Lady narrates how a man sprayed money on her, in the presence of her man

A Nigerian lady has narrated how a man sprayed her money in a club in the presence of the man she came with.

Narrating her story, the lady said she went to the club with a guy and a man from the VIP section sent one of his boys to call her.

However, she refused to answer the man but was surprised when the man came to the section of the club where she was dancing and started spraying money on her which made the guy she came with to be confused.

She tweeted;

“Just remembered when I went to the club w one guy and a man in the VIP sent one of his men to call me😂, I did not answer and the man came to the section I was and started spraying me money in the presence of the guy I came with, the guy was so confused omg😂🤣”

The lady also revealed that she didn’t go with the man out of respect for the guy but that she picked the money the man sprayed on her.

“I did not go with the man sha, I really liked the guy back then so I respected him”

“Of course, got like 48k, even the waiters and waitresses around me picked money, the man sprayed a lot of money and it was like 1k notes, at a point, I got tired of picking so I left it”


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