Lady says Denrele is gay after he posted new bathtub photos

A lady has concluded in her mind that Denrele is gay after she saw these suggestive photos he posted on his Instagram page to celebrate Christmas.

Lady says Denrele is gay because of these recent photos lailasnews 4
Lady says Denrele is gay because of these recent photos

The photos of the popular media personality inside a bathtub and clad in a red dress has had not only the lady the talking, but many of his followers who consider the photos quite awkward.

Denrele has overtime been considered to be an effeminate over his style of dressing and his personality but was not given so much attention anymore after Nigerian barbie doll, Bobrisky came to dominate the space.

The lady had commented on one of the photos:

Very very GAY AF

Then Denrele replied saying:

And you just realized this? You are so 2000 and late!!! It was all over the news


  1. Definitely by their fruits we shall know them, what is meaning of that posture and dressing, if he is he already a wasted soul

  2. The word “gay” is very disgusting, what would make a man to live the natural use of themself and go into same sex. That’s madness if u ask me.

  3. I think he might not be, but don’t give people the impression to think you are gay behave responsibly and mature

  4. This is very awkward a normal man can’t be behaving in such manner so girlish. See the posture and the way he dress.

  5. Derele isn’t gay madam
    Its just a character he plays to stay relevant and keep the hustle don’t mind him.

  6. This is so awkward and disgusting but if he has chosen this kind of lifestyle it’s left for him and his creator. I can not say what he is wether Gay or not.

  7. Denrele has his own life to live and that someone appears like a woman DOSEN’T make the person a gay. So we’ve to leave people and their private alone.

  8. Anyways, everyone is in title to his or her own opinion, but one thing we have to know is that people can act to be anything. So stop being affamative in your judgement.

  9. Denrele is not gay same as Bobrisky those guys are just smart business heads, they are living their life and making money from it

  10. I don’t think he his gay because khloe shares some experience she has with denrele in the big brother house he might just be acting weird but he his a cool guy

  11. I can say he’s a gay, at the same time I can not say he’s not a gay but his way of dressing is actually sending a message to the public. By there dressing will shall know them.

  12. Idle mind is d devils workshop.i am sure if he is so busy wit wrk. He will not have tym for al dx rubbish. N if he is actually a gay……. It’s bad

  13. Lol…the guy reply was funny….danrele edun is very controversial ,judging from what I know about him…he might bisexual tho

  14. Some men don’t want to be men anymore.. They won’t say they’re gay to avoid the prison sentence only.. Lol

  15. Denrele is always out to attract attention here and there, if he’s truly gay then it’s not supposed to be a new development.

  16. May God have mercy on every lost soul, he has chosen his best way to follow, is only God who can change his mindset

  17. We should just stop being judgemental. You’re already calling him gay just by this ordinary picture. Datz bad

  18. Anyways, everyone is in title to his or her own opinion, but one thing we have to know is that people can act to be anything. So stop being affarmative in your judgement.

  19. Actually with what’s seeing, I will also say that his is a gay. He dressed like one and possed like one.

  20. I don’t like the way this guy behave mostly he behaves a woman and I would be surprised if what she call him is the truth

  21. What is the girls business? He looked like someone who is dead in the pictures. May God have mercy on him.

  22. Hahahaha she’s really in 2000 lol that seriously got me… Derele bad child of the world…. We are all aware this guyshe oh s a gay b4 it isn’t a new thing… Plz let God decide on him and y’all should take a chill on his matter

  23. Why is he uploading this kind of pictures.. Whether gay or not.. Their own thing..this kind of pictures is going to make people think alike of him

  24. Why is the person pained that he’s gay, is he the first?, and he certainly won’t be the last. I love the response he gave the girl. Live and let’s live.

  25. Denlere y will the guy be posting pictures of that nature on the internet even men This days some of them doesn’t have a sense of decency

  26. This is very awkward a normal man can’t be behaving in such manner so girlish. See the posture and the way he dress.what did u think people will say.u are address the way u dress

  27. He took those pictures like a woman, what must have been his intentions, no wonder the lady says he is gay

  28. I don’t understand why he won’t come out plainly to tell people he is gay, when all his mannerisms, dressing and all say it all.

  29. She cannot judge through what she saw now…. Though being a gay is not good, but let is leave everyone to his or her own conscience.

  30. I thought he is married, and to my own point of view i dont think he is a gay, i think is a strategy to be famous

  31. What kind of world are we now, a world where gays are so proud of themselves that they parade themselves on social media

  32. People should learn how to accept others for the life they choose to live. Coz no one has disturb your life style.

  33. So because he is wearing a red bathrobe now makes him a gay? please people should learn how to mind there business , this guy has been like this since and is his life style.

  34. Be he gay or guy, it’s none of my business sef. I don’t care even if he shares his pictures on interfacewhatsapp

  35. I can’t agree he is gay I will just say he is a unique guy with different personalities doesn’t make him gay

  36. Gay or not, I don’t think they have the right to say that about him when they didn’t catch him doing any thing of that sort, are they just trying to tarnish Hus image unfortunately he doesn’t even care.

  37. The lady maybe saying the truth about Denrele because ones behaviour and conduct can tell who the person is.

  38. Lolzzzzz@Denrele. I do not agree with his sense of style in this photo at all. I mean people should expect such things from him because that’s just who he is even though a lot of people don’t agree with it. Truth be told the lady in question could be right about Denrele been a gay. He behaves like one.

  39. This is a free world you have very right to think what ever pleases you as for denrele that is the kind of life he want let him live it to fullness

  40. I dont think so, this guy is alone in this picture not with another man. It might just be self admiration

  41. That’s his own problem….that guy is crazy .weird way of dressing..he needs Jesus Christ…

  42. Denreele even used his mouth to proclaim to her that she just knew about it very late, that settles the fact that he is a gay

  43. This is good news,well God knowns if he is gay,he knows him and if he is doing hypocrisy then he is doing himself, this is good news

  44. I don’t think he is a gay, Let’s leave Denrele with the life style he has chosen. He likes to dress feminine but it’s awkward.

  45. No free world we they she can say whatever she like, but the truth of the matter is whatever Denrele himself speak about himself shikena

  46. I want to believe this lady is not far from the truth because Denrele’s effeminate nature and lifestyle depicts her opinion of it. He should come out and prove or defend himself.

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