Lady surprised as former boss during NYSC, becomes a corps member in her state

A lady whose former boss during NYSC became a corps member in her state, took to Facebook to narrate the turnaround of events.

Lady surprised as former boss during NYSC, becomes a corps member in her state lailasnews

According to the lady, Chinwe Constance Ekwuribe, she served in 2011 in Yola, Adamawa state under her former boss who is now a corps member in Abia State. Sharing recent and old pictures with her former boss during NYSC whose name she gave as Oga Luka, the Nigerian lady who advised her followers to be kind to people because they do not know where they’ll meet tomorrow, wrote;

You see,its a small world, just be good to people, because no one knows tomorrow. These pictures below are showing me in Yola Adamawa with my Boss in 2011 and behold my Boss serving in my home State Abia,in 2018,today was his POP.Oga Luka is from Adamawa state,he was just more than a brother during my service year and in 2018, I tried my little best to make him feel at home in Abia state.Oga Luka,I pray as you conclude your service year today may God bless and give you greater opportunities Amen.

Lady surprised as former boss during NYSC, becomes a corps member in her state lailasnews  1

Lady surprised as former boss during NYSC, becomes a corps member in her state lailasnews  2

Lady surprised as former boss during NYSC, becomes a corps member in her state lailasnews  3

Lady surprised as former boss during NYSC, becomes a corps member in her state lailasnews  4

Lady surprised as former boss during NYSC, becomes a corps member in her state lailasnews  5

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  1. Wow!! I believe this should show other people that the world is indeed small, “be good to those you meet on ur way up, cause just in case u may likely meet them on ur way down. Congrat Oga Luka

  2. That’s why it’s good to be good, because you don’t know where y’all will meet tomorrow.

  3. Is a small world indeed. Such is life is good to be nice to people no matter who they are and what they are. Being good pays

  4. In life nothing is certain don’t brag about how you are or where you are cos things changes so do situations

  5. You see we all need to learn from this and be good at all times cuz today is yours tomorrow might be mine the world is a small place

  6. May be he was challenged to go back to school because of her, that is why it good to be kind to people, because no one knows tomorrow.

  7. and i hope this former boss of yours is under 30,this country with the dubious system that is inherent in it

  8. Such is life ooh! Hope he treated you well during your time because she will be so dumbfounded seeing you in your State

  9. It’s good to be good. Thank God he was kind to her during her service year, and now it’s her turn to show him the same kindness.

  10. A small world we always put it in might that our place is not our final bustop , always be good to the people you meet,you don’t know where you will meet again.

  11. This reminds me of one of banny’s song that says it’s a small world after all. Be good to your subordinates cos u don’t know where or when to meet them again

  12. One good turn deserve another, be good to people u met when climbing up because you may met them when falling down, this is good i hope you treat him well too.

  13. What goes around comes back around. It is usually said that the stone that someone throws forward, he will meet it in front, so please be careful what you do to people

  14. Thats life for her..thats how someone have to be a good person to everyone,because no one can predict future

  15. Education is a continuous process, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, so be careful how u live your today.

  16. Truly, we should treat everyone who ever comes around us with respect and love, for this world is a small place indeed

  17. Is happen at times, nobody is above education.
    Do good and create a good picture of yourself wherever you find yourself, because we live in a small world

  18. Really this world is a small place and this life is also very deeper than what we see or imagine

  19. Age is nothing but a number. We should try and be kind in any position we meet ourselves cos no one know tomorrow

  20. Human being are like rivers that flows. Doing gud as a grt benefit, bcos u dnt know wia ur fate may take u to.

  21. Is good to be humble to everyone in your custody because Na only today you see you don’t know what would happen tomorrow.

  22. It’s a small must do good in any way you can.someone you help today might end up being your saviour tomorrow

  23. Such is life that while is good to treat people right because you don’t know where u will meet again.

  24. Life is by stage, who is untop of the table will one day move to the floor and who is on the floor will move to the table

  25. It is always good to be next to other ,because u don’t know what tomorrow hold, congratulations to oga luka

  26. education is a continous process congrats to her boss….i wish him success
    This is funny, Niger at work

  27. I know the lesson is be good to people . But, another lesson is he has achieved something even before the NYSC

  28. That ryt wat goes around comes around… We should be good to be people anywere u fyn urself cuz u never can tell who will be ur saviour

  29. Welcome to the life full of surprises. Thank God for NYSC dat still allows any graduate the grace to Serve even above 40yrs.

  30. Be kind to people you meet on your way up cos you might need them on your way down.It’s a small world indeed.

  31. That is life for you.That is why you should always treat people you meet nicely coz you don’t know where you will meet them again

  32. It is really good to b e good as one good turn deserve another and we never can tell were meet again in life

  33. That’s why a singer sang a song that says do not look down on anybody, the person you see down today may inturn be your boss tomorrow, see whoever comes your way as opportunity to do right and to wicked anybody or oppress.

  34. It is bad to be bad, no one knows tomorrow, no one knows what will happen, let just relate with people with good habit. May God help us

  35. Always be good to others because nobody knows tomorrow and you don’t know where you will meet another tomorrow. Congrats Oga Lukas.

  36. This world is truely a small world,what goes around comes good to always be good because no one knows tomorrow.imagine the boss becoming someone later serving in her state.thank God he was a nice man when she was serving.

  37. That is the irony of life. Oga Luka has seen it all that it pays to be good to people irrespective of where you are coming from because no one knows tomorrow.

  38. Been a good person always pay, indeed life can turn around and its a good one he was so nice now is time to repay the favor

  39. It is true we are in a small world, but some people don’t understand it that way. And is good to be good no matter your position… Let’s let love lead.

  40. Life is a struggle, u fight through all the spears ND winks Of life, d boss today an employee tomorrow, life Constant formula is change

  41. This is emotional, its good to be good at all time, if Oga Luka had done bad to her during service back then, she would have said like this. Congratulations Oga Luka

  42. Hmmmmm…what a turn around…really its good to be good ooo..I’m very sure the boss was good to her that time

  43. Such is life. One cannot predict the outcomes of the future that is why we should always be good to people.

  44. It’s always good to be good, life can be unimaginable, it’s so good to always treat people with love and respect,above all thank God almighty for your life

  45. Small world indeed, that’s is why we need to be good because what we sow, we shall reap.

    Assuming the oga luka is harsh to her den, definitely, he won’t see her favour

  46. Wao..What a life…it’s good to do good..and your testimony will be pleasant to the hears of people

  47. We are in a small world and so we ought to treat people we meet nice because we don’t know where we will meet them again

  48. This is life. What goes around, comes around. We meet tompary and part to meet. Always do good, tomorrow will tell what you did today.

  49. Thos is a big surprise. That is why is very good to do good to everyone you meet in life because you never know where you can meet tjose people again in life, and they may be your future or destiny helper.

  50. Its really a small world. The food book advises “do not withhold Good from whom it is owe”.. The world revolves around.. Thank God he’s case was positive.

  51. Yea, things happen and there’s a turnaround in some events. Well, my mathematics teacher in the secondary school back in the days is now an army officer.

  52. Well well well, this is why it’s important to be good at all times, never know where you’ll meet in the future

  53. That is why we should always do good wherever we found ourselves, not because of today but because of tomorrow.

  54. Wow this is really cool
    What a small world
    That is why it is good to be humble and polite in how every day life’s
    What a turnaround

  55. What a turn around indeed, it’s really good to treat everyone that comes in contact with you with courtesy

  56. Small world. What goes around comes around. Be good to people on your way going up because you might meet them on your way coming down. I wish him all the best

  57. That’s life… What goes around comes around. Try to do good to people under your, you never know what life has in store for you both tomorrow

  58. wow indeed its a small world, we sure should be nice to people, you might not know who you will meet tommorow

  59. It’s so true and obvious that the world we live in is a small place, one good turn they say deserves another

  60. That’s law of karma for you whatever that goes around comes around, and a good turn deserves another… Congratulations dear

  61. That is why one should be careful on how you relate with people at any time or place. No one knows tomorrow

  62. The massage is clear, be kind to people, do good to them because you do not know what tomorrow brings

  63. This life is a teacher the more u live the more u learn and that is why is good to b good if the boss have done bad to that girl and they later hook up as it has happen the man won’t feel comfortable at the girl state if they later meet

  64. A small world indeed! I don’t know how the events turned out to be like this but one good turn really deserves another. Show kindness to everyone, nobody knows tomorrow

  65. This is a good lessons! Treat people u come across well bcoz u don’t know where u will meet them tomorrow

  66. Such is live you never can tell who or what you will see tomorrow so always be nice to who so ever you meet in life….

  67. That life, study continues on. When it is time for something god will lead the person that patience for his or her time to come.

  68. This tells us that we all must be loving and caring, to everyone we see around us, no one knows tomorrow, we must all stand up and be our brothers keeper.

  69. It’s indeed a small world, we should all be careful the way we treat people around us because we don’t know where we’ll meet again

  70. Of course, that’s not shocking at all. After all, I have seen those who had cars in years gone by now trekking without a common motor cycle.

  71. Small world..But wait a minute, the boss never reach 30years? Abi he was a very very young boss…its not my handwriting

  72. That is life ooo. I advice everyone to be good to the people on their way up the ladder because in one way or the other, you will need them on your way down.

  73. It is really a small world. Caution should be applied in our dealings with others because what goes around comes around.

  74. Quite a small world indeed but sounds funny hahaha, besides Chinwe have said it all, always be good to people like I use to say “is good to be good.”

  75. You’ve said it all that we are in a small world.
    So, every thing been do, we should always think about where we gonna meet in future.
    That’s life
    It’s good to be good because you will surely reep it

  76. Wow. What a small world.. Who would have believed that out of 36 states that it’s same state of his employee that he will be posted to. It’s really pays to be good.. Congratulations on your POP oga Luka, greater heights

  77. That’s why it’s good to be good, because you don’t know where you’all will meet tomorrow.

  78. This is why it is always good to be good to everyone irrespective of anything because we don’t know where we might find ourselves in the future

  79. What goes around comes around, if he had been a bad boss then he would have seen the other side of life

  80. Such is life. One is here today but there tomorrow. That is why you should be kind to those you meet on your way up for you may meet them on your way down

  81. Always do good any where you are and everywhere you are in this life now see the turn of event, glory be to God

  82. If u have did bad thing to each other now will u be able to greet each other so it good to good because of another day

  83. This is Nigeria where everything is possible. That’s why it’s good to be good to people where ever you meet them because no one knows tomorrow

  84. That’s life for u, the world is a small one, that is y it’s good to b good, cuz who u called boss today can end up calling u boss tomorrow

  85. wa o such is life because life is a circle that is the reason y is not good to do evil because you don’t know were you will find yourself tomorrow

  86. This is a great lesson to everyone to be good to everybody they meet in life because this world is a small one

  87. One good turn deserves another! It pays to be good to people and treat them nicely if and when you can!

  88. l love this story. This world is a small place. Alway be good and kind to people. Spread love, it can save you tomorrow

  89. This story should come with a tag#nobodyknowstomorrow# ….Its indeed good to be nice imagine if this guy’s was wicked back then… It would have been a different story today

  90. The world Is really a small place
    After 7 years fate had made their paths cross
    Be nice to all you meet
    No one knows tomorrow
    And this oga is even still under 30

  91. There is nothing as been good to your fellow being. The good you do today will definitely follow you tomorrow. I wish them the best.

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