Lady who ordered thugs to beat staff over salary, finally arrested

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The lady who ordered thugs to beat up her staff over salary, has finally been arrested by the Nigerian Police and will soon be charged to court.

Lady who ordered thugs to beat staff over salary, finally arrested lailasnews

According to a Facebook post last month, the gateman identified as John, was locked up in the toilet by the thugs who assaulted him. Read the Facebook post below;

For asking for his salary, Madam ordered his thugs to brutalise gate Man in Asaba, Delta State.

Domestic workers all have RIGHTS.

Work without
Sexual Harassment,
Physical harm
Verbal Abuse or Exploitation (such as being forced to work overtime without pay)
Regular monthly payment of their wages.

Behind Bars Rights Defenders has reported the case to the Police. Everyone involved in brutalising JOHN will be brought to book and prosecuted.

The young man named John is a gate Man working for one Madam in Asaba. He has been working with empty stomach. #WorkWithoutPay.

Today he requested for his salary and Madam unleashed her thugs, locked him inside the toilet and brutalize him.

We will provide shelter and make sure his safe.


Lady who ordered thugs to beat staff over salary, finally arrested lailasnews 1

The lady, who is the CEO of Esetny Security Services has now been arrested after many weeks over the incident and will soon be charged to court.

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  1. Where are we heading to in this country is it now a crime to ask for reward of your labour. This is act of wickedness.

  2. Almost all the security company in Nigeria do owe their poor guards salaries and the regulator must look into this, this December some security guards has not been paid for November.too bad and let judgement prevail over this John case.

  3. Imagine after all his suffering this is what he get instead of his salary very bad of his madam let her face her offense

  4. Very wicked person. Can she walk and work without eating? This man is in charge of your safety and you treat him like dirt

  5. Is it now a crime for a staff to ask for his/her salary??? That woman is so wicked, so heartless, doing that to a human being like her, nice one that she has been arrested, she should face the law

  6. This woman is wicked, the gateman has the right to collect his salary from her for his services rendered to her, she must be dealt seriously with and pay for human assault and other legitimate charges including health care fees and triple his salary, she must also stay behind bars for such nonsense

  7. She is heartless woman,how would be someone be working for you for a whole month, and later ask for his right, but what you could think next is to order your thugs to beat him up.

  8. No one can imagine what the poor masses are going through! Thanks she’s been arrested but I will be absolute grateful if justice takes its stand.

  9. After her staff have worked for her, during the period of payment She now invite thugs to beat her worker’s, thank God she have been arrested, she have to pay for her crime

  10. Let them deal so that she will know Nigeria is not country where you do any how,we still have laws and that our constition are there

  11. Only an evil filled heart can do this to his fellow human. She should be locked up and the keys thrown inside the river.

  12. She’s very wicked to do such a thing to her poor gateman for asking for his sweat she should face the law.

  13. Imagine that act of wickedness after he has worked for u to pay is now wahala. She must face the wrath of d law

  14. Is me thinking it is only men the do such acts… The woman is heartless how can someone do his work and still beg for his payment…. I hop many of such person are found and dealt with in this country

  15. What a wicked word and this kind of behavior coming from a woman who should be like a mother is quite a shame

  16. Very wicked being. How could she, she be helping the man in aspect of Money because that is not ordinary job. He might have been assaulted times without number.
    Why won’t you pay him. He worked for his money. Do you want him dead before paying him. The woman should be charged to court

  17. It is so unfair what some of this so called rich people do to their workers, the bible said that a labourer is worthy of his wages but they will bring you in and over use you and also refused to pay you. God will judge them .

  18. What a wicked woman, how can you beat up your staff because he ask for his right!!! I hope the police will do there work.

  19. Couldn’t she has sit down to have a rethink that the worker could have been a son or a younger sibling to her?
    Seriously this is the height of inhuman

  20. Very good ,when I heard this story I felt bad….what manner of woman is that…people can be so mean and wicked ..don’t the gate man deserve his salary ..because he’s poor…the money he used in hiring thugs can’t she use it for the payment..she deserve jail term

  21. Real wickedness,he ask for his own salary and you gave him beatings.She should be punished for that

  22. She’s sooo wicked, if she does not have money to pay her worker that dose not mean that she should invite thugs and the worker now, noo I can’t take this she must be sent to jail .

  23. She’s sooo mean and heartless,if she does not have money to pay her worker that dose not mean that she should invite thugs and the worker now, noo I can’t take this she must be sent to jail .

  24. this is pure wickedness if can’t pay him then why did you employed him in the first place. God Almighty will judge you and don’t think that a fallen tree won’t grow again it will and dat gateman u will run to one day for help.

  25. How can she do a thing like that, she must not be allowed to go unpolished, hope she won’t use her money to buy the case because she’s rich so the human right agencies should act fast.

  26. Even God himself do reward everybody according to their work. So why can’t this woman pay this poor boy his salary naw? This is wickedness oo

  27. Madam think she can escape before abi that is oppression at hihlgher level you are owning someone and you still have the goot to sent thugs to beat him up God will punish you wicked madam

  28. Wicked world, even more wicked when women who are supposed to be examples of loving mothers turn out to the the culprits in inhumane and self centric urge to oppress and intimidate people they have little advantage over. Some women can be wicked.

  29. This is a devilish act by the woman…everyone involve in labour deserve a wages for their effort and hard work….why most you used your financial strength and position to torment them…..God in heaven will judge you for that….

  30. The woman did not fear God, the innocent and hungry man should be paid in right time and let her face the consequences

  31. Pure wickedness and neoslavery in the 21st century
    It against industrial and labour law of tort
    Such acts should be treated without levity
    So that she will serve as deterrent to others

  32. It’s common with these people that thinks they have everything. They treat their employees like trash. You cannot request for what is your right. They even expect you to kneel down to appreciate them for paying you your salary you worked for.

  33. Nigeria police officer are working these days oh more of this as for the woman let her face the punishment

  34. What a wicked being. Someone bring himself out to work for you and you have the heart not to pay him. What a wicked world

  35. It’s heartbreaking to realise that there are people who are still this wicked
    how can someone work for you and you failed to pay then you went ahead to organise thugs
    not fair
    she should be punished

  36. She should be charge to court and pay the gate man time three of his salary and the court should give her an agreement that she will be paying the gate man allowance fee

  37. this is embarrassing. human right is not respected at all in this case. please the so called madam has to be punished accordingly no matter her status in the society.

  38. Just imagine ordering thugs to beat her staff because of asking for his salary… she must go to prison for infringing on human right.

  39. Since the madam is lawless, let the Bateman pay her back lawlessy whenever they are done with the police because buying the officers by madam is very possible.

  40. Why will she do something like that, she should pay dearly for what she do. She is just matreating the man over his right.

  41. This is wickedness, government should close down her business for some time and apart from salary she should pay the man extra money for beaten him.

  42. Good riddance to bad rubbish she too must not go without been punished why on earth did she do that,pure wickedness of highest order

  43. This is nigeria,
    Such things are not to be overlooked,
    She need to be reprimanded and taken to the court for proper jurisdiction

  44. Why would she do something Lillie that. Every mannish truly a product of his or her mindset. A healthy mindset is the key to dominion


  46. After working for you all this while, you decided not to pay him..madam, what do you gain…this is wickedness so face the consequences.

  47. This should be taken serious she might had be doing this for long… I think they should capture the thugs also

  48. What a wicked world, some people don’t know what they are doing, your gateman is like your security man,,, so u shouldn’t harm him, to avoid him taking wrong actions,, besides a worker have the right to ask for his salary if not paid at a dued time








  50. May God help our in this country, why beating your gate man because he ask for is right. Is to bad oooo

  51. When she know is not capable why did she employed him as gate ma
    Hmmm….beating him over his right…. She must be punish o

  52. Which kind yeye will soon be charged to court?
    Which other investigation you want to do again?
    Abeg fling am enter jail at once jare!

  53. That is what we call inhumane that woman is a devil because how can you owe someone money but to pay back Na wahala.

  54. This Delta na hot place every bad thing dey happen for that side . Thank God she was arrested how can she not pay him for months besides she’s following the government’s foots step those ones that will not pay their workers their salaries. She should be dealt with.

  55. Instead of beating him up, why not pay him off if you are no longer satisfied with his services. I think he has the right to request for payment of service rendered except if you took him for a slave from the on set.

  56. This is so bad, if she don’t have money to pay she should have talk to her the way they understand and not oppressing them.

  57. Wicked people everywhere.. Were you expecting him to work without pay? Every worker deserves his or her wedges.. You really need to rot in jail for this act.. I hate it when the rich oppresses the poor and innocent..

  58. Exactly how they molesting security , I must tell you ,
    some security guards has not been paid for November. It’s unfair and how I wish if judgement could be prevail over this issues

  59. The lady is very wicked. She should also be beaten and she must pay him his salary and for treatment also.

  60. That’s inhumane of her. Is it now a sin to demand your right?…. Well I’m not surprised, bullshits happen in Nigeria, a lot of them

  61. good one by the Nigerian police. she should be prosecuted because no one is permitted to take laws into his own hands

  62. Why did she not use her thug to do the gate man work before employing him or is she not going to pay the thugs. God will deal with you wicked woman

  63. That’s very bad
    Where is this country going to self
    Different things happening here and der..
    She should face the law and must be penalized

  64. Very wicked person. Can she walk and work without eating? This man is in charge of your safety and you treat him like dirt

  65. The worst a boss could do is deliberate refusal to pay staff on the agreed amount after work. Especially when the money is available to do so. The Bible even confirm it when it says no one should eat another man’s wages. The woman deserves to be seriously dealt with and force to pay the worker tripple of his salary for damages.

  66. People and they gots its now à crime to ask to be paid after working abi how can she be this cruel. If i know this guy she Will pay more than just salary.

  67. That’s how today’s employers are, someone will work for months without pay and when he ask for his salary it would seem as if he is begging for the money he or she worked for.

  68. This is inhumane and a terrible crime against an innocent man just demanding his salary for work done. This kind woman will come out tomorrow and start condemning the government for not paying salaries and pensions. She’s heartless and must be punished for this act. More investigation must be done and to get other perpetrators too. Justice must be given to John.

  69. People do say” the sweat of a labourer must not dry” the man has right to ask for his salary. The woman must be paid for the assault

  70. She is a criminal how will someone work for you instead to pay them u send thugs to beat them up she have to be punished

  71. It serves her right! How will you cheat some one on their own rights! Its not fair! I hope the police takes necessary actions

  72. This woman is cruel. She need to pay fine for the man medical bills and b imprisoned for 5yrs with hard labour.

  73. Oh the heart of a man is indeed wicked. If u know you will not pay him y employ him. All that glitters ain’t gold you may be rich today and be poor tomorrow, treat everyone equally with love because tomorrow is pregnant

  74. what a wicked soul, she has already lost her senses, why should she employ her without the ability to pay him his salary, that is not a good deed, jail her I beg

  75. congratulations to the police for arresting her.Social media is a powerful tool to get justice.when the law deals with her,she will understand what that gate man suffered.

  76. That’s way too bad of her. The staff is only asking for what he worked for. She must be punished for that. What a wicked soul!

  77. Its like some peoples conscience has been jailed and the key thrown into the ocean….how on earth will anyone suffer a fellow on top his sweat….The law should take its full course on her

  78. What sort of wickedness is this.. Over salary for that matter.. Please can she be beaten in the same fashion

  79. i think she should be made to go through the kind of treatment meted on the young security man,that i think is fair enough

  80. Treat others the way you like to be treated…. He works for you to feed his family. Instead of u to pay him you other your thugs to beat home up, that is total wickedness and u must pay for it

  81. This is wickedness …shey gate man for that matter,CEO during payment you ordered thugs to kill your gatemateGod will judge you.

  82. this is truly inhuman treatment. for God’s sake every work required wages.infact that woman has to be punished severely for violating her employers right.

  83. Wicked woman were you expecting him to work for free? Has he now become a father Christmas, I never knew is now a crime to ask for once salary.

  84. This woman is really wicked and many CEOs are like this. After enslaving their employees for months and years, they will refuse to pay them and when they ask for their salaries, they may be beaten up or sacked. This woman must be made to face the law and pay for all the damages to this man.

  85. The culture of impunity must be expunged from amongst us. The workman is worthy of his hire. They must not be deprived of what is rightfully theirs. This kind of oppression must be wiped out. The full force of the law must be brought to bear against all those involved in this injustice.

  86. A labourer is worthy of his wage….pay u refuse to pay, rather u had to have him beaten up….for what kwanu, some of this employers don’t know that there is Employees right bah…see her face sef, she should be asked to pay damages and if anything happens to that man, let her be held responsible

  87. Yes, Domestic worker all have Right!
    The madam didn’t do well at all by not paying the gate man his salary. She’s should suffer for it and pay the salary in double.
    Wicked woman

  88. That his madam is a very Carlos human being. How can someone be working for you for a year now and you refused to pay him his salary and instead you went and hired thugs to brutalize him. She will rotten in jail

  89. The labourer is worthy of his wages and should be paid. What the woman did is an act of oppression. The people involved in the man’s brutality should be brought to book.

  90. She is a real criminal this December some security guards has not been paid for November.too bad and let judgement prevail over this John case

  91. Comment* what a world full of wickedness, Imagine after all his suffering this is what he get instead of his salary very bad of his madam let her face the consequences

  92. All these wicked employers. She needs to face the consequence big time. They think employees are slaves.

  93. Some people are just wicked for no reason. Does the Madam think he gateman would work for free?
    Even during the slave trade era, slaves were given food to eat

  94. What a callous act. Exactly what I posted few minutes ago, I dont why female boss like to maltreat male workers especially. Is this the fault of the government again?

  95. This is terrible she is suppose to be providing security not being a there to life I hope she gets the punishment she deserves

  96. She is heartless and very inconsiderate most of these security company owe most of their staff and when they ask for it they turn otherwise,she should face the law.

  97. She’s a big criminal and should be arrested for her act
    Times 10 of the salary should be collected and give to Mr John

  98. my fellow woman you are heartless, his own salary that he worked for? chaii, this is so bad! you must charge to court

  99. Does he not have right to ask for hes salary ….what a wicked woman…so she asked thugs to beat the poor man up….a woman acting like a man….she deserves it she should be punished for that

  100. She must be stupid, did person that is working did person didn’t entitled to money? Pls government make sure you jail her an be punished

  101. This is too bad, he work for the money so he has the right to ask for salary. Let her paid him all the money and face the law for not doing well.

  102. Some people see others as puppets and nothing because they are rich
    They feel the world should take orders from them and live as their fools
    I think if she is well dealt with
    Others like her will learn

  103. This man never volunteers himself for any charity work you employed him to pay him salary why beaten him when he requested for his salary now

  104. You will stay in jail, till you learn your lesson. Beaten a man because he has no money #you must be a psycho#

  105. So because she is the CEO of security services she thinks she can misbehave. Let her paid for the damages she cost him

  106. The woman did it with impunity considering the fact that he is a gateman without knowing that law will come after her.

  107. Some people are heartless and wicked. Imagine after all his suffering this is what he get instead of his salary very bad of his madam let her face her offense

  108. This is absolute wickedness… I hope the court will handle this case the way it should b handled… We are in Nigeria the woman might stil win the case with her Money

  109. Nawa oo . Would he work and still beg for his money to be paid? The woman should be severely dealt with biko.

  110. This is too bad, for beating a staff because she do not want to pay salary, She and the thugs should be beaten up and sent to jail. this is very bad

  111. most of these rich men and women are so heartless they behave as if is water that is running in their veins…….

  112. What is this. Humanity is gradually giving way to animalistic nature. What are human beings turning to. If she couldn’t pay she should hv let the man know and ask for extension instead of being brutal. She should get her own share of it in jail

  113. Is it now a crime for a staff to ask for his/her salary??? That woman is so wicked, so heartless, doing that to a human being like her, nice one that she has been arrested, she should face the law

  114. So someone can not ask for his own salary again? Na wah o thank God they’ve found her she should face the penalty wicked woman.

  115. Wickedness of the highest order..
    I don’t know why some bosses believe that some other person will not get to they are… And even exceed it.
    God help us all

  116. Oppression everywhere. The laborer is worthy of his wages. If you can’t give him his salary then why beat him up

  117. The woman she be brought to bars. How can she not pay her worker after they have delivered their work. I don’t really know what this country is turning into. God please come to our rescue

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