Lady narrates how she was kidnapped by human parts dealers (video)

A Nigerian woman has narrated her horrific experience after she was kidnapped in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

She explained that she was on her way home from work on Sunday, May 23, when she entered a commercial mini bus not knowing that the occupants were kidnappers.

According to her, the bus driver claimed to be going to St John’s on Iwofe Road but few minutes later, some of the occupants brought out penknives and guns and threatened them to be silent.

The kidnappers also opened a cooler containing human parts and ice block in order to scare them from screaming.

On getting to a police checkpoint, the police collected 100 Naira bribe and didn’t search the car.

She said they were taken a forest in Etche local government, where rich regularly visited to buy human body parts.

During her stay in the forest, the victim claimed the kidnappers spoke about 2023 elections and how many politician will be needing human parts.

Watch the shocking video below.


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