Lady posts video of her mother and Aunty seriously crying because Mehek, their favorite character on Zeeworld died

A grown woman has surprised many people by the way she was crying because of a movie character.

The woman who is grown was seen crying in a viral video because Mehek, their favorite character on Zeeworld died.

ZeeWorld is a station on the satellite TV where they show exclusive Indian movies and Mehek is a popular character in one of the series in the movies.

The lady uploaded the viral video online o show the world how much her aunty is obsessed to Mehek and this has cracked up many people.

Watch the video below:


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  1. lol. my mum called me all the way from lagos to complain that mahek is dead also. she was not happy atall. mehnn i dont have time for mahek biko. i have never seen one episode. i dont know how mumsi became a real fan of mahek. Always talking about mahek!!!

    mahek gbakwaoku

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