Lady claims she was given N100k to buy Ice Cream, mocks poor guys

A lady identified on Facebook as Nonny Blessing, took to the platform to disclose that she was  given N100k to buy Ice Cream as she mocked “poor” guys.

Lady claims she was given N100k to buy Ice Cream, mocks poor guys lailasnews

The lady who professed love for her boyfriend who she claimed gave her N100k to buy Ice Cream, wrote;

 When you have a good boyfriend not all this poor poor boys that can’t give there girlfriend 100k to use and buy ice cream thanks to my boyfriend kiss kiss..

Lady claims she was given N100k to buy Ice Cream, mocks poor guys lailasnews 1 Lady claims she was given N100k to buy Ice Cream, mocks poor guys lailasnews 2

This is coming few days after same lady who claims to be a UNILAG graduate shared a photo of herself with a condom strapped to her bra, disclosing she needed to be serviced.


  1. 100k for ice cream,,abeg where guy they work?some girls we never learn later u will not see ur pant careful ooo

  2. This is how young ladies display their stupidity on internet…….. Continue to lick ice cream oooo but make you open your eyes because e fit be say na your destiny you dey lick dey go.

  3. So has your boyfriend done you good by giving you 100k for ice cream, don’t worry he will soon use you for whatever he wants to do with you.

  4. Who she done help can she made herself that is my question not she snapping herself with 100 k and thinking life is finished, take caution less you fall into pit baby girl

  5. She’s stupid then, poverty is not in the amount of money, I guess I’ve taught people about this severally!!!

  6. No problem he we still used you for money retuals at last, you better be carefull about such guy you are dating

  7. Well thast how they would be talking anyhow when things are good and when things go bad she would start running back to the poor guys

  8. Congratulations, you have to be careful this girl. If you are wise, you will spend the money wisely. Invest the money into something meaningful.

  9. Ice cream of 100000 naira? That is a huge of amount. I don’t think that is true. She suppose not to mock poor boyfriend, because no one knows tomorrow.

  10. Your doom is extremely close to your door. You went to higher institution to become a fool of the highest order, shame on you. Why didn’t your parent made more money for you instead.

  11. Congratulations dear.make sure you use the money wisely so you won’t go back to ur previous situation be wise, be smart ,more grace.

  12. Girls with the spirit of mockery , given such amount of money to buy ice cream and she does not know the source of the money and that’s how they will fall victim of ritualist because of money

  13. After the ice cream she will be used to make the next money they will use in buying ice cream for the next girl

  14. This is how they use them for money ritual, 100k for ice cream and they would be blaming yahoo boys.

  15. Attention seeker, nobody gave you 100k for ice cream. Jus want to advertise to would be customers if u know u know

  16. I laugh in Igbo…. soon, when they use your eyes to see something, you will reject even 10 nairn to buy ice cream

  17. I don’t pity you but i pity your parent because sure they’ll this post get in touch with them.. When you’ll be use for ritual as at then you’ll understand what life it


  19. May dear, thank God for your rich boyfriend. I pray it continues and don’t come here any day and tell us that your pant is missing…

  20. After servicing her, she got 100k. Pure rubbish. Just to buy ice cream? Hmm. Really pity her condition

  21. You better start looking for a job for your own good before you get yourself in the hand of money ritualist

  22. 100k for ice cream, congratulations, this is rich guys gift, please poor guys make sure you give your babies at least #200. As poor guys concern.

  23. 100k for ice cream,we await the continuation of your story because certainly this cannot be the end. Shine your eyes now before it is too late

  24. That is how it will start oh! After he will use your unders for the next 100000 for his next girl friend , hmm

  25. Very soon I tell you this day your face will not be recognized anymore in the society for you have just started digging your own grave by yourself..

  26. clap for for ur self, ice cream is ur problem, 100k, do u knw dat 100k can take u to early grave becareful my sis

  27. Soon she will be complaining about her destiny been used.
    Just because of 100k.
    Please stop abusing the poor, being poor today doesn’t mean they will be poor tomorrow

  28. I’m just sorry for the guy you’re hanging out with, he doesn’t know yet that he has no girl friend, but somebody who depend solely on his money. The truth will unveil very soon, but until then spend the cash while it lasts.

  29. Girl this so bad, you taught he gave you that money of free will shey, don’t worry na, you will soon be used an a shrine that produces 200k eveey month

  30. Of a truth, one bundle of #500 is #50,000. So don’t even know how much she was giving. Ladies believe money is the highest, no.

  31. Which ice cream I don’t know when girls will begin to have sense..i pray she doesn’t end up with tears.

  32. Nigerian girls can’t learn from other victims, 100k is now big in your eyes. do you know what he used in exchange of the 100k?

  33. A guy who gives you that amount of money just to buy ice cream clearly doesn’t love you. Be wise dear!

  34. Look at the thing. She don’t know a reasonable guy won’t give his girlfriend 100k for ice cream. She is been paid for her destiny

  35. Ice cream 100k right is a normal thing but don’t worry u are eating ur own na, because u might not have the mouth to eat it again

  36. All these ladies wanna enjoy and don’t even care about their future. Yhur boyfriend doesn’t work for money so he will spend it recklessly. I just pity yhu.

  37. A lot of ladies are getting easily moved by material things.Who told them they can’t work for their money.100k for ice cream, who does that.Some ladies should start saying the truth.

  38. 100k for ice cream, it’s only you that knows where your cream is. The money is for service well rendered, Be looking for rich guys, God will not allow you to fall into the hands of those poor guy’s that wish to be like your boyfriend.

  39. Money the say is the root of all evil. Hope you have not sold your birthright and destiny just because of 100k. Had I know do come at last. Keep kissing for 100k you will cry when the chips are down. Greedy ladies… Be careful.

  40. Weldon ma, your boyfriend gave you 100k to buy ice cream did you know where he is getting is money from, just make sure u did not off ur pant and kept it where he is going to see it o

  41. This is how it starts…. If you had a boyfriend why would you be crying out that you need someone to service you… Just be careful that you don’t get used to buy Benz

  42. Have fun, enjoy it while it last, because very soon your pant will be used for rituals. It’s only a thief, fraudster,or a ritualist that can give out such huge amount for ice cream.

  43. Its your lock, thank God for that and dnt be surprised that those once you called poor will be richer than you in no time

  44. Money can’t buy a true love let’s be wise men with wicked mind can do anything to put girls
    like you

  45. You have sold your destiny already. Your boyfriend giving you 100k for ice cream and you are happy don’t worry no run for your life, you will soon be a victim.

  46. Hmm I don’t know what to say
    How can a guy give u 100k to buy ice cream not phone or clothes I can see the of sub on her body

  47. Is this what you are boasting about? Make sure you keep taking counts of your pants, when they are done with your pants, as in when all of them are finished then you will be used as a whole for ritual

  48. I pity your life, after now you’ll say you’re looking for your pant someone gave you 100k for ice cream you’re mocking the person. You better take life easy

  49. This one is definitely a prostitute looking for attention.. Same girl that said her bf gave her 100k for ice cream posted she needed to be serviced.. Lol.. One don’t need to waste time trying to figure out what type of person she is.. Attention seeker. Who knows if she actually even went to a uni, no to talk about unilag

  50. Keep on licking your ice cream as your blood will licked back later,
    Do you know how many pants and bra you’ve missed unnoticed.❓

  51. She has to be very careful,those guys can’t give you 100k with collecting something more important from you

  52. Don’t believed you girl looking at you, you don’t look like someone that has seen 100k before. But if truly your boyfriend gave you 100k for ice cream kudos to him but remember he will ask you for something bigger in return which may cause your life so be careful.

  53. Auntie wehdone, you’re broke cause that’s the only reason he’ll give you such amount for ice cream and you’re still mocking broke guys, you’re confused. Better Goan do something to help yourself

  54. She as just sold herself for just 100k, for a guy to give you 100k for ice cream, he knows what he will get in return. Wasted future.

  55. Only God knows what you did for him that warrant you 100k and wat he got from you before releasing such money to you. I hope u end well last last

  56. No boyfriend gave her money she only sold her self for sex to earn money, wasn’t she asking men to come and service her

  57. Who ice cream help?but ur pant would have helped that guy that bot the ice cream and your destiny cut short….you better start praying to God to restore your destiny…

  58. By their faces you shall know them, ladies are the one killing them selves in this country do you think the guy that gave her the 100k is a fool, he will surely use something as replacement….i know she would have sold her pant…

  59. That’s good for you, did you ask your boyfriend which work is he doing before collecting the money for ice cream, if he really sweat for the money, she won’t give you 100k for ice cream, I pity your pants,thats the money he paid in advance for your pants

  60. Congrat , God will help you not to be used for anything bad. #100k ice cream is not okay ask him to give you more. You better Repent now.

  61. The lady does not know anything until the boy use her you use what you have to get what you want which is bad

  62. Na ritual dem go carry u do last last,100k afta ur pussy been fucked,nd later use u for d renewal of ritual,I pity ur damn life

  63. Some girls are just useless and foolish in this life, so because you claim to be given 100k for ice cream that’s why you should attribute guys as poor.

  64. You are an epitome of shame to this nation, your mate are in their husbands house and you are here talking about boyfriend, look at your mouth like #100k ice cream

  65. Well done girl keep collecting 100k for just ice cream and if you want money for food then you get 300k. Instead of you to encourage your guy to use the money for reasonable thing, you are there lavishly spending the guy money… I hope if the guy is broke tomorrow you will still stay with him.

  66. 100,000 for ice cream.. dont worry you will start vomitting that 100,000 and more for your boy friend.. your not ashamed

  67. 100k for ice cream, is that all what life is about? He has collected more valuable treasure from you self.

  68. Look at her ugly face and the dirty surrounding she lives in, ur mocking broke guys when your mate are out there making money for themselves and your here calling ppl broke. Broke ass girl

  69. Don’t worry very soon your pants will be incomplete. If you like don’t go and find good good job or business for yourself.

  70. The person who gave 100k for ice cream will soon give you more money to buy bitter cola.You must be very deficient in your thinking.

  71. Is this girl in this country self with the way guys are using girls for rituals she still don’t have sense well she is already empty

  72. Olosho spotted,weldon make sure that your pants are complete before you will leak your whole life join the ice cream

  73. don’t mind her, she is paid 100k for her glory that worth millions of that. He sold her glory for ice cream. Shameless girl.

  74. You’ve to protect your self very well tlif you want to deceive a guy if not I hope you will not fall victims of rituals

  75. It will soon clear for your eyes.I am awaiting to read again that you have been use for ritual by yahoo boys.It is highly time you repent and be contempted with what you have

  76. Girls will never be wise so amidst all the happening you still falling for ordinary 100k in your mind you think you used protection so you free let me ask you who bought the condom? did you inspect it before it was opened?.Girls be wise

  77. He is paying for your life gradually, don’t worry continue he will soon give you 300k for pant. Ritual ingredient

  78. Don’t mind this girl oo that money is a ritual money, she will soon be use for the ritual her boyfriend is waiting for the right time.

  79. That’s how some of them will end up being used for ritual purpose. You better start working hard and earn a living for yourself and stop mocking poor guys

  80. She could not even ask herself hw can her boyfriend just give her 100k to buy ice cream… My sister e don take u do ritual u better go count Ur pant… Some girls sha

  81. Why call others poor when they are better than you? I think you are poore I’d not you will not be sleeping around with men you call boy friends for money. After all some rich girls pay their boy friends bills. They are girls like you.

  82. I think your boyfriend must have sold your pant for 350k to ritualist and gave you your own share of the money which is 100k if you don’t know.

  83. I guess the money was a clear use what you have to get whatever you want including the money for ice cream . Congrats to her

  84. Giving you 100k is nothing, some give their girlfriends more than that, but it will be better if you work for your money, that is the only way your guy can respect you.

  85. I think the department of ritual is gratually expecting your posting. Or probably, the boyfriend is a yahoo boy.

  86. Just count yourself among those that will soon be used as ritual or you don’t know about yahoo and girls pant besides I saw condom on your breast side that gives me prove that he must have snatched your panties

  87. Just be watchful so that you won’t at last be used for ritual like the ones we’ve been hearing about this days

  88. This girl you are now fooling yourself and thought you are doing the right thing. I know you when you’re small and I never expect such from you

  89. That so called boyfriend that gave you N100k to buy Ice Cream, both of you are very stupid. He will soon use your pant

  90. Thank God for your boyfriend, he is generous are you generous or you only know yourself poor Street girl.

  91. He gave out the 100 k because he will still use you for money rituals… Stupid girl

  92. You see this girl
    I no her very well
    From a very poor family
    All of a sudden started selling herself
    She is claiming to graduate from Unilag, ask her about her WAEC certificate and you will be shocked.
    Her stupidity didn’t allow her to finish ordinary secondary school.
    I am waiting to see what the future have for you.
    Thank God I know you front and back

  93. Just take a look at this!. You don’t know that a reasonable guy can’t give his girlfriend 100k for ordinary ice cream.
    You may have been paid for your destiny.

  94. Welldone enjoy hundred thousand and many thousand for ice-cream one day you will be use for ritual.

  95. Use the 100k to take very good care of yourself because you are ugly,I advise you to go and buy cream for your skin then make up for face.

  96. 100k for jst ice cream abi? Maga has paid your guy,pls go get your pants ready because it is the next Target and it is the reason you where given the 100k not for ice cream

  97. Giving you 100k to by ice cream at this period of economic melt down, Nawa for the guy o

  98. Hope he’s not using to make money for Benz dnt go and lick your last ice cream my sister

  99. Yeye girl later now they will u send your pant, all girl out now like rich boy and rich boy is yahoo boy

  100. Looking at her appearance, you will know the type of person she is. She is a lier and a practitioner prostitute.

  101. Calmdown ,everything has a price you have to pay
    100k for icecream,even the richest man cant give you that amount for its stupidity

  102. Not only 100k for ice cream, he would have given you another money to buy new hair net. Small Ashawo.

  103. What a good credential and qualification she has for rituals! She’s enjoying herself though.

  104. Sorry it’s your name, keep taking 100k for ice-cream, hope you know the source income of your boyfriend that gave you the 100k for ice-cream. Better be watchful and stop rejecting others.

  105. This why all this low thinking faculty girls will keep dieing 100k for ice cream, don’t worry. You go soon be plate number for person benz

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