Lady gets married to her husband 15 days after they met

Social media users are reacting to the amazing love story of a couple who got married just 15 days after they first met.

Lady gets married to her husband 15 days after they met lailasnews

We have heard of many amazing love stories, and this must surely top the list.

According to the lady who shared their amazing journey on social media, the couple married just 15 days after they met at her sister’s house on July 20, 2020.

She said they talked every night until 5-6 in the morning before walking down the aisle. Ebony Wade-Carr further revealed that it is the first time she has felt so sure about a man. See what she wrote below;

Married in 15 days…

On July 5, 2020.. I met my husband while he was delivering furniture to my sisters house… When they were almost finished he asked me for ”Myspace”..

Lol, i gave him my FB and before he drove off he had already requested me and sent me and inbox! We talked that night and every night after until 5-6 in the morning!

It just felt right! By the middle of the week he said he wanted to be with me forever…by Friday we talked abut marriage and obtaining a license.. by the end of the conversation he had sent me all his information.

First time in my life a man has been so for sure about me!!!

Saturday he bought a ring.. Sunday was our first date.. Monday we go our marriage license!

The following Friday he met my best friends and fit in perfectly.. on monday morning, July 20,2020 we married!

When i say his man made plans for me…. whew chile… a week later he had us a place!

Every day since then God has been blessing us! Everything has been lining up.. he provides for us while i focus on nursing school! He’s so sweet, caring, kind and patient… God knew we need each otther! I love Tyrus Carr and i thank God for you.

Lady gets married to her husband 15 days after they met

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