Lady recounts how she was robbed and pushed out of a moving car in Lagos

Lady recounts how she survived after she was beaten black and blue, robbed and pushed out of a moving car in Lagos.

The lady, Miss Peters took to her Twitter page to recount her experience in the hands of robbers who beat her, stole all her money, applied plenty aboniki balm in her eyes and pushed her out of a moving car she boarded while on her way for an exam in Lagos.

Lady recounts how she was robbed and pushed out of a moving car in Lagos

She wrote;

I don’t even know how to tell this story..😢😢 Last year August 9, 2018 I had Exams 8am before I left home that little voice that speaks to us , spoke to me to hide my ATM inside one open space in my bag I didn’t obey it 😥. I left around 4:40 so I could beat traffic.

Got to the bus stop and this car came sienna bus came out I usually enter them. So I jumped in and didnt even notice the people inside. I brought put my past question and my phone reading and we got to Iyana Ipaja he took another turn instead of down he went up I was surprised.

I took off my earpiece and asked him why he took up instead of down? He said coz of traffic, so I looked down and it was blocked so I didn’t bother I continued my reading and put on my earpiece back. At some point I felt uncomfortable but I didn’t show it. I kept reading.

I looked up I noticed we are around Agege I felt he will come out at Ikeja Along so i was not worried. As i was reading I heard “hold her from neck” I didn’t pay attention till few seconds letter I was like “neck ke” hold not my own neck o I laughed 🤣 before I could finish.

He was on my neck and trying to strangle me haaaa na my neck o😢 I shouted no one could hear me . Before then I was sitting at the edge one guy asked me to come inside that he wanted to drop so it will be easy for him. I obliged him and went in the middle.

While he was holding my neck I couldn’t breathe or move he said stay one place I will wound you o, I obeyed and he kept on heating me on my face and I asked them please what do you want? Pls I am only going for my exams please tell me what you want with so much tears in my eyes.

He pushed me from the seat to the floor and used his big shoes to hold my legs down and one from back said “she fine o” I knew what that means. I screamed please don’t hurt me what do you want? Don’t hurt me I am the only Child my Mother will die if she don’t see me .pls 😭😭😭

They all kept mute and didnt say anything, I kept on begging none listened to me so I requested to call my mother just got the last time if I was gonna be killed ” let me call my mother please ” i won’t say much i will just tell her i love her and hang up pleas sir.

They all looked at me and looked at each other and he said where do you live ? I told him and you are the only Child? I said yes.. he asked me to sit up and said I shouldn’t struggle or he will rape me inside this moving car I started begging him not to touch me.

He said if you struggle I will do it. I told him I was on my period , he looked at me and asked his second if I was really on my period the guy looked at my Boobs and said yes she is . Then I asked them again are you going to kill me? They all kept quiet and looked at each other

He requested for my beg and I gave him , he searched for my ATM and asked for the pin which I didnt hesitate to give him, one of them got down and used the ATM and redraw the cash and the ones with me in the car used my phone and transferred the remaining one. 😥

I told him I am going for my exams please don’t hurt me , he requested for my exam slip I gave him and asked me to keept mute . When I started begging him to speak to my mom he heat me more and more on my face. I couldn’t see well anymore everywhere become dark.

He called one of them and whispered to that one and he said we are going to drop you somewhere I was happy and joyous he promised to give me back my phone when we were almost there he said get ready and then he brought out Abonike balm I screamed sir I react to this pls don’t.

He dragged me by hair and packed so much Abonike in my eyes I went blind everywhere was really dark , christ I couldn’t see 😭😭. Then he pushed me out of the car I and one other guy I couldn’t see the guy was able to help me. I was shouting on the road I can’t see pls help me

To the bus stop all I could hear was peoples voices I couldn’t see😭 I heard a woman’s voice she held my hand and asked if I could see her I said no , she called a bike to come pick me to my house . And they didnt give me back my phone..
She instructed the bike to take me home

The bike got to Iyana ipaja and told me he’s going to put me inside keke and I told him my address, the keke man said he knows my Estate and we got to the house I told him to bang our gate my mom came out ” I was blind I couldn’t ee her. She led me inside.

I couldn’t see I thought I lost my sight. But I had faith that my God will do it after a week I was able to see and I missed my Exams tho. But I could see well again the sun was not for me always indoor. But I could see again I could see 😭😭😭😢😢God.

We spent all we could for my face to get back to normal it wasn’t working my mom asked me to relax that with time it will disappear I listened but my face is in a mess Mother, she will cry with me and console me to be calm hmmm

I used sher butter, tube cream prescribed by my doctor, till my mom googled coconut oil and what it does. Here we are today baby girl got her face back. All thanks to God, my mom and coconut oil.

All my friends and family who helped me thru it all I love you all so much.
he knows this story and man was just there
this one kept calling as if I was gonna runaway. I have the best Mother and I love you Mom. Just healing and still scared.

Today made it a year and I’m still scared Cox everything replayed on my head but I thank God I am here in the land of the living and my Mom didn’t cry over me was just wondering what would’ve happened to her. So many temptations but I was told I am a strong woman .

See who’s smiling and seeing well. Please always be careful coz they didn’t come to rob me but God saved me . Till date I get scared each time I see a sienna bus i feel they are coming for me. But I know these will pass. Thank you guys for ur concern. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I took this pictures yesterday and I realized I made it to the finish line . My name went me “Ijeoma” in Igbo means (safe journey) here I am safe and sound tho the devil tried I won my God did it . I thank him (God) he really do loves me and I know .

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