Lady who staged protest against KASU lecturer cries out over death threats

A lady who went on a one man protest against a Kaduna State University, KASU, lecturer, has cried out that she is receiving death threats.

The lady who claims she was sexually abused by a lecturer in KASU, A.B Umar which led to his sack has taken to social media to cry for help as she has been receiving death threats and has narrowly escaped two attempts to take he life.

Lady who staged protest against KASU lecturer cries out over death threats

According to her, she has made a Police report, has met with Kaduna State government but she is still left to her fear and find her own safety. She said she has been running back and forth yet the call has still been coming in and they assured her they would get her soon.

She also revealed that the place she slept a night before was burgled by 4 armed men but luckily she was not there and another time, a bike tried running her over. She now regrets speaking up as even her family are now victimizing her.

Many have advised that the best action to take is to seek asylum in another country since the government cannot protect her. She made her first cry for help on the 11th of November.

See some of her tweets below.

This is to bring to the notice of the general public that since my one man protest against a lecturer for sexually molesting me that resulted in his sack, I have recieved death threat to my life from anonymous callers

Will you be kind enough to attend my JANA’IZA ( Funeral) because I’m going to be Murdered soon! I just don’t know by whom or when!

After calling out a sexual predator being recycled from one institution to another…I have constantly live in fear as I keep getting death threats from anonymous caller. I’m going be Murdered Soon I just don’t know by who.

As a victim getting hate from the family meant to support me breaks me from the inside. phone rang this morning as i picked it up the first thing I heard is “ You’re disgracing yourself and the family go and get married and stop fighting men over little mistakes” Is Sexual Molestation a Mistake?

Please if you know How I can get ASYLUM to any of the country please kindly help me. I’m a victim who’s been threatened by anonymous caller…for exposing my lecturer who sexually molest me
Somebody is going to murder me I just don’t know who🥺

I just left the police station again and all I can say is my safety is my own hands! May the odds be in my favor. Thank you all for the support.

I made a policy report already, but they are not even taking me serious

Twenty four hours after the first anonymous phone call i get in touched with kaduna state government, where i met Mr Muyiwa and his colleagues well 3 hours later i was dropped out side government to go face my fears.

48hours after a bike man tried to kill me i was again with the kaduna state government, where i met the deputy governor along side a commissioner where they took away my phone, change my line and ask me to lay off social media.

They also said they know it unsafe out there & promised 2 get me out & make him sign an under taken Well 6 days later they returned me back 2 zaria same place someone tried to kill me. D last place i slept ws burgle,ystday by 4 armed men & made it clear they want me &won’t stop!

In a nutshell I’m traumatise and they’re closing up on me real fast… still running from one place to another.
Thanks to people like kadaria Ahmed ,Prof Hauwa yusuf alongside others who have helped me in this trying moment.I can never thank you enough…my life is over😔

I shouldn’t have spoken in the first place!

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