Lady reveals shocking reason she left choir after all night encounter with choir master

A lady has revealed her reason for leaving the choir after she had a late night encounter with him before he lead the worship in church.

The lady took to her social media page, Tony Etams, where she revealed that she left the choir after a later night series of sexting with the choir master a few hours before the church service.

Lady reveals shocking reason she backed out of choir after encounter with choir master

She also made a shocking revelation that she is a lesbian when she revealed that she recently saw the pre-wedding shoot of the choir master and his bride-to-be was her ex.

She wrote;

I backed out of choir after Sexting with then choir master till 2:am Sunday morning, I couldn’t wrap my head around how he was able to sing worship so well and anointing was moving, I legit was laughing all through that service,today he posted his pre wedding pics and she’s my ex

She added;

Yeah she attends same church, and no she wasn’t in the choir… the whole sexting was way back 2015…. I just think it’s funny that I’ve been somehow involved with both of them 🤣🤣🤣 they gotta name of their kids after me.

She later revealed that she explored on her sexuality and she decided lesbianism wasn’t for her.

Clear on what? I explored my sexuality before settling for the D 😩

See some reactions to the post below.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I dnt know if its this sickness or my eye sight is just terrible. inside of worship leaders. Its an individual thing tho😅 – @therealMaryUfot

Interesting dairy fornication circle inside a church. – @ahfo4real


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