Lady retracts rape accusation on Afe Babalola University students

Some few days ago, some ladies took to twitter to accuse 2 Afe Babalola University students of rape.

Lady retracts rape accusation on Afe Babalola University students lailasnews 5
Lady retracts rape accusation on Afe Babalola University students

According to them, two male students colluded to rape a female students and left her for dead. The incident which reportedly spread among other male students, was kept in secret to rather save the name of the University.

In what can actually be considered as a twist to the story, one of the female students that made the report on social media, has taken to same platform to retract her reports and claimed the rape incident never happened and it was just a figment of her imagination.

Man arrested for defiling 2 daughters after drugging them

See her public statement below:

Most social media users however believed she was probably coerced to make the public statement.


  1. Only God can forgive you, not everyone that read the news then will read this now… you are shame your to your family also

  2. Something is wrong somewhere,the school authority and law should look into the matter very well and tell us the real truth

  3. Ahhh
    U shouldn’t have done that
    How could you write something like that out of your imagination
    I pray may God forgive you

  4. Evil gave birth to evil and result regret and if no grace by God leads to termination i wonder how the spirit of the girl forgive you

  5. Mire imagination and you decide to spread it globally….then you mist be dealt with clear imagination and for spreading force rumour…..

  6. I don’t believe in this. Something must have happened maybe she was EVen threatened to change the whole story

  7. Das wat nomally happen.. Wen you dont make any investigation in any matter you hear about and you just post it on social median just like dat.. Dis is too bad

  8. Fake news!This is bad oh…always confirm a story b4 posting.they shouldn’t tarnish the name of the school.

  9. After tarnishing someone else image,Do you think you can amend the damages you caused already just by apologizing

  10. Only God can forgive u cuz some people that read news some of them may not read these also they will think is the truth

  11. Before you release any post online, try and get the real facts so you don’t put yourself into trouble next time

  12. Such a poor post.its good to investigate and make research when an incident like this occurred before you tweet or post to the public on social medias.because when an egg is broken it can never b packed and arrange to is shell.may the lord forgive you

  13. What kind of stupid imagination dose she has sef.may God have mercy on her and the school authority should do something about her.

  14. I disagree that she was coerced to write this. This write-up shows she wrote it in the right frame of mind. But the deed is done already. It will leave a lasting scar on those whose images have been tarnished. What about the school’s image ? You should be charged for character assassination.

  15. This girl is a very nonsense girl and don’t know what was wrong with her in the first place. What motivated her to spread such false news to spoil the male folks of the school and also the image of the school. All those that conspire to say this must be punished for it.

  16. How can it be your imagination when the rape incidence never took place. In fact, she should be arrested for more questioning.

  17. Something is wrong somewhere,the school authority and law should look into the matter very well and tell us the real truth

  18. In my opinion I think this retraction was induced to save the image of the school. Such should not be condoned

  19. So you felt like making a joke abi, what people have work hard to stand destroying the name and you say it joke pray for God forgiveness not man

  20. Feel so sorry for her. She could have been pleaded to retract such accusation to safe the name of the school who knows. Nobody can really say what happened since is not reported to the appropriate authority to investigate the matter. Is a pity.

  21. Some guys are heartless..what did they find interesting in raping..rape has become almost everyday news

  22. what do you think you will gain when you where framing all this story,now you have ended in disgrace.

  23. You have been threatened right,or should I say silenced, I don’t really believe you wrote this after your long list of accusations

  24. can this girls be arrested and make to face the tune of the music of the laws for false accusations and imposters.

  25. Why should you expose such to social media, ain’t you suppose to cover your dirty linen in the public,,

  26. Why make the statement in the first place if it’s not true? If she’s being honest then i hope the affected individuals and institution forgive her.

  27. stupid idiot may God forgive you please you need Christ. repent OK because Jesus is waithig for you. servation of your soul is important

  28. What kind of imagination is that don’t you know that you have spoil the name of the school in some other way.

  29. Nawadays girls no more have have the right to freedom of movement…why must it be so.please the school authority should investigate this matter vividly and the rapists should be arrested

  30. How can play with an accusation as serious a rape. Honestly apologising is not enough, you should be disciplined

  31. In my best of knowledge I think she was told to say so because of the image of the school… I don’t think she’s mad

  32. Feel so sorry for her. She could have been pleaded to retract such accusation to safe the name of the school who knows. Nobody can really say what happened since is not reported to the appropriate authority to investigate the matter. Is a pity.

  33. I believe they cooked up the stories and laid accusations against the ife students. Only one had a repentant heart.

  34. I think the reason for her having time to spread rumours to the public is because she’s jobless, she should be warned not to do that again or she will be punished

  35. The really truth about this story is hidden some where an the authorities need to do something to get to the Ruth of matter

  36. Be very sure of any information before you start spreading, see what damage you have cause, be matured .

  37. How truthful can this be, proper investigations must be carried out to ascertain the truth, they cant just be making allegations and retracting them, the truth will soon be known

  38. Fake news that always cause problems in this our society… She did well as she made it public.

  39. It is very necessary to mind what you post online or what you that it might not bring problem to u..she did every big mistake by saying such rubbish.

  40. Only God know the truth, cause with this is confession they might have threaten her to apologize just to save the name of the school, the incident might be real bit because of school name… It is beat know to you o my sis bit of you truly imagine it, too bad of you

  41. Lol this girl needs a medical check up, why would she even do that in the first place, social media is where post go viral than virus itself

  42. InvestigatIon Is needed there, If at all her Imagination Is real, No body can tell, She might be threatened

  43. Thank God she has realized her mistakes and has retraced her steps and retracted her statements. She should be forgiven .

  44. I am almost sure she was threatened to say this.. Investigation should be thoroughly done to get to the root of the matter

  45. How can you cook such evil imagination against someone in the base of rape,now that you have tarnish their image, what do you gain,God have mercy on you

  46. Nobody should insult the girl. You don’t know what she’s passing through right now.
    Maybe she’s being threatened.

  47. Rape is not a matter one should play with but Nigerians keep doing that. Either she lied before or the university authority is forcing her to retract her tweet. Obviously none of them understands what rape is and the damage it does to victims.

  48. Missing social media for selfish interest. Think she should be sued for defaming the name and founder of the school

  49. To me I feel they paid her to keep quiet and retweet that such incident never happened in her school but i know one day, the truth will come out well

  50. She should be arrested for questioning should in case she’s hiding anything from the public.

  51. Its a lie, she was actually coerced into making the above statement just to save the name of the university. I don’t believe she cooked it all up, its either she was paid or threatened to do this.

  52. The Lady herself should be held and treated as a rapist if and only if the boy was arrested and death with

  53. Something is fishing
    Either she has been threatened or talked to by the rapist or the school’s management
    But I suspect the school’s management has something to do with this to save their face
    Watch the letter closely
    It looks too formal
    Even if it were true that it was all lies
    Her presentation won’t be all that formal
    It looks like the work of a prof or doc

    She is into lots of pressure
    So the media and other authorities can please look into the matter and affirm the truth as well as release her from pressure

    As it’s only right to do right

  54. I am wondering what you were thinking to have levied such a grave accusation on someone like that especially knowing the implication of your actions…which is like a broken egg that can never be put together again!

  55. What kind of a joke is this? After destroying someone’s reputation you are coming out to say it never happened. Or was she forced to retrack the statement?

  56. What! This is funny,but stupid. She should be careful not to spread fear news that would divide people apart.

  57. I think she should be dealt with by the school authority . She tried to paint the school and the students of the school with a bad image

  58. Posting it on net is not the way out my I think you to meet him face to face n apologize to him beb go extra mile

  59. How can she be joking about something so serious like rape. A proper investigation should be carried out the ascertain the truth of the matter.

  60. Some people will not gather all the fact but will just rush to social media to spread misleading information.

  61. The school really has to look into the situation so seriously.. To avoid the name of the school be condemned…

  62. Firstly the girl is to be blamed for such accusation towards d school…
    Secondly in my opinion I think this retraction was induced to save the image of the school…

  63. This is just aimed at protecting the image of the institute and nothing else. She can just wake up from dream and write those shit, when she is not practicing online imaginative essay writing

  64. I don’t believe that its not true maybe she was threatened and she divided to retract it hmmmm its well

  65. Why will she say something she was not sure of before and post it online, I smell something fishy in this

  66. Is obvious that she has been threatened to retract her statement, it has to be true or else she is mentally Ill…

  67. Is she in her right senses why will she say something she is not sure of,that’s blackmail and she must pay for this darely

  68. To me I feel she has been asked to do this. Probably the gang members have meet with her and have threatened her . higher institution no be primary school o.

  69. Is she really doing this in her own accord ? I kind of don’t believe this . But if nothing happened to her then she needs to be suspended from school

  70. See this nonsense. These girls should be apprehended and made to face the law also. How dare they do such

  71. Sometimes this girl’s are so stupid they will just accuse their lecturers for reaping them to frustrate their ifes

  72. It’s possible that she was making everything up. It’s also possible that she was being coerced to write that post. But, only God knoweth all

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