Lady in trouble after fraudsters used her account for N5million transaction

A pretty lady in trouble and currently in police custody after she allowed unknown fraudsters use her bank account for fraudulent transactions.

According to a detective who took to social media, this is now a trick scammers utilise in tricking Nigerians into their fraudulent activities.

Lady in trouble after fraudsters used her account for N5million transaction lailasnews 2
Lady in trouble after fraudsters used her account for N5million transaction

Ogbonnaya Nwota, revealed that the young lady simply identified as Amaka, is currently in police custody after she was involved in a fraud case of N5 million which was paid into her account by a “good Samaritan” from Facebook who later rewarded her with N100,000.

Read below what the detective shared on Facebook; 

She went down on her knees as she was ushered into my office, weeping uncontrollably, she muttered, ‘Officer, please, help me. I need your help. Yes, I acted stupidly, but I didn’t do it’. Having comported herself, I demanded to know her story regarding a case of fraud of N5, 000, 000 (Five Million Naira) I was investigating.

Amaka, 33, tall, elegant, hippy and busty, a young graduate in Owerri, is an active netizen of social media. She belongs to many Facebook groups. On one of the groups, the Admin on a Sunday morning asked members to post their account details, as someone maybe touched to ‘do Sunday’ for them. Different account details flowed ceaselessly on the group’s platform and few confessed how some hitherto unknown persons have credited their accounts.

Amaka got a chat up from someone who promised to send money to her the following day being Monday. The duo chatted for about 15 minutes on Facebook with the man bragging how money wasn’t his problem but a good lady to spend it on. They ended up booking an appointment to see each other the following day since both of them stay in same city.

Both kept to the time of their appointment and in a few minutes, ordered for food in an exquisite eatery where the meeting was taken place. The guy re-emphasized how wealthy a man he is to Amaka and promised to see her more often, when he returns from his intended overseas trip.

The guy was glued to his phone and ipad, pressing them interchangeably and smiling intermittently at no one in particular. As they were about to leave, he told Amaka to expect an alert of N50, 000 from him and while he was paying the bills for their order, Amaka got an alert of N5, 000, 000 (Five Million naira), which she didn’t notice initially was N5, 000, 000 until when the guy asked her to recheck the alert she got, telling her that he mistakenly transferred 5M instead of 50k as promised.

Both headed to the bank in the guy’s car. He told Amaka to withdraw the entire 5M from the bank, pay whatever charges and hand over the cash to him. He as well upgraded Amaka’s cash gift to 100k. Amaka who was already elated dashed into the bank, while the guy sat comfortably in his car outside the bank premises.

About 30 minutes later, Amaka was back in the guy’s car and handed over the cash to him, having collected her N100k. She was dropped off few minutes after and she boarded a taxi to her house with indescribable happiness written over her face. What a day she exclaimed as she opened the door to her house. No sex, no request for sex, no touch, no even a hug and she was given N100K. It was simply unbelievable to her.

A week later Amaka was at her bank’s ATM to withdraw some cash, but the card got trapped. She went into the bank to lodge a complaint and possibly retrieve her card, but instead of giving her the card, she was handed over to the Police and that was how she was brought to my office.

Police investigations linked Amaka’s bank account to a sum of Five Million naira moved from a certain company’s account that was hacked into by some fraudsters.

Investigation is ongoing, but until Amaka produces the guy she alleged transferred the said money to her, of course whose Facebook is no longer in existence and phone number inactive and the guy also admits to have made the said transfer to Amaka, Amaka will definitely be contesting her innocence in the court of law, where she will be charged for fraud.

Times are perilous, my people. The criminals are obviously getting wiser and you must remain vigilant in order not to be tacitly involved in a crime you know nothing about. Secure your account details and report to the Police if you receive any suspicious credit alert.

Learn from the mistakes of others.


  1. This is what greed can get you…she should have know it was a scam set up. She is on a deep mess now as she doesn’t know the guy’s house or whereabouts… This is a great lesson to young girls out there.

  2. Women in particular really need to be careful of all the wolves in sheep’s clothing not all that glitters is gold, now as innocent as she is she has to pay for the crime she knows nothing about .

  3. That’s should serve as a lesson for all these digital young hot blood girls who don’t want to suffer and at the same time not ready to get themselves occupied with work that can give them the money they need

  4. She is on a deep mess now as she doesn’t know the guy’s house or whereabouts… This is a great lesson to young girls out there. May God have mercy

  5. Wow the guy really planned it in a good way that he can’t be easily caught but so sorry for Amaka because of her taste for money landed her in such a big problem

  6. You have implicated yourself in the name of money, that is good then, you will rest in peace in the prison in the police station.

  7. my ideology is this any freebies from stranger is a scam. men will suspect that this is a crime proceeds, but women will says that today is her lucky day because they like freebies that is why they use ladies for rituals easily.

  8. Wow,
    What a wicked world we are in
    Oh God come to her rescue
    But dose it mean she never suspected any foul play?

  9. She actually dung her own grave, she shouldnt have given her details to him in the first place. This is also a warning to the public that we should be careful of whom we give our details to.

  10. Because of 100k now she put herself in trouble may God help her in this o I know by knw she would have learnt her lesson

  11. This is truly what going on now,by friend has fall the victim of it,everybody should be careful how he or she is relating to strangers

  12. I really pity her. This is to the public, don’t give anybody your pin , bvn and any of your security to your account . You notice any illegal removal of your money in your account report directly to the police and the bank

  13. What a pity. It’s not good to accept anyone In Your life, just because of money. Especially through social media like that.

  14. this is definitely an eye opener. one would not have expected to be in such a mess through this means and yes, just like the writer said, scammers are getting wiser by the day and if you’re not a fast thinker, you might end up in their nest which can be very deadly if you ask me. but with the tough economic condition of our country, who wouldnt want to receive a free money? another reason more people will definitely fall into this trap again and again.

  15. She is so loose for her to go on a date with a guy she just mate on line and on first date she mistakenly transfer 5,000,000 into your account and you went and withdrew same amount and returned it to him, my question is how did you transfer it, did you use ATM or Mobil transfer, all am saying is that l don’t believe you and will dance the music as it is playing

  16. See how an innocent person will pay for someone else’s crime, she should just pray for God to vindicate her.

  17. Hmmm! This girl is in a serious “gbege”o.Only a miracle can save her neck now.She has 2 produce d guy or risk going 2 jail.This shud serve as warning to all & sundry

  18. I think anyone reading this news should learn from it and be wise too and also deseminate the information to their love once. No one should blame the girl cos she did not do anything wrong but the guy used her to grab what he needed. That is act of wickedness. Everyone in the girls shoe will help him with free mind

  19. I really don’t blame the lady, most of us here can still fall into this same trap. She never knew what she found her self into. People should really be careful whom they give there account details to according to the poster, criminals are getting wiser this days and being more smart. All that glitters are not gold. Atimes it’s our greed and love of money and material things that lead us into this mess. We should also be careful of people we meet on social media too as this is the major place this criminals get there victims from

  20. This is the reason why we should be careful with the actions we take as individuals. As we would also be held responsible for every action we take. I would say to the lady; be careful next time.

  21. We need to be careful with what we do online and the people we chat with to avoid entering into trouble like what happened to the young lady called amaka.

  22. Single ladies r so desperate to do anything,,,she has just gotten herself into a big mess n have actually learnt a life time lesson,,we just need to hear the verdict from d court

  23. Greed, free money see where it has landed her….I hope her Sunday was made indeed. Everyone has to be careful

  24. This is a great lesson and an eye opener’s to people who often flirt their account details to partial known people.

  25. Hmmm now she has to pay for the crime she didn’t commit but she may be guilty that’s what you get when greed is involved . its such a sad situation

  26. I pray she scale through ooooo that’s why you don’t disclose your account details or bvn number to anyone trust nobody….I pray she gets out of this

  27. The guy is really smart, how can they do such a thing to the poor girl, the girl dshoild know that every free gift there is a request attached to it which you must pay heavily, amaka made a mistake of meeting the wtong guy, the guy was extrem smart, amaka should a least know the identity of the guy which may help her in a way, this will be also a warning to all sinhle ladies that are desperate to meet rich guys, without knowing their identity, they do what ever he said, this is too bad

  28. This Yahoo boys will not rest. Always coming up with new ideas to steal from people and go free akk the time. Sorry for you fine girl. Business gone wrong.

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