Lady reveals what man did after she told him she’s not eaten for 3days

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to open up on what a man who was her online friend did after she constantly revealed to him she has not eaten for days.

Lady reveals what man did after she told him she’s not eaten for 3days

According to the lady who took to popular forum, Nairaland, the man after telling her he couldn’t help her out of her situation, stopped talking to her but unknown to him she was actually fasting at that moment.

Read her full post below:

This trait seems to be common among some Nairaland men (with apologies to all the men here though) cos I never really experienced such attitude with men ive met offline. So don’t know whether they have a nairaland men’s association (not the red pillars or mgtow kinda thing though) where they agree to behave likesome. The way they reason sometimes just baffles me.

Ok. So, I met someone here as a friend and I wanted it to stay that way. Along the line, he wanted more than just friendship but I just kept dodging because I don’t want any issues as he’s a good friend (a born again) and I like our friendly chats and all that. So didn’t want anything serious that could jeopardize that but he kept pressing on and stressing until I naturally began to feel relaxed (against my wish) you know how that constant checking on someone tends to make one want to compromise their Stance. So I sort of got trapped.

Now here’s the issue. He would always want to know about my biz and job. If I went or not. So I decided to test him. He would always call and ask if I’ve eaten. So that day, I said no (was fasting) but didn’t want to divulge it to him that I was fasting. He called later in the day and asked again, I said I’ve not eaten, he dropped. I now felt he prolly thought I wanted him to feed me huh??.. I observed he reduced his calls. Third day he called and asked again, I said no. And he said “na wa o” I was like why, he said I’m sorry I can’t help. Huh?? I don’t remember asking him so I decided to play along. He called in the evening, I still said I’ve not eaten ( cos I had not broken my fast then) and he said I’m sorry ( I was just laughing within). I asked him, for what? he said because he couldn’t help. And since then he stopped calling only to chat after a week to ask if the biz I was pursuing was through. I ignored him and for two months no contact.

Just last night he chatted me up again asking if I’ve resumed work and I said yes. he then asked if he’s free to call me bla bla. And since last night hes been trying to keep up chats but I’m kinda cold towards him and he asked why I’m so cold. Acting like nothing happened.

Now, this is what I feel. so if someone is truly dying of hunger (God forbid) you’ll abandon the fellow? or that they can’t date someone who’s biz is shaky or has not resumed work due to a global crises that affected everyone? I’m not saying anybody should carry someone else’s burden ( there was really no burden anywhere as God has been faithful.) but I don’t understand what actually played out there and why he’s all of a sudden interested again after learning I’ve resumed work. I don’t just understand because I don’t want to be rude. Was that a right thing?

I’m really confused here because.. I mean.. I never asked you to help me with anything but being there would have been enough. Calling and chatting would have helped me scale through the bordom I felt that period of compulsory break from work and biz but he went into Oblivion even when I never placed any demands on him.

I bow to men and the way they reason o.

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