Lady caught & disgraced by Onitsha residents during alleged baby kidnap

A lady accused of being a kidnapper was humiliated by angry Onitsha residents at Okpoko after she was reportedly caught trying to steal a new born baby in Anambra state.

The incident caused a huge scene in the area, after the alleged kidnapper was nabbed by the residents while ‘trying to kidnap a baby from a teenage girl’.

Lady caught & disgraced by Onitsha residents during alleged baby kidnap lailasnews 4
Lady caught & disgraced by Onitsha residents during alleged baby kidnap

It was reported that the lady claimed she had discussed and agreed with the teenager who gave birth out of wedlock that she will buy the baby from her.

The lady said the agreement was made when the girl was 7 months pregnant.

The angry residents who didn’t believe her story, later handed her to the authorities after disgracing her and forcing her to roll in muddy water.


  1. Oh she has tried kidnapping a new baby before now , she caused it now, they accuse her because she was once involved in such case .

  2. Y take the law into hands without proper investigations,,I won’t blame them bcus the lady is also at fault though

  3. This baby sales is another issue that our government should urgently look into. why would mother decide to sell her child and what is the motive of the buyer? If she genuinely needs a child why not go for adoption?

  4. I think thorough investigation would have been carried out before punishing her and parents should be at watch of their children in this period we’re in.

  5. very bad and annoying I was there live when it happened at Onitsha anambra State okpoko to be precise. What a wicked world.

  6. They should have asked the teenage girl if what she said is true before punishing her.The police should do proper investigation.

  7. Kidnapper is now a common thing imagine this beautiful young lady been a kidnapper they should be send to jail

  8. I don’t think she is saying the truth…. She should be handed over to the police for proper investigation

  9. Her story might be genuine but maybe the said teenager changed her mind, dying minute, but she should still be investigated, who knows whether she planned to use the baby for rituals

  10. Why does woman want to engage in illegal adoption. If she wanted a baby so bad she would have gone for a legal adoption or adopt the child from the girl legally. Thank God the woman was not killed o . People and jungle justice

  11. Matters should be investigated properly but we Nigeria don’t want to know the reason behind someyhi and derive pleasure in humiliating one.

  12. How can someone think of this as a good business what is even wrong with her brain that it can’t think we’ll. When it comes to angry mob anything can happen

  13. Proper investigation should have been carried out, because majority today are been accused of offence they aren’t guilty of,, and find out her reasons for her actions

  14. This child trafficking as an issue is on the rise in this country and the authorities involved should make sure that every perpetrator is punished accordingly so as to curb this menace. In this case, thorough investigation should be carried out before taking actions

  15. We shouldn’t be quick to take action cos she might be telling the truth. The police should investigate before passing judgement.

  16. Maybe there was really an agreement, the teenager should have been questioned properly to ascertain the truth

  17. This is a serious case where is the mother of the baby. The authorities should conduct thorough investigation on this matter.

  18. One side story is not enough to judge or pass judgement on someone.our Nigerians especially Igbo’s are good in taking immediate actions without proper investigation.

  19. She may not be guilty. I guess she doesn’t have a child and must have agreed with the mother of the child

  20. We Nigerians do put law into our hands…. The case should have been investigated before punishing the accused

  21. This is very bad , why will people be this evil and wicked to do a thing like this , may they be punished for doing this evil

  22. Why should some woman want to steal babies,is so degrading, even if u cannot have a child of ur own pray to d lord to give u your own or go and adopt one,there are lot orphan’s all over,instead of humiliating yourself

  23. Selling of babies, abduction of babies etc are regular occurrence now authorities should find a way of stopping it .

  24. They should ask the mother of the baby,if truely it was an agreement and she should give reasons why she wants it that way,finish

  25. It is a good thing she was not just disgraced, but also handed over to the authorities. People like these should be in jail, not walking freely on our streets.

  26. Wonders shall never end ooo, pregnant teeagers always arrange with people who are in need of baby to sell off their babies. The police should do thorough investigation so that the truth of the matter will come out.

  27. That’s why we must be very careful of what we do!
    Can you see her attempt before landed her in this mess. There should be thorough investigation.

  28. Well am not a judge but one thing is for sure she caused this, if she wanted to buy the baby from a teenager she should do it proper way, is there even a proper way to that, the law will take its cost babies are not for sell please

  29. Why jungle justice all the time…. I think a law you be enacted against this inhumane treatment all the time

  30. Let’s assume what she told the public was true. I wonder why woman who is pregnant out of wedlock would wanna sell her child for penny. Does that make sense? A child’s worth is more than gold.

  31. Really bad, people taking laws into their hands.
    Teenage pregnancy is the cause of all these, bringing in female child up is the key.

  32. We are too quick to take law into our hands…inspire of the allegations, they should have handed her to the police for further investigation not humiliating her in public.

  33. Taking laws into out hands is an offence. What she did is very bad but then the autorities should handle this issue.

  34. bitting her without looking into the matter is wrong because she may be right . I hope the truth comes out fast

  35. Jungle justice is wrong. Happy they didn’t kill her. We must learn to practice “innocent until proven guilty “

  36. All the evil works they are doing the lord will exposed them. How can a beautiful lady like this selling baby. Did god create babys to be selling it’s very wrong

  37. Which kind of mother will agree to that kind of wicked act is good they hand her over to the authority the proper investigation must be made and she must not go scot free.

  38. I read from the post hearing about buying baby ahah that’s too bad, what does she want to do with the tenagers new born baby this is extraordinary

  39. No this is not good at, I believe something else can be done than this like to confirm from the teenager girl before jumping into conclusion because she might be telling the truth.

  40. If truly she is guilty of the offence, then the punishment is not enough. She deserves more than this. How can people be callous and wicked

  41. What possible use could she gave for attempting to buy a newborn baby? This is a call for thorough investigation

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