Lady dragged on Twitter for preaching to a Muslim Uber driver

Nigerian Christian woman has been dragged after she revealed that she preached to a Muslim online driver.

According to her, she preached to her Muslim Uber driver and he payed attention to every word she spoke.

She said; “ So I preached Christ to my Uber driver today. A Muslim but he payed attention to every word I spoke.”

She added that she was glad that she planted the of Christianity in him while stating that the young man was looking at her through the window.

“ the young man was he was just looking at me through his mirror..Like why would this young fine girl be carrying Jesus on her head like this🤣

“I’m so glad I was able to plant the seed in his heart.” She tweeted.

However, her tweet has gotten lots of backlash from Muslims and other social media users as they slammed her for having a “superiority aura.”

Others also said she disrespected the Uber driver’s religion and belief.


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