Lady reportedly sent out of church wedding for wearing trousers

A lady identified as Funmi Coco has expressed her disappointment at a church for sending her back over her choice of dressing during a church wedding.

Lady reportedly sent out of church wedding for wearing trousers lailasnews 3
Lady reportedly sent out of church wedding for wearing trousers

According to her, she chose to make a trouser out of the Aso Ebi but surprisingly she was asked to turn back at the church entrance just because the church policy doesn’t allow wearing of trousers.

Read her thread:

I’ve never been this embarrassed in my life  Issa thread!!!! So there is a young guy in my church who is getting married today. As y’all know the custom is to have the white wedding done in the bride’s church.

I sew a very lovely top with the Ankara they picked for the wedding.

On getting to the church few minutes ago I was asked to go back just because I was putting on trouser

I jejely carried my bag. I am in my house right now.

I’m not waiting for any yeye reception

Honestly this is very wrong. Me being a first timer at the church shouldn’t be sent out like that. Come to think of it I went there for a wedding!

If I wasn’t a Christian trust me with what just happened I wouldn’t want to give my life to Christ.

These churches need to learn how to accommodate people or is this how Jesus sent away the multitude?


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  2. Well, though it very wrong,but each church have their do’s and don’t…I remember being sent out of my friends church cos I covered my hair with handkerchief,and it was her wedding o

  3. Overzealous folks. Is that what we were sent to do. We r to preach Christ and him crucified. The Hold Spirit will convince on other things. Sister go and rest at home abeg. Same thing I will do

  4. Their fight for Christ is definitely going on the extremes..this was not how Jesus Christ won souls..By castigating, they are turning Christianity upside down.

  5. I don’t know why they sent her out because of trouser,every church have their doctrines, but wearing trouser is a not a sin ,in the scriptures itvwas stated they were wearing robes not trousers, so when God said don’t wear clothes meant for men he was taking about robe.

  6. To me this is bad, I don’t see anything wrong in someone putting on trouser, so far it’s not showing any part of her body and it looks decent on her…

  7. That is rubbish, Christianity is not by trouser but the state of your mind. Sorry for that my dear. Pls forgive them. And God too will forgive you.

  8. Who are we humans to judge others? We just do thinks based on our own feelings, even if the bible specified about this trouser issue, is it in our place to decide for others how they must dress.

  9. That is good, I love this. The way women wear trousers to church these days is becoming alarming. They abuse it and wear it any how.

  10. You should always ask questions before going disgrace your self.. You don’t wear anything you like to any Church you like..

  11. Yea tradition still do exist but in that special occasion the church should’t have acted that way with the visitors she is that day that is not good enough

  12. In order to avoid all this kind of embarrassment it is good that you respect yourself by dressing in a way that dignify the occasion that you are attending

  13. my dear u don’t need to be angry bcos if is a shrine u went to n were ask to go back bcos of trouser will u not obey,pls just take it like normal

  14. They shouldn’t have sent her away even if their Church doesn’t wear trouser they should av give her wrapper to cover it

  15. Even if they should send her away maybe she is ignorant of there rule,they should have done that politely,Serve God in truth and mind,not what you wear

  16. why would she wear trouser to the church did it not cross her mind that not all churches allows females to put on trousers to church? she deserves that embarrasment.

  17. Continue running to social media to run your mouths against the Church. The Church is the Body of social media, abi? Social media is the head of the Church, isn’t it? So it makes ‘sense’ that any small issue (or big) you should immediately run to social media (where you know you are sure to find atheists, anti-Christs, and spiritually-illiterate lazy so-called christians like yourself and who are ever-ready to bash pastors and churches, to justify you) to put the Church on blast. As if the Church and its Head are your mate.

    If you were really, truly a part of His Body, you would know that your Head i.e. Jesus Christ drove out of a wedding a wedding guest who was not properly attired according to the dress code. He says that is what God will do at the End of the Age, on the Day of Judgment.

    God in His mercy used that church to give you an EWS i.e early warning signal to check your lufe, your Christian walk before Him and instead of going to Him in meekness and humility of spirit to seek understanding and His Word and counsel on why what happened to you at the church happened, rather you are displaying that truly, your spiritual garment, and your heart, your way is/are not right before Him.

  18. I wil only blame the couple on dis.I think the couple shud have educated their invitees on the church’s dress code.
    Sorry sis.for d embarrassment.

  19. I don’t really know what some ladies of now our days want to turn marriage ceremony for
    That’s good.. i love that I think she should go and dress properly

  20. Iam sure you might have known the policy of the church even before you got there. The only thing you should have done is to wear the right dress they want you to wear. I wander why some people got angry when they were corrected about some simple things.

  21. My dear not all church tolerate all these your indicence attitude. Try and go to church with gown or long skirt old and save your self from embarrassment

  22. Before you go to a church, ask questions about their doctrine. Though it’s not so cool you were sent out but you wouldn’t have go back home.

  23. Why should a Lady Wear a trouser to church and you know that the church don’t accept such dressing, you made your self a goat among the sheep’s.

  24. My dear, u don’t have to be angry because every church has there dus and don’t so if u went to Rom u behave like Rom adapt in any environment even if is not ur life style.

  25. This is so wrong the trousers is a choice of her dressing and a church that does not condone that would have told her not to wear it next time and not send her away

  26. I feel you should have asked before stepping out to the venue as for the church they have their doctrine so if they do not even want to set their eyes on trousers I feel they should give Stern warning to their members that when coming with a visitor he /she should let the person know the church’s standard to avoid being embarrassed

  27. It depends my dear some church frown at it while some accommodate it so don’t take crime in what they have done even though it hurts

  28. This is completely unacceptable. Wearing trousers to the church, women should learn to dress modestly especially when they’re going for worship

  29. Every church have their rules and regulations that guides them but at same time I think the manner for which she was corrected wasn’t right.

  30. We have dress code for everything. Are you not an African lady? Most churches here don’t allow wearing trousers as a woman let alone wearing it to the church

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