Lady receives over 7000 messages after requesting for Valentine’s date

A lady who requested for a Valentine’s date last week in a viral video, has revealed that she has received over 7000 messages from various prospects from across the world.

In the viral video clip, the lady identified as Lorraine Guyo from Harare in Zimbabwe, was recorded pleading with men to propose to her before the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) as she did not want to be single on the day.

Lady who requested for Valentine's date receives over 7000 messages lailasnews 3
Lady who requested for Valentine’s date receives over 7000 messages

The beautiful lady who was sacked from her work after the video went viral but was later called back, has opened up on the fiasco.

“This is one of the many videos I’ve recorded. It’s just that this one made it’s way to the public but I’ve many of them. I’m very passionate about acting and recording my skits.

“I recorded this particular one as a joke for Valentine’s Day. Sadly, there were people who didn’t understand that it was a joke and blew the whole issue out of proportion.”

As a result of the video that went viral, Lorraine said she received 7 000 messages on her WhatsApp from various people.

“I don’t know who put my number on social media. I received 7 000 messages on WhatsApp and actually had to block my Econet line as my phone was now crashing. These (messages) were from men who had liked what they had seen and wanted to be my Valentine’s dates.”


  1. Nawaoh, joke or not, you have gotten what you requested for just make a good choice.
    Goodluck on that girl

  2. This is how ladies end up in the hand of wrong men. How can you plead on social network for something like this? You draw all sorts of characters to yourself and at the end you begin to trouble God with “Why me”

  3. Congratulations Mrs Valentine. Lol. Na u find trouble. Deal with it. U must reply all of them and go out with all of them. Have fun

  4. Well you asked for it and they are coming so why complainning make your choice and go for one

  5. Is time to respond don’t think you will be joking with such things how do you want them to understand. Accept their request because you asked for it.

  6. I can imagine there will be lots of application and corresponding knocks. Let’s see how this pans out.

  7. well you got what you ask for jokingly.. i dont think all those 7000 men wants to settle down with you.
    they want something else

  8. What!? 7000 likes within a week! Desperate men… If it was their help she needed trust she won’t get up to 70 hands for assistance

  9. I don’t understand why some people are not understanding words before there foolish hasty generalization

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