Lady narrates how passersby helped her arrest thief who snatched her bag

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate how some passersby assisted her in arresting a thief who snatched her bag at a bus stop in Lagos.

According to her, the passerby were attracted by her cry for help after the culprit snatched the bag and was heading towards a dark alley.

File Photo: Lady narrates how passersby helped her arrest thief who snatched her bag

She wrote:

I was robbed last night on my way home, just before Ajah under bridge from ilaje. In a split second of moving my bag from my shoulder to my hand, someone tore my dress, snatched it and took off. I immediately ran after him shouting “ole ole” & might’ve caught up but I became scared because he was running towards a dark spot so I stopped chasing him.

I returned to the initial point distraught & confused. I didn’t know what next to do because my bag had my keys, cash, cards, phone, etc, so I just stood there heaving & very near tears.

Some passers by started asking questions, a babe told me to go home & break my lock (not sure it’s possible). Next, some men started to call for me to come. The babe advised me not to go but a man offered to go along w me (I’m a very paranoid person so I assumed he was in on it).

Then, I saw 3 men walking towards us pushing 1 fwd, the thief. Turned out my screams alerted them & they nabbed him. They made him return my bag & stayed while I made sure everything was intact–phone, wallet w all my money, cards, etc. Some walked w me till I got in a vehicle.

I’m so grateful to everyone that helped in some way. It was comforting to see good people out there in the streets of this place called a country.



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