Lady shares her story after being stopped from committing suicide

A Nigerian lady identified as, King Mavis Amarachi has shared her story after she was stopped from committing suicide in Lagos.

Lady shares her story after being stopped from committing suicide lailasnews

King Mavis Amarachi took to her Facebook page to share a touching post on how she had attempted suicide multiple times. Saying she recently tried to jump off a bridge in Lagos state only to be rescued.

She also shared images of when she cut herself with a blade. See what she wrote below;

5-12-19 was the day I gave up on life.
I gave up on my mom, my brother, and my friends. I was tired of Life, Family, Everything. I have tried overdosing myself with series of drugs twice, but God will always send my mom to my rescue. I have been battling with depression for the past 6months. At first I tried cutting myself with blades to feel better, it helped a bit tho. One, two, three till it became a habit. Yesterday I took the worst step of my life, I headed to law school bridge lekki to end it all. When I got there I said to myself “yes this is my final bustop”. But my Gracious God said No that he has plans for me. He sent his Angels to take charge over me, two policemen and a brother, they came at the peak of time. Then I realized God’s purpose for me. I realized I was selfish I never thought about the pain my mom would go through, what about my brother. I realized I only have God to talk to, the Almighty who is faithful in his words. I have learnt to talk to him when I’m down, he would listen and won’t judge me, he would give me peace of mind and solution to all my problems. I alone knows what am going through and I have only God to turn to. Please try and reach out to your loved ones, call and text them people are going through a lot you know nothing about. Help me share this in every way you can, media, group chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Help me save a life. No problem, No one is worth stressing nor dying for. GOD IS THE ONLY WAY


See some images she shared below;

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  1. Thank God for saving you and that you have realized that I can only be God who has been behind you been save, keep trusting Him and he will direct your part

  2. Please whenever you’re in distress,always remember that committing suicide it’s Never an option

  3. Suicide isn’t the best option when you have issues in this life. Since their is God you can run to through prayer then nothing is impossible for Him to do for you

  4. So touching and painful dear, buy committing suicide is really ultimate, God knows and he understands, he see through.

  5. OMG pls ur God is alife is really a testimony
    It is written that when ever you are in trouble or any situation call upon d lord he will cum 2 ur rescue

  6. Sorry dear there are people there that depression want to kill committing suicide is not the next it is well dear there is God.

  7. This is really heartbreaking , depression is very bad , devil always use it to do waste people life , even me too , sometimes i feel depressed , may GOD serve us

  8. I thank God for your life…you are an overcome..there is hope,suicide is not an option.stay blessed my sis..

  9. I thank God for your life…you are an overcome..there is hope,suicide is not an option.stay blessed my sis..there is light at the end of the tunnel…God has not given up on you…just hold on and keep pushing.

  10. So touching. She almost accepted defeat. There is nothing too difficult for GOD to handle. Sister carry your burden and run to Him always. Thank GOD she learnt her lessons.

  11. I agreed with you that God has a plans for you, so keep trusting Him, you are! blessed.
    Depression kills a lot today, thank God for your life.

  12. Thank God u did not do cos u wld have regretted it throughout eternity and dat wld have being double punishment for you.thank God for your life

  13. What a touching story but committing suicide is not the next thing but thank God u have realize ur mistake and God still loves u

  14. Taking your life is not a good option,if you die what will you gain, whatever it is,take it to God in prayers

  15. The story so sad and really touching but coming suicide is never the answer . Losers commit suicides . I hope life treats her better from now

  16. Thank jah that send people’s to save you from commiting suside.. If not for that all what you are saying now you we not be able to say it, ones again thank jah for your life

  17. Nothing in this life is worth dying for. God is the Alpha and Omega, He alone can save us from our problems. Thank God for your life now that ypu realised that God is our all in all.

  18. Thank God for saving your life,commiting suicide is not the best option,people are suffering from depression all the time it takes only the grace of God to control it.

  19. My dear wat ever d problem is ur facing DAT has made u attempted murder just remember DAT God is d author n finisher of all cases n taking ur life isn’t d best,just take it to God in prayers.

  20. Suicide is not and can never be d best option sweedy,if only you know the meaning of your name(amarachi)grace,may God help you.

  21. Thank God for those he sent to rescue. Truely he has a plan for you. I pray His plan manifest in you life.

  22. Depression is real and dangerous.We need to ensure that in our little way we help those that have given up on life

  23. No matter what you go through in this life is not enough for to take your life once must face chall

  24. You never determine to die yet,if you are really determined to take your own life nothing will stop you

  25. Committing sucide can not stop your depressions or stop your worries in life.what you need is close to God nd he will surely save you

  26. Committing suicide is the worst thing I could ever any condition go to God in prayers,he will forsake u

  27. This is issue of depression is very serious, thank God you survived it dear no problem is worth dying for.

  28. jah that send people’s to save you from commiting suside.. If not for that all what you are saying now you we not be able to say it, ones again thank jah for your life

  29. Committing suicide is not the solution. Even suicide is a sin. When there is life there is definitely hope of greener pastures and better tomorrow.

  30. Thank God you couldn’t succeed in commiting suicide, God has a plan and purpose for your life, their is no reason to die, live and fulfill the will of God in your life in JESUS name AMEN

  31. My dear….with times you are going to over come everything..but be patient… All what you need in life is paitien …God we ease your affair.

  32. suicide is not the best solution . All you have to do is to accept Christ as your Lord and personal saviour .

  33. I thank God for you that you didn’t commit suicide because you would have been a great and big looser and you would have ended in hell since you willfully destroys God’s image. You should forever be grateful to God for saving you.

  34. Why do people think committing suicide is the best? God is always there for us no matter the situation we just need to pray to him to help us overcome it

  35. I am also currently battling depression but I try not to think about suicide because I know that no one is worth my life and that I was put on this earth for a purpose. God is always there for you and you should never forget that

  36. Thank God for this great turn around in your life, God has mighty plans for you in life, I believe, stay blessed.

  37. my dear wait for the right time to come God will surely give you your heart desires
    Committing suicide will never help

  38. Thank God for the second change and now you know God have plan for you. My dear everyone has one or two things but suicide is not the end of it

  39. Thank God for your life. Depression is real, unfortunately our society overlook it like it doesn’t even exist

  40. I always say this and will still be saying it, no situation is worth taking your life. Thank God for her life.

  41. Thank God for rescue, but all these things happened because you Dont have Jesus Christ in your life, and now if you have accepted him you will understand the purpose your creation and follow it, nothing your going that worth taking your precious life for, just let God help you to fix it,

  42. My dear suicide is not the solution to your problem, in one way or the other we are all in the situations together in this country. Pls always talk to someone whenever that thought comes to you.

  43. People are really going through so much that no one knows, except they let it out, we must learn to reach out to people without being judgemental so that they can open up to us. Be a shoulder to lean on today.

  44. Whatever you are going through is this world committing suicide is not the best option rather pray to your God to make things easy for you.

  45. Take care of yourself now that you survived the suicide and try talking to a medical expert and just like you said talk to your God always,he is the best comforter..

  46. Yes oh. There really is no problem worth dying for. Suicide is never an option. Thank God, you were saved on time to realise it.

  47. Indeed people are going thru a lot but when we think of God and his unending love we know that life is worth a fight

  48. Thank God for his mercy over you and thank God that you have learnt to talk to God only. Thank God for your life.

  49. What a sad experience she has passed through. Thank God you where rescued from committing suicide, if not you wouldn’t have told this pathetic story of yours. Life is a great teacher of different analysis of experience

  50. In all situations we should always thank God, some are in worst problem but still hope that things get better, suicide is not the solution, is a sin.

  51. Suicide is not the best option get this at the back of your mind n keep telling yourself I want to die empty try n give the world that which is inside you

  52. Committing suicide is not the best. God loves you despite how many times you have tried it, he saved you, please don’t try it again

  53. Nothing worth giving your life to, Learn to live above the noise from haters, problem and enjoy your life to the fullest, happy survival shame

  54. Thank God for saving your life just at the peak when you wanted to end it all. Suicide is never the best option.

  55. Thank God for saving you o if not you would have been in hell fire now o. just thank your God and repent fully

  56. We should try and reach out to our friends and loved ones. Depression is real. Thank God she was saved.

  57. My dear what ever it is that push you to take such decision, is nothing before God, yes people are passing through hell in this life, but remember, the word of God , “Is anything difficult for me”

  58. So touching.. But committing suicide is not the best option, God can even n punished you for committing suicide. Whatever thing that bordering your mind, turn to your God and He will solved it

  59. No matter the conditions or situations one face in life is not a reason one should take his or her life.

  60. U must not give up on yourself
    If not for ur self but from other
    U are not the giver of life so u have no reason to take it out

  61. Yeah! People are going through a lot. But it takes the grace and strength of God to move on. Better days and better things ahead

  62. Almost everybody suffers depression in this country so you are not alone why take your life. God loves you.

  63. Committing suicide is not the next option, don’t take your life by yourself, life is a challenge, face it and conquer it

  64. Young lady how could you thought of this in life go ask God for forgiveness. What type of depression can make one think of committing suicide

  65. Thank God you now have a change of mind it would have been worse,God is indeed faithful life itself is a challenge the way we face it will determine our end result

  66. Sometimes, life can seem empty, very empty. My dear, put your trust in God for only Him cannot fail.

  67. She ought to be arrested and charged to court… Attempt to suicide is an offence in the face of the law…. Oloshi

  68. To God be the glory for He is God alone. Please let’s be sensitive enough to always realized that we’re blessed beyond what we see. The gift of life alone is worth giving thanks to God and not think if what we do not have at current moments of our lives.

  69. Suicide is never the answer to any problem. this should be an example to all of us out there. God loves us so much and would never give us problems or challenges that we cant overcome. Thank God for your life dear

  70. In no matter situation you find your self just remember that you are always better than many others ending your life won’t benefit you in any way.

  71. God dont want you dead yet thats why God keep sending people to rescue you in your suicide attempt , what a touching story

  72. I hope people will learn from your story . People should see a therapist when they are depressed pr having other psychological issues . Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean you’re crazy

  73. Thanks God for his glory on you, If not for that all what you are saying now you we not be able to say it, ones again thank jah for your life

  74. Suicide is not an option,no matter what you are going through, it wil surely pass.Thank God for saving your life.

  75. She should see a psychologist for treatment. She should not commit suicide because there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  76. No matter what is it in this world no matter the difficulties I dont think you have right to end your life because our life is in God’s hand is what he said he will do.

  77. Thank God for your life dear. Is so true that many are suffering from depression and needs help and attention especially from closed family and friends. Check up on them always and listen to there needs and desires. With your encouragement you help them. Nobody has right to take there life but we need grace to move on when things are so hard and difficult.

  78. A day is coming where no one would be there to stop her from taking her life because she hasn’t seen anything worth living for. That’s not the first trial but people always stop her.

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