Lady narrates how her life was almost ended by robbers on Lagos road

A young lady, Shalewa by name has taken to Twitter to narrate the unfortunate incident that happened to her on Lagos road yesterday.

According to her, she has almost given up the ghost as she thought it was the end of her life as armed robbers launched an attack on a bus driver while on the motion.

Read how it all happened as narrated by her via her twitter handle @Shalley_T:

My life is a movie and it nearly ended yesternite 27th of June;
It all started when my agent called to inform me that his partner haff chop my money n I might lose the new apartment I just got.

The fear of getting duped in this Lagos is the beginning of prompt actions.Sharpaly

I was on my way to Iyana Ipaja from Ajah,My chest was just doing somehow like what if they dont refund my money. So I got there and it was rectified. Now fast forward to when I was going back to Ajah around 8pm

’Oshodi 50 naira standing’
I was like,God your baby needs a car 😪

I shaa entered and grabbed onto something before they’ll press brake and use my head to Jam metal. A few minutes later, some guys were on the road waving and flashing torchlight at the driver to slow down. He drove past them only for 3 of them to show up on a bike.

2 guys entered and started yelling at the driver to stop the car because he spoilt their ’caution sign’ which none of us noticed when we drove past them.The passengers tried to pacify them but me I wasn’t interested because I was tired and hungry.They started hitting the driver insisting that he should stop the bus and walk back to their car.

The man said No and refused to get his hands off the wheels. I was close to the front door so I was already thinking about how to jump out in case it gets worse.

As I was still trying to figure out best way to jump, the second set (4)arrived on 2 bikes,pounced on the driver and tried to make him stop the bus. We were all screaming already because one or the other, we were on the brink of having a ghastly accident. The driver was overpowered but still held on to the steering even though he was driving recklessly.

I was at the front thinking about my last moment and what my body gon look like, I was too scared to scream. Unknown to me that some of these guys were already collecting people’s phones from the back, they pounced on a male passenger who tried toprove stubborn and also took his phone.

The driver was struggling with the dudes and steering wheel. They opened his safe and packed everything there. That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. The driver shaa managed to hit the door button blocking means of escape.

Everybody started shouting ”Ole ole ole”. We were doing the accident zigzag thing, hitting cars and covets. The fact that we knew we were all going to die increased our voices and we were all screaming at the top of our lungs.

The bad guys sensed they were in danger and made frantic efforts to escape. By now, everywhere was looking like a battlefield as passengers were already fighting the bad guys. The managed to escape through the window (driver’s window)but one was unfortunate.

The passengers pounced on him and that was a golden moment. One person suggested the driver should take him to Oshodi so boys can ’do their thing ’ with him. Some suggested throwing him out while on motion and we concluded that the police station was the best option.

That was how we drove down to SARZ Station Onilekere with our robber. Dude was bleeding already because every single passenger served him beating. Our driver’s face was out of shape and he already lost a tooth, we handed him over to them.

When you’re close to dying in a gruesome manner, the last thing you’ll want to do is to start recording. I wasn’t even praying when all the drama was happening, I was thinking about my last moment.

When I got home, all I could say was ”Jesus you love me too much”

Pardon the grammatical errors and poor narration.

Thanks for all the calls and messages, the Almighty God in his infinite mercies will continue to protect each and every one of us from bad peeps.


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