasma was busy controlling trafic, sure some other officers must have pass through there, that’s d issue with our government

  3. What a pity, this is the country we live in no one cares, people are only after their own affairs God have mercy

  4. Nigeria would always be Nigeria…….the way we do our things here is really embarrassing….why wouldn’t the environment be polluted and harm the people staying around the varsity….God should help us ooo.

  5. I really appreciate her efort in the situation and her writing on the issue. These will be the lesson for those who are not hear word

  6. What kind of thing is that ,how wil they leave a lifeless body on the street just like that, since nobody cam to claim the body the local governmnet should be the one to take care of it,

  7. Any situation like this police should be the one to intervene because if any civillian does he might be frame.

  8. It is well. Trying to help in such situation might warrant unnecessary scrutiny of allegation by authority. The best thing is to notify appropriate authorities.

  9. So no body to get the attention of a mortuary attendant? This is sad. So that’s how children will see a corpse lying on the street?

  10. It is well. In this our nation everybody tends to mind their businesses not bothering to offer a helping hand to a fellow human. God have mercy!

  11. That’s Nigeria for everyone living in it, Even if you try to do go it will be use against you, so it’s better sometimes we leave the way we see it.

  12. Absolutely shocking
    . Everybody is just mindful of their action else they become guilty of what they know nothing about

  13. That is why things are not going well in nigeria just look at what there are doing,God will soon come to our rescue.

  14. That’s the country we are in together… Something like this happened early this year in pH it took days before the cops was removed and children were passing seeing such horrible sight…very bad.

  15. That Nigeria for you o… Operation mind your business.. But sincerely speaking its a very big shame on we Nigerian we claim to be the giant of Africa and we behave like monkey

  16. That’s human for u. Everyone is in a hurry. Not sparing time for the other person. May he rest in peace

  17. In this our nation everybody tends to mind their businesses not bothering to offer a helping hand to a fellow human. God have mercy!

  18. imagine….”na so in dey since,en never move” an officer couldn’t even check on him…what kind of illiterate officer is that…people are moving, what a pity… Nigeria needs growth

  19. People go about their day activities and ignore what happens around them. You can’t blame them cos in this country na OYO we dey. And if someone call the police now they might start treating the person like the killer, that’s why people mind their business

  20. Is a pity, I don’t know what our country Nigeria is turning into. They supposed to help him

  21. God we need ur help in this country Nigeria, people can not help each other again because nobody wants to enter into trouble

  22. I have said it before Nigeria does not deserve that name giant of Africa.Who dash Dem??The suffering in this country is too much, people are just dieing any how,only God we need in this country to survive.Rest in peace to the dead.

  23. This is so sad that’s the Nigeria we found ourselves in he was ignored while he was leaving also ignored in death what a world, may his soul found rest

  24. This shows how Nigeria is deteriorating day by day. Atleast the dead body would have been taken away from the road.

  25. What a pity, who knows the cause of his death, a poor Nigerians is laying dead on the floor and everybody seems to ignore it, God have mercy on this Nation

  26. I guess fear of being the first to put a statement when the police arrives, but the Government should handle this.

  27. In this our nation name Nigeria, everybody tends to mind their businesses
    We are not bothering to offer a help to each other, only God can save us from it

  28. All this can only happen here in Nigeria where our government careless about the people they leading. The right of the citizens are being denied, protest has become a prison sin.

  29. The Nigerian government should have a platform or a body whose work is to check and attend to matters like this, cos this is causing pollution which is poisonous to our health.

  30. A good citizen,but the right authority should come and handle it bcos if individuals should go for it ,he might be framed.

  31. WA sort of public officials do we have in this country, so the LASTMA officer saw him and couldn’t call for an ambulance or mortuary to come take away the body.. This is highly disappointing.. May God help us o. Haba

  32. that’s the kind of country we’re nothing is organize, security officer can not alert the body incharge to take care of his corpse, if a ordinary citizen try to do that you will be arrested as a suspect.

  33. This is just so sad.reading that made me speechless. I think the government should do more of feeding and housing problems . That will go a long way to safe lives

  34. Everyone is seriously minding their business, even the campaign officers pasting posters didn’t even care at least to even if to do it for the sake of their campaign.
    This is the society we live in.

  35. That is Nigeria for you my lady where are leader don’t care about their followers wellbeing and its too bad.

  36. This is Nigeria! Nobody cares about their neighbours and their welfare. It is only themselves that they think about. I feel so sad after reading this. It’s good that she wrote about it

  37. People are scared to attend to him, because it may become another case and case like this is a murder case once someone get robe

  38. Fear of getting into the police net is what keeps most nigerians away from helping such Victims
    Lord help our nation.

  39. You cant blame any body…most time when a good samaritan wants to help he or she would be framed for nothing he or she knws about…this is a country where the police fails to investigate. Issues properly before taking actions but still since that man has been there since morning he should at least get a help from the public knowing his dead..we have been praying for this country to be well with us but it seems even God is tires of our country since we pray and the people we pray for which is out government refuses to change..God help is all….

  40. In nigeria nothing matters and it is really appauling . He couldn’t even arrange for him to ne taken to a mortuary

  41. Nobody wants to get into trouble for what he did not do, may the poor soul rest in peace and let the necessary people clean up the place

  42. That’s Nigeria where everyone mind his or her own business.. Even if you want to help other that are hoppless at time the will be the one to DUP you…I don’t blame people ignored the dead man on ground bcos police fe say na u kill am.

  43. na wa o killing killing every were in Nigerian please God come and save us o. who owns that soul that die again.

  44. Is so painful, our police officers are in the street collecting money,they don’t care about the citizens, if a good Samaritan call on them now they may frame it on him.

  45. Madam, this is nigeria, d ones with life are ignored let alone the dead. May God help us anyway. RIP 2 d dead

  46. And listen to what that useless security man just said,,,, instead of calling ambulance and other things to evaquate the corpses,,, chai what a country,,, with wicked and heartless government

  47. It a normal incident that occur in daily basis in Lagos state, it all about I don’t care attitude

  48. Oh, poor boy. Only God knows what might be d cause of his death. D government shld at least do something to d lifeless body. And not leave him there for all passersby to be seeing.

  49. This is Nigeria for you. It’s only when the corpse starts smelling that the appropriate agency would come and take it away

  50. She really tried her best as a good citizen what about the lasman show no concern bcos of his duty, he should at least draw the attention of the police or people around so that the body will be moved from there. May God help us all in this country.

  51. What’s the commissioner for environment in Lagos state doing? Thought they said, Lagos is better? God help us in this country.

  52. Is a pity, even the lastma can’t even call out to government for them to take away the body because the odor is not good to the health of those living around there, may God help us

  53. This is Lagos where everyone mind their business and no one is a brother keeper…may his soul rest in peace.

  54. That is Nigerian. Selfishness is everywhere. We don’t pay attention to the poor and needy. Only God can save us

  55. This is so sad and one wonders where his family is given the fact that he is a human being.Just hope that the necessary authorities come pack the body away before an epidemic breaks out…so sad

  56. That’s Nigeria for Lag, dead body in the street is a normal thing ..way back, I couldn’t eat
    For 3 days after seeing a dead body..high tension wire fell on top of the motor cycle man passenger and he died immediately ..his lifeless body was there for som days.

  57. That is Nigeria for you they don’t value life,the government does not even care,is only God that will help us,you have done your bit,at least you have sensitive the people about the plight of the downtrodden in Nigeria

  58. Some Nigerian men that has humanitarian sympathy will attend to the man but it was a pity that the has has given up the ghost. May his soul rest in peace

  59. Madam you try for bringing this incident to the notice of the general public. But you don’t need any more prove to realized that the government doesn’t care about it’s citizens

  60. People are trying to mind their business so that they won’t be allegedly involved in the situation. People are trying to be cautious so as not to carry another person’s load and suffer the bitterness of rendering help.

  61. A country where the government does not care about the living how can they care for the death. A country people are being killed on daily basis and government does nothing about it. Insecurity and poverty high and government doesn’t care. Is painful and shameful that our government don’t care about the poor. What does it take the government to come and remove that body since morning it was there and nobody cares. You really tried and is encouraging you spoke out. Keep it up.

  62. We need more love for one another I’m this country, this attitude of being selfish and focusing on our own isn’t taking us far

  63. All men on their own nobody cares about his neighbour any more. God help us. May his soul rest in peace.

  64. That will show you the level of wickedness in the heart of people no one cares about the well being of his or her fellow being. The government is doing us more harm the good. And even the lastma is saying that it always happened

  65. This is too bad. Everyday we wake up to things getting worse. People are even afraid of getting closer before they are termed the culprit. Trust my country Niger. May God help us

  66. the worst thing to do to yourself is to call the NPF, you will not only get locked up for what you know not, you go even pay.

  67. This is disgusting and a terrible sight to behold. The lady that wrote this is right. How can this tupe of thing be happening in a country like ours? The entire world is watching us.

  68. People are now afraid to do things right in Nigeria, because most time good acts in this country sends you to jail. So the best idea is pretending you’re not the good Samaritan.

  69. This is too bad for our country. Every single soul is valuable n God created every soul for a reason. Its so painful seen this happening in my country

  70. In this country everybody are minding their business even the government which is very bad at least the government should also be caring.

  71. If it were to be a wealthy man it wouldn’t have been like this. I don’t know what this country is turning into…. Progress indeed

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