Lady recounts how she was thrown out of moving one-chance bus, survived coma

Lady recounts how she was thrown out of moving one-chance bus. The near death incidence which occurred 7th of June sent her into a coma.

Lady identified as Ifeoma Nwaoma took to her Facebook page to share her story on how she cheated death after she was thrown out of moving one-chance bus.

Woman recounts how she was thrown out of moving one-chance bus, survived coma - lailasnews

She shared some graphic pictures of the injuries and sutures she had to undergo, she also shared medical tests and treatment she had to undergo and how she was able to survive coma. It all started when she left her house to go to the market to buy foodstuffs. Read her story below.

And i Left My House On 7th Of June (07/06/19) ,at about 2:pm Midday (Friday Precisely) .

i boarded a Public bus (Mini bus) from my busstop Enrout to ilekpo Market Lagos, where i Wanted to buy Food Stuffs.

Just Few Minutes drive from where i boarded (iyanakpaja) i Realized i have Entered a Wrong Vehicle. (ONE CHANCE PRECISELY ).

Drop Me here i Shouted & Shouted but the Driver increased his Speed instead . A total Number Of 5 Passenger’s were in the bus already (4Men & One Elderly Woman). Shut Up your Mouth Or we kill you here they all Echoed in Agreement.

Before i knew what was Going On they have Forcefully taken away my handbag ,and Pushed Me Out Of the Speeding Car. That was the Least i Remembered.

i Woke Up in the Hospital after Many Hours Of Unconsciousness (Coma). And Was told that Some Good Samaritans Carried Me to the Hospital were i was Giving Urgent Medication & Attention.


Bcuz i actually hittd My head and my Chest(breast) against the Culvet, and My Skull got broken with Many bruises On my body !

(1) No internal Head Or body injury was Sustained, (CT SCAN proved). Ordinarily Such Case’s Usually Ends Up with a Severe brain Problem (Lost of Memory), internal bleeding ,Etc.

(2)There was no Coming vehicle, else i would’ve been Crushed when i was Pushed Out of the Car. Bcuz this is a busy Speed lane that Never lacks Cars On it.

(3)The Driver was leta Apprehended as his Culprits Asconded .My phones were Recovered with Other Valuables .

(4)Above All , My Precious Life was Spared. Atleast I’m very Much alive to Share this Testimony My Self. The Enemy Meant it for Evil but Jehovah turned it to My Favor. That’s why i Call this God :

The Great Oracle that turns Upstacle into Miracle . My Life Keeper. Miracle Working God . Ever Loving ,Ever Living & Ever Caring God .The Master Planer. The Game Changer. The all knowing God. The God of all flesh. ETC..(Call him any Name Of your Choice plz)

Lam 3:37: Who Can say and it Come to Pass when God has not Commanded ? Nobody My brothers/Sisters. Indeed they planed My Death but the Master Planner Changed Dia Game plan and Gave Me Life Even More Abondantly(Jh 10:10).

I Return all Praise to God Almighty for Sparing & Saving My life . i Stand On (Ps 118:17) and Say , “That i will Not Die ,but Live to Declare the Lords Goodness in the Land of the Living . Amen.

Hear Me My Enemies, ” I’m too Defended to be Defeated . I’m too Surrounded to Surrender. I’m too Fortified to be Terrified. I’m too blessed to be Cursed. I’m too Anointed to be Molested. I’m too Protected to Die like a Chicken. And I’m too Graced to be Disgraced. Bcuz you Can’t kill God, YOU CAN’T ALSO KILL ME BEFORE MY TIME . Amen & Amen.
And for you reading this post, you will not die suddenly IJN Amen!

The Life Of IFYJESUS ,
I’m a Product Of Grace ,
If you touch Me by Mistake you Die by Correction ,

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