Lady states reason why she believes 80% of Nigerian girls are bisexuals

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to reveal why she believes most Nigerian girls are bisexuals and bitter at the same time.

In her post she reveals this is a result of their feministic ego which has turned them into beings of lower intellectually capabilities.

Lady states reason why she believes 80% of Nigerian girls are bisexual

Read her post:

About 80% of Nigerian girls are bitter, toxic, bi-sexual/bi-curious fucktards with pea-sized brains that shrunk as a result of their brain matter been sucked and pumped into their stupid female ego. It’s like they all drink from the same fountain filled with stupid entitlement mentality and intellectual handicap and toxic feminism.

I legit feel bad for Nigerian guys that have to settle with these lots and I sympathise with them in advance cos it’s a hard knock life they’re heading towards, especially as their daughters would have these uncouth and morally degenerative swines to look up to. Tragic.


Affirming her statement, a Nigerian guy said it is nothing far from the truth

Nigeria men are so scared to say this out because of the massive offensive response it would bring them. But honestly Nigeria women are messed up and we think it’s a joke till it too late. Men are fucked up too we know that and say it so changes can be made..

But our woman don’t see anything wrong, they think it normal and that feminism has brought them that grace. If we contunue this way, am sure in 20yrs we would all be fucked up.

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