Lady finds best friend in boyfriend’s house after insulting his mother and manhood

A lady who insulted her boyfriend’s mother and further claimed that his ‘manhood is small’, has cried out after she found her best friend in her boyfriend’s house.

Lady finds best friend in boyfriend's house after insulting his mother and manhood lailasnews

According to the distraught lady, she found her best friend cleaning her boyfriend’s house in a shirt she bought him. She further revealed that the gateman was ordered to push her out like a ‘thief’. Read her text below;

Lady finds best friend in boyfriend's house after insulting his mother and manhood lailasnews 1

This is coming after we reported that a Nigerian lady whose friend is getting married this next month,  disclosed that her friend’s groom is the man she warned her about. According to the Nigerian lady who wished her friend all the best in her marriage, she heard she is even pregnant for the man.


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  1. What should we do now, you have insulted his mother and manhood, you have given it out what you deserve, sorry dear.

  2. What is she going to do about it, that means her best friend has interest in her boyfriend for long so she use the opportunity she had to grab the guy

  3. Lesson to learn, you don’t open your mouth to say whatever suits you to someone to the extent of referring to his mother. Next time you watch your mouth young lady.

  4. There are people and there are people she is crazy why can’t people control their mouth nonsense that serves you right.

  5. Lol. She just played you . Now it’s a joke on you . Don’t trust anybody with your boyfriend even your best friend . A lesson learnt

  6. One mans meat is another man’s poison….that serves her right. She should learn to appreciate people and respect their relationship.

  7. Her friend had betrayed her friendship, but it’s not yet late she should plead with her boyfriend to reconcile maybe he can consider.

  8. She is OK with the guy’s mother and his small manhood that why she is there if,you that is not OK with the manhood and the mother go and get yourself your Mr right

  9. One man’s food is another man’s poison. What seems to you to be nothing and unappreciated is another person’s treasure. There is a saying that: “you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it “.

  10. She the idiot what else does she want again abeg leave your friend and let her enjoy him one man’s is another man’s poison

  11. Ladies world, full of chaos.
    After abusing the guy of small dick why do you still want him, let Agie that like small nkokoyo enjoy it.

  12. It’s not her best friend’s fault. After all the insults. To the extent of insulting his mother. What is she going back there to do with a man with small manhood.

  13. That serve you right, you seem not to be interested in the man and someone else did, eve n though, it shouldn’t have been your best friend

  14. You see yourself, some persons will never know the value of what they have untill it is taken away from them. Keep insulting and cursing, ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison’. What do you even want with a man that has small manhood, kekekehahah

  15. I don’t understand why she is angry. She doesn’t appreciate what she has, so someone else had to replace her. Was she expecting the guy to remain alone, she must have learnt her lesson now

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