Lady spotted in bed with Peruzzi allegedly goes missing

The young lady who was spotted in bed with Peruzzi has allegedly gone missing. The UNILAG student was seen in bed with the singer a now viral video.

Lady spotted in bed with Peruzzi allegedly goes missing lailasnews

According to Twitter user, @bzee01, the young lady identified as Tobi Jacobs went missing immediately the video went viral.

The Twitter user claimed attempts to reach her has proved futile as her phone remains switched off. He wrote;

Tobi Jacobs is missing at home since d video in bed with peruzzi was posted, family/friends are scared n have bin searching for her, her phone is switchd off. She is just 18yrs could be suicidal atm

Pls contact:09053031810 , if you got any info on her where about

Kindly RT 😥


  1. this girl is just funny
    18 years and she’s already wild
    She filmed him while he was sleeping
    It’s unknown to him
    That’s not fair
    That’s rape

  2. Well that serve her right, ordinary 18yrs and you went to eat food meant for your father’s. Is well. but I pity her parents…. Mr Peruzzi should be the first suspect and should be arrested.

  3. Young ladies running after money and fame should be careful, peruzzi must be question for the missing

  4. peruzze should be questioned seriously about the girls way about. Ulternatively be kept in the police custody until the girl is found

  5. Why did she post the video?
    Does she wants to blackmail him?
    Does she wants to tarnish his image and integrity?
    Well for her missing, I guess the guy is the prime suspect

  6. When she was engaging in activities that will ruin her, she didn’t tell us. May God help them to find her

  7. What took her there.? Shebi she was asked to go to school and she chose her part so she should deal with it why did she leak the video in the first place.

  8. All this Lagos state university female students ehn only God will save them if she had stayed on her own such things wouldn’t have happened to her

  9. Omo this is serious o… Peruzi is in big trouble because he will be the one to be hold responsible for her missing… But why with the girl do something that will turn in her

  10. I don’t think this story add up reasons being that the room am viewing at the picture looks wack ,a big celebrity like peruzzi shouldn’t be making love in such a house, another reason being that the peruzzi I know has kept his hair plated for very long time whereas the guy I picture is on low cut those that strike a string?

  11. This is scary, since that Is their last notification with peruzzi, he should be questioned and find out where she is

  12. Alwasys wanting to attach something to someone and you getting fame by tarnashing peoples image isnt the right way at all

  13. OMG! Lady please be safe, shit happens dearie…. Etz not the end of the world! Don’t know if my comment will be seen by you but don’t commit suicide for any reason. Let your family know you’re fine dearie…

  14. They should be questioning Peruzzi since by what we’ve read so far, he was the last person she saw. But then again what is she doing sleeping with men at this age and what was she really expecting after posting such an embarrassing video online?

  15. I think ladies should be careful who they mingle with because is that time of the year where anything can go missing even panties

  16. Wonders shall never end, they should do proper investigation ooo because anything can happen especially this time were some people eyes the red for money like say tomorrow no there.

  17. Peruzzi should be summoned and questioned immediately, he may have a hand in her disappearance or knows where she might have gone to.

  18. What could possibly be the problem because i dont think peeuzzi would like to spoil his name.

  19. The girl is somewhere hiding, she just didn’t see this morning, she only posted the video to prove she’s had an affair with peruzy.

  20. What could have happened?a lot of strange things are happening and moreover the music star should be questioned and interrogated.

  21. I don’t think she’s missing I think she’s shy hence the video went viral. It could also b that she’s scared …or is it what I’m thinking

  22. The guy should be questioned or she is missing because of the viral video but whichever one,proper investigation should be carried out

  23. Maybe she hide some where, she is ashamed of her did. But the guy should be arrested he must know her where about

  24. I hope is not what am thinking but won’t talk but this Peruzzi has gotten himself into I just pray they find her in good condition

  25. Maybe she has gone to some where nobody will know her whereabout, she feels very bad. why should the guy post the video. So annoying na.

  26. Take heart it’s not the end of the world next time you try and give it a second thought before having sex with celebrities.

  27. I guess the girl was kidnapped by the man or by his fans. May God grant her safety were ever she is

  28. see how children bring pain to their parents. What exactly is she looking for when she was send to school. Peruzzi should questioned to know to investigate her whereabout

  29. Let Peruzzi be arrested and questioned to th where about the missing girl. And people should be careful because it’s Christmas already.

  30. I think peruzzi should be interrogated n it might be d girl had to hide cos she couldn’t bare d shame n scared of her family

  31. What was she expecting when she was making that video? Just 18yesrs.. I pray no harm comes to her though.. Our young girls are going over board these days..

  32. Is she hinding away from her super woman behaviour to have slept with celebrity? Please let her face public shame. She was sent to study and now sleeping around is her hubby.

  33. The police should carry out a very detailed investigation starting from perruzi, her formal boyfriend if any,her girlfriend and people close to her

  34. that’s very nice of her ,I think she was the one who took it on Twitter saying how she potted with perruzi now she got lost. good for her.

  35. that’s very nice of her ,I think she was the one who took it on Twitter saying how she potted with perruzi now she got lost. good for her what a rubbish is that what your parent sent you for…

  36. I pray Tobi is safe wherever she is but not withstanding, we will still keep in touch with you if we find her.

  37. They will be shouting slay queen, slay Olosho. Na G i go follow ooo, na YY i want marry. How about slaying your soul now ?

  38. The guy is not to be alleged reason be that an eighteen years old lady has a mind of her she can think for herself… I want to belief she is fine she is just ashamed of her immoral act and fact that the video goes viral

  39. That one is not issue, as well as they know where she is an started missing let they question him well he will bring her back

  40. Why didn’t I feel pity for the girl, Perruzzi might want to punish her for the leaked video, he should be questioned

  41. other factors need to be consider in this case not only puruzi
    The Girl can even go for a personal Exile knowing quite well the implication of her action

  42. 18yr old that’s already chopping celebrity chocolate….na wetin she find she get….I pray they find her sha

  43. Something is going amiss Here, well I won’t be surprised if later found out that she was abducted by peruzi

  44. 18yr old that’s already chopping celebrity chocolate….na wetin she find she get….I pray they find her sha This guy should be arrested and more investigation is needed in this case

  45. What’s she looking for they sent her to school… All Because of money I’m sure…. Peruzzi should be questioned

  46. Now they will start saying Peruzzi has a handsome in her missing…..probably she ran away cuz of d shame n humiliation she felt

    I just pray she’s safe

  47. And now she’s nowhere to be found right??..poss that singer should be held immediately and he should be properly interrogated and detained till the girl is found again oo

  48. Why won’t she miss,, when people are trying to crucify hey like she’s the first person to sleep with a man,, people won’t mind their business

  49. She should be urgently looked for before it becomes too late.Also, the guy should be arrested for questioning

  50. She is just 18 years not even up to 20+ and she has started living this kind of life… Please i guess she is not missing, she is just hiding her face because of the video that is now viral

  51. What did dey mean by putting number for someone to call if anything. Can’t dey ask d guy question or hold him responsible… Or is it because he is a celebrity plsss for once Nigeria should do the ryt thing biko

  52. This is serious by this time of the year this young girl needs to be found Peruzzi must be involved in this cases.

  53. Where must this girl be. If she’s not seen such a long time, and her phone is going, then it proves two things, either that the girl ran away because she’s embarrassed or something bigger has happened to her. They should question this guy in the picture.

  54. That could be serious o. The backlash may be too much for her to manage. Hope someone sees her in good time before the unexpected happens

  55. She can’t be kidnapped I’m a sure of that… if she has been kidnapped.. Perruzzi should be ready to face the law and social media itself

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