Lady on Twitter says it’s mandatory to tip waiters for good services

A lady on Twitter has sparked debate after she said it’s mandatory to tip workers in restaurants for service rendered.

This has caused a hit debate on Twitter, as social media users, has share their opinion on giving tips after service in restaurants.

According to the lady with the username @Imoteda, she said;

You people really think it’s alright to get service and not tip?!!!

Like seriously?? So when you get your hair and nails done you just walk out???

You go out to eat and just bounce??? I am appalled!”

She added that people should stay back home if they can’t tip workers when they go to the restaurant to eat.

honestly sit at home abeg.”

Meanwhile, This has caused a debate on Twitter, as Twitter users reacts to her opinion. Some people supported her, while others slammed her for her sense of entitlement.

See some of the reactions;


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