Lady turns down 2 jobs because of boyfriend’s plans, gets shocking response

A lady who turned down two jobs because of boyfriend’s plans for life, got a shocking response from him when things turned sour between them.

Lady turns down 2 jobs because of boyfriend's plans, gets shocking response lailasnews

According to the lady, she turned the jobs to do something life changing for the guy but got told he owes her nothing when things went sour. The Nigerian lady was reacting to a tweet which reads;

See ladies, put yourselves first bc men are selfish and they won’t feel bad for you bc you held yourself back for them

Read her response below;

I put my career on hold to do something life changing for a guy I dated. Turned down two job offers because they conflicted with his personal plans. Then when things got sour, he said to me and I quote “I owe you nothing” And he was right. I just had to learn it the hard way.

Lady turns down 2 jobs because of boyfriend's plans, gets shocking response lailasnews 1


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  1. She must b stupid to turn down two good job offer just for someone who she means nothing to
    Good one,, u’ll hv to learn the hard way

  2. My dear, no man is worth putting your career on hold for. Look at the harsh and unremorseful response… I owe you nothing…. My dear please, forget him, he’s now your past… Move on.

  3. I keep saying this and I will keep saying it. People should always love themselves first before another even the Bible knows you should love your self more. How can one keep her life stagnant because of another person. For sure, he owes her nothing

  4. The man should not have talk that way ,this is why some lady are now wicked sorry about that and move on with your life another man will reward you if he doesn’t

  5. I mean the guy is right nobody told her to put her carrier on hold cos of boyfriend. Ladies please learn to love and appreciate yourself first.

  6. It serves her right for turning down her carrier. I wonder when we will actually learn to know that love is only an imagination.

  7. Why will put your life on hold for somebody who hasn’t even married you yet. Love sometimes make people do stupid things they wouldn’t have considered on a normal day. Even though this one is a mumu-ish love

  8. In as much a d guy was wrong for saying dat……but I can’t remember her saying the guy forced her to turn down dose jobs…..sometimes ladies just have misplaced priorities by assuming every guy dey date is going to marry Dem (well it happens in some cases) but d truth of d matter is dat her poor decisions back fired..she shld stop pouring d blame on d guy…ladies stop doing for ur boifrnds wat ur mother’s do for ur fathers, for goodness sakes u are other married yet…and men learn to appreciate and sopot ur woman no matter what, these women go thru alot too

  9. That’s too bad,some guys are so heartless..i just pray for another chance for the lady,when she got a new job,she going to know how much she had sacrificed for the guy

  10. Some ladies are so stupids, how can you allow a man that isn’t maried to you yet control you,,, ladies you got to wisen up oo

  11. That’s true, we should put ourselves first before anyone because human beings can fail at any given time but I don’t blame the lady cos what she did she did for love but the guy is selfish and mean. What we encounter in life gives us experience and help us to correct our mistakes.

  12. Don’t feel bad dear, you did it for love and love never fails, he will understand in the future move on be smart and don’t try such again

  13. how can you turn down a job because of a common boyfriend. such things don’t happen this days. so sorry for such experience and I know u have learnt from it

  14. Putting your life on hold for someone that doesn’t worth it do always backfire.
    Our race here on earth is personal.
    I believe you have learnt your lessons lady.
    Don’t make such mistake next time

  15. y will you trust boyfriend so much u are very Lucky been employed in this Nigeria that there is no job sorry for the disapointment now the boy said he owe you nothing

  16. Don’t think he truly meant it. We guys say things we don’t mean when we’re upset, and sometimes when we feel a lady makes sacrifices because they want to own us. I believe you were serious about him that’s why you did what you did. Please be patient with him, he’ll come around soon.

  17. How can u put your life on hold for a man u are just dating. Ladies no man is worth dying for except your husband. So live your life until u r married

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