Lady slashes househelp’s body for allegedly stealing her baby’s milk in Ibadan

A lady whose name was not given, has been accused of slashing her househelp’s body for allegedly stealing her baby’s milk.

Lady slashes househelp’s body for allegedly stealing her baby’s milk in Ibadan  lailasnews

Facebook user Jimoh Okunade Muyinat who shared photos (graphic) to back up the claim, disclosed that the lady who slashed her househelp’s body is her neighbour. She wrote ;

Ibadan people

My neighbor did dis to her house girl, just now now, I usually think stuffs like dis are not real, oh Allah don’t let my children have reasons to be slaves!!!!!!she said the girl stole her baby milk

Lady slashes househelp’s body for allegedly stealing her baby’s milk in Ibadan  lailasnews 1

This is coming after it was reported thatoperatives of the Lagos State Police Command, arrested a woman who allegedly abused her housemaid by inflicted a severe injury on her wrist with a saw.


  1. Jesus!!! How much is that milk to inflict such an injury to this young girl? This woman needs to be arrested. Very wicked being.

  2. God have mercy. People are very wicked. Now, how much is milk and how much would she spend on treating this big wound?i.e if she ever dreamt of treating her, she wouldn’t have slashed her in the first place. Haa! Because she is not her daughter. Learn to do to others what u would like them to do to u.

  3. Blood of Jesus. All because of baby milk? May God forgive her for this. What if the house help is her relative? Can she do this kind of thing?

  4. That doesn’t mean you should almost kill him, please try and control your anger, just thank you did not kill him

  5. That is no reason why you should kill the girl. You can either punish her or you take the milk away from where she can see it . Some people are just wicked

  6. My fellow women please stop this can of thing if it’s was your own children what will you do to them, just for a milk.

  7. What’s a sad news, if the milk was drunk by one of her children will she did such things to him/her foolish woman she should be punish for this

  8. These is really serious….just for an ordinary milk the did such miserable thing to the poor girl.. The Woman is so heartless and people like this should be left in these world..

  9. This lady is highly wicked, how can you slash a human beings body as if she is an animal, what kind of milk did she steal, did she sell the milk, it is too bad of you.

  10. This is wickedness, because of ordinary milk she did this to her,she is teaching the girl to become heartless too and one day do the same to her children.

  11. Some women can be so heartless doing this to a girl that you hire to assist you in the house,
    All this because of your child milk? How much is the milk,
    I am sure if this girl happens to be her child she will not do such. You don’t know what the future holds

  12. Wicked people everywhere. Human right law should try and look in this to curb future occurrences.

  13. This woman is heartless. Just because of ordinary milk she treated someone else child like this. Anyway I dont blame her because she sees hers as child and the house maid as pikin

  14. Is this an edited picture or what? Why would a fellow human being be so inhumane. She need to be locked up for at least a year

  15. People are too wicked will you beat som1 to this extent using saw for her wrist.the police do something about it.she mustn’t go unpunished

  16. This is heartless, how will she do this to her house help alleging she stole her baby milk, and how much is baby milk compare to what the house help is doing for her

  17. Some people are just meant to be an animal. Who does this for God sake? How much is that milk that yhu inflicted beatings and injuries on the house help? She should be punished

  18. This is wickedness!!! She used a saw on her. A human being like you made of body and blood of same creator for that matter. It’s happening everyday of this life to some poor girls out there and only few of this acts get public notice. I pray she face the law.

  19. This is too much
    She must be brought to justice at once
    This is a heartless act which could’ve lead to loss of life

  20. Just watch and see how that child grows to avoid his mother as a murderer. People can be very wicked.

  21. That was too bad, she really want to kill this boy, she must face the jugment commtee for doing such kind of things

  22. Tbis is pathetic and wicked. The accised be investigated amd if found guilty hr be treatd same way to feel the pains and also be punish by law

  23. God have mercy, if this is true then the woman is very wicked. How would you do this to someone’s child. Terrible

  24. This is not really nice. May God not let any reason to mk my loved ones turn out to be slaves to any. Its not worth living for.

  25. Gosh!!! What’s all this? For ordinary milk someone does this to an house help.
    What is this world really turning into?
    The police should make her pay for her deeds.

  26. Oh my goodness, this is so inhumane what if it was her child that took the milk when we are not even sure she stole the milk

  27. Where is the woman,let me use firewood and draw wickedness is not good. Someone’s child, because of baby milk how much, This is human rights case not police.

  28. This is Child Abuse this woman deserves to be punished, because of milk then what if it was the whole food she would have killed her.

  29. Chaiii Another person’s child been brutalize like this, The law enforcement agencies should see to her madness

  30. Why are they still talking, she should be in police custody by now. Wicked soul of a woman because she is not your child abi. God will judge you

  31. Wow, your baby’s life is in this housemaid hands and yet you did her like this for milk. You are wicked and heartless. How much is the baby milk.

  32. how much is milk and how much would she spend on treating this big wound?i.e if she ever dreamt of treating her, she wouldn’t have slashed her in the first place. Haa! Because she is not her daughter. Learn to do to others what u would like them to do to u

  33. She deserved to feel d same pain as her maid is feeling it now,she will never go unpunished, mothers stop sending ur daughters to another woman house for maid or whatever, woman can do undo hence is not her blood, can this woman do this to her daughter

  34. She is very wicked. Just because she stole a baby milk what if she stole her money .what will she do. I know she will kill her

  35. This is terrible because of milk Shaa!!! Well is good that she’s being arrested by the police she must be punish for she did to her house girl

  36. This is pure wickedness, just because of ordinary milk you are trying to kill a maid! She really need to be punished severely

  37. Wickedness upon wickedness,,, it may be the the house help resulted to stealing because she was heavily maltreated… I just pray justice is served properly in this issue

  38. This is total wickedness, how can you slash your house help all because she ate your baby milk, how much is the baby milk, had it been the house help is your own child and she ate the milk, am very sure you won’t beat her, the woman should be sentenced to life imprisonment

  39. The woman did not do well for the injuries are too much, but why was the housemaid stolen just ordinary milk, if she’s not checked she may steal something bigger in future

  40. Because of milk you did this thing to your house help,you’re very wicked not only wicked you’re a witch and we must not allow witch to live according to my Bible,so you must die.

  41. Allahu Akbar, a woman did this to a girl in present day Nigeria ❓ Police should be involved ASAP before she will run away.

  42. This is very bad, just because she came to work with you, does that mean you should kill her. God will judge you accordingly

  43. Wat is this world turning into
    This is pure wickedness
    Because of milk she wants to kill someone else’s child?
    The woman needs to face severe punishment for this illegal act!

  44. Jesu…what is this, this is not something that should be over look. She deserve more punishment that just being arrest alone and they should make her feel the same way the little girl also feels. She is a disgrace to woman hood. How much is the milk she can’t get back or out of anger and end up being arrested. Well I think is also a lesson to those that get angry easily without knowing were it will lead them to.

  45. That’s child abuse, if its happen to be true. The person must be reported to police immediately.


  47. That woman that slashes that girl her punishment is waiting her time coming, and for that house help she should live that house before the woman will kill her.

  48. This woman is really wicked. Because of your baby’s milk she stole, you beat her this way? How much is that milk?

  49. Me too o. God don’t let any of my children have cause to be slave. This is wickedness who never steal before?

  50. The the woman is a devil herself from d pit of hell. So heartless and thank God u hv children too because the God of Karma is waiting for u. What gos up has a funny way to come down. You shall reap wat u sow

  51. Jesus!!!!! Wickedness of the highest order, just becos of ur baby milkof how much? The poilce should really punish this woman.

  52. This is wickedness and an act of inhumanity to man.The ladies must be arrested,punished and sent to jail

  53. Somepeople re jst naturally wicked,d way u love your own child dnt u no that someone else do so for their child

  54. Jesus!!! How much is that milk to inflict such an injury to this young girl? This woman needs to be arrested. Very wicked being

  55. This lady is wicked and heartless, she is a devil incarnate how can she do this to someone child. God have mercy.

  56. Oh God. What a heartless woman. even if she s ur maid that doesn’t mean u av d right to maltreat her. Ha av mercy na, she s also someone else’s child na

  57. This is too bad no matter what the guy might have done wrong. this is jungle justice.What she did to him is too harsh.The woman should be arrested and punished

  58. People are too wicked will you beat som1 to this extent using saw for her wrist.the police do something about it.she mustn’t go unpunished

  59. oh God people are wicked the woman need to punished how much is the milk sef that the girl deserves this chai people are heartless wallahi

  60. This woman is not human human being, she’s a coven attender and a vampire because no real human being will do this.

  61. What is baby milk for God sake,thank God she has been caught and I wish that she will be slash like the boy.

  62. This is very bad , the woman is wicked. How can she inflict this type of pain on her house help just because of milk.she must be punished for this

  63. This is a serious abuse, this happens mostly when a child is not properly taken care of that is when they tend to do silly things to eat whatever you deny them. And this woman should be charged to court to face the wrath of the law because she’s wicked.

  64. I hope this lady who did this to her house help is not walking freely as this is a case of child abuse.

  65. OMG this woman is very wicked because of ordinary milk that is why she did this to this innocent girl. She should be punished for this

  66. Thats wickedness…. What if her son was in the posting of that boy…evil men do must sure live with them.

  67. I think something is wrong with the lady. . Maybe she is psychologically derailed. Or she is possessed by an evil spirit. Just because of baby milk, if is her child will she do this to her?

  68. My Father, people get heart, ordinary milk that anybody can be guilty of, I pity those that give their children out to these heartless set of humans

  69. In think the woman is wicked and heartless, how much is the milk worth that made her injure a girl like that, she must be punished according to law

  70. The must have been sok hungry to have stolen the milk….even you too tastes the baby milk at times…you should have just causioned her instead….

  71. This is serious wickedness. Just because of stealing her baby’s milk. Don’t she knows that it can lead to the poor girl’s death.
    Please the lady should be hold by the law

  72. JESUS CHRIST!!!.Am seriously short of words,the woman that did this can kill if she has the opportunity to do so.Because of baby milk?the woman should be punished too

  73. Wickedness, what you do unto others will always come to you. Parents should be careful of who they give their children to and if you know you can’t take care of them, then minimize the number of birth, one or two is enough.
    I pray the authorities in charge of this kind of cases do their job. Child Abuse.

  74. Jesus,may God help this girl. this is pure matter what this little girl did, how much is even the milk she stole?

  75. God have mercy!! Just because of milk at least punishment is OK or send her packing. Dear Lord may my children have no reason to beg.. Pls bless me for them.

  76. This woman is heartless and wicked.. She should be jailed for using saw on her house help over a tin of milk

  77. This is a very wicked women, how can do this to are house help like this, because of milk how much is the milk ,this women should be arrested, and be punished for that.

  78. So, because of milk now she did this to her just because she stole milk and she’s the housemaid
    This is terrible…this girl must have justice

  79. This is what u did to another person’s daughter, if it were urs what will u do. Because u don’t know what tomorrow might be.

  80. If for any reason you know you cannot live with somebody’s child why bring them in the first place, if she were to be her child would she have the mind to treat her that way, this woman needs to be reminded in a mental home, she’s not normal. Just because of milk.

  81. People are just wicked for baby milk .House help that does not have a lot of resources do you know maybe she too have a baby=

  82. Ordinary babe’s milk
    That’s why u have the heart to do such to this child
    Pure heartless human being

  83. People are just wicked for baby milk .House help that does not have a lot of resources do you know maybe she too have a baby

  84. That is no reason why you should kill the girl. You can either punish her or you take the milk away from where she can see it . Some people are just wicke

  85. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
    What kind of a woman will be this wicked?
    Jesus Pls save the girl child from all this.
    That woman must be jailed for the rest of her life.

  86. Oh! My God pls what is this? No no no let her be arrested for child abuse and maltreatment if there is anything like that this is too much for a little child

  87. Milk? Really? That’s just inhumane. And the surprising part of it all is that, the woman who did this is a mother!

  88. This lady is naturally wicked simple, Cox if it’s your child that did such a thing you won’t punish her like that

  89. I don’t blame her. Its life that I blame. If only the girl’s parents had enough she wouldn’t have had such an opportunity to destroy somebody else’s body like that. That kid needs urgent medical attention and that woman needs to answer to child abuse. Wicked soul

  90. This absurd
    The woman is heartless
    Just because of ordinary milk
    You did this to her
    They should not allow the women to go unpunished
    He will face the consequences of what he did

  91. I pray she gets to experience the agony and pains she subjected the poor child to.. How much is baby milk compared to what she did to the girl? Do you think it was her wish to serve as a maid? The said woman should be given an eye for eye punishment

  92. Nawa oo some people are very Wicked and heartless because of ordinary baby milk she wants to kill human being. That lady is very barbaric.

  93. This woman can kill human being for small thing, she doesn’t deserves to be called a mother. She’s a Jezebel. May God help her.

  94. People are wicked oo are can you call yourself a mother and you can do this to your fellow mother whose child is a housemaid to you..she needs to be punished severely

  95. This is wickedness and you call yourself a mother? no a mother can not do this because a mother feel the pain of other people around her but look at what this woman did to a child because of milk and if really she is treating the girl well the girl will not streal the milk ,the child stole the milk because she was hungry

  96. I’m not really surprised at this, most women treats their house girl this way. Very wicked being, they have no conscience.

  97. This is wickedness of the highest order… Human being like me did this because of baby milk may God punish her

  98. His is too much and similar to murder case why maltreat your househelp like this SG should be punished severely for this wicked act

  99. Ahhhhhh
    What sort of wickedness is this one na
    Why are people so heartless
    All this for stealing mere milk
    This woman should be arrested and prosecuted for child abuse and molestation
    The child needs Justice

  100. This is wickedness. Let her be arrested and forced to face the wrath of the law for Child abuse

  101. This is barbaric and indeed calious, she deserves lifetime jail sentence , someone should please to report to human rights , this is insane

  102. Oh My God! This Is wickedness oo! How much Is the milk that this little girl Is suffering for. God punish that wicked soul

  103. Woo this really hurt me me just because of baby milk someone will wound me like this Walahi even if it soldier Walahi I go do my own it may not be that present

  104. Haaa, this is too much nowww, just because of milk?? She is only taking up her frustration on d poor girl


  106. I think why stuff like this keep repeating is because there is no severe punishment for child abuse and child slavery.

  107. This is pure wickedness. How can someone do a child like dis.Househelp are also human being let stop treating them like animalNo wonder se housegirl maltreat their oga’s baby

  108. just milk and now he his half dead why will she do such there is a lot of other punishment around not wound’s

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